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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

The Mental Bank – Lesson 56 of 86

This is an interesting and unusual lesson. Dr. Kappas does a little acting. He plays the role of a female, 21 years of age - Emotional sexual. A recovering alcoholic who is depressed, suicidal, and possibly agoraphobic. Dr. Kappas acts the part of this client and answers the group's questions. The discussion also gets into the Mental Bank, sex therapy, fears and phobias, and some of the legalities of this business. (Continued next lesson.)

Essay Question: What is the basic theory of the Mental Bank Concept?

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas and the group are going to do some role playing. First Dr. Hodges reads the case history of a female client that Dr. Kappas had treated in the past, to the group.
    Start: 00:00:50 | End: 00:13:10 | Duration: 00:12:20
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas plays the part of this female client, as the group interviews her.
    Start: 00:13:10 | End: 00:22:08 | Duration: 00:08:58
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas comes out of character long enough to advise the group how to continue the interview with this client, then they continue.
    Start: 00:22:08 | End: 00:32:32 | Duration: 00:10:24
  • Chapter 4 - Dr. Kappas stops the mock interview again to get the group to focus on the things with this woman that can be worked with in therapy.
    Start: 00:32:32 | End: 00:58:25 | Duration: 00:15:53
  • Chapter 5 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas describes the Mental Bank Concept.
    Start: 00:58:25 | End: 01:02:20 | Duration: 00:03:55
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas continues the discussion about how the therapy with this client, who is also a somnambulist, should proceed.
    Start: 01:02:20 | End: 01:12:56 | Duration: 00:10:36
  • Chapter 7 - The discussion continues to sexual therapy with this client.
    Start: 01:12:56 | End: 01:17:31 | Duration: 00:04:35
  • Chapter 8 - (Essay Question Info.) More about the Mental Bank. Then the legal rules that we, as hypnotherapists, must work with. Then fears and phobias.
    Start: 01:17:31 | End: 01:23:31 | Duration: 00:06:00
  • Chapter 9 - The differences between positive and negative forms of therapy, and when each is appropriate. Then more about organization in a therapy practice.
    Start: 01:23:31 | End: 01:38:41 | Duration: 00:15:10
  • Chapter 10 - Dr. Kappas discusses another related case history and asks for the group's opinions. (Continued next lesson.)
    Start: 01:38:41 | End: 01:57:48 | Duration: 00:19:07

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