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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Rejected in Relationships – Lesson 45 of 86

The subject of this lesson is Pam. She is 30 years. Physical sexual and suggestible. She is suffering in the way that high Physicals do when recently rejected by an extreme Emotionals. She is also a hypnotherapist. (We aren't immune to this stuff.) In hypnosis Dr. Kappas first does dream therapy, then a right-brain transfer, to put her logical mind in control of her identity and behavior. (Some dream therapy material, repeated from lesson 41.)

Essay Question: Discuss the trauma experienced by Physicals when they are rejected in a relationship.

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas and the group interview Pam, a Physical sexual female suffering from rejection by an extremely high Emotional male. Pam is a hypnotherapist.
    Start: 00:00:52 | End: 00:14:05 | Duration: 00:13:13
  • Chapter 2 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas discusses her case with the group about the problems that Physical sexuals have with rejection.
    Start: 00:14:05 | End: 00:29:55 | Duration: 00:15:50
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas describes what needs to take place in therapy. She needs to vent out the need to be a perfect housewife.
    Start: 00:29:55 | End: 00:47:21 | Duration: 00:17:26
  • Chapter 4 - Into the recliner for a short progressive relaxation. Then Dr. Kappas does a bit of dream therapy and a right-brain, left-brain transfer to put her logical mind in charge of her identity and behavior.
    Start: 00:47:21 | End: 01:01:00 | Duration: 00:13:39
  • Chapter 5 - After awakening, the group discusses Pam's therapy, and Dr. Kappas describes the purpose of a left-brain, right-brain transfer.
    Start: 01:01:09 | End: 01:05:14 | Duration: 00:04:05
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas discusses dreams, and how to interpret them.
    Start: 01:05:14 | End: 01:15:00 | Duration: 00:09:46
  • Chapter 7 - The discussion about dreams continues with more emphasis on dream therapy.
    Start: 01:15:00 | End: 01:31:04 | Duration: 00:16:04

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