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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis and Passive Aggressive Behavior – Lesson 57 of 86

Dr. Kappas describes denial, then plays the part of a female client as the group interviews her. Then Dr. Kappas describes how he would treat this client getting her through divorce and stages of loss. Then more role playing by Dr. Kappas as an agoraphobic, passive-aggressive client.

Essay Question: How can passive-aggressive behavior affect motivation?

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas explains denial, and then plays the part of a female client that he has treated in the past. The group interviews her.
    Start: 00:01:04 | End: 00:11:30 | Duration: 00:10:26
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas directs the interview toward sexual relations, in depth.
    Start: 00:11:30 | End: 00:18:20 | Duration: 00:06:50
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas talks more about denial, and how to work with it in therapy. Then he tells them when the right time to hypnotize her would be.
    Start: 00:18:20 | End: 00:34:00 | Duration: 00:15:40
  • Chapter 4 - Dr. Kappas gives more advice about how the interview should proceed.
    Start: 00:34:00 | End: 00:43:30 | Duration: 00:09:30
  • Chapter 5 - Dr. Kappas describes the problems in the client's relationship, and how to proceed in therapy.
    Start: 00:43:30 | End: 01:00:28 | Duration: 00:16:58
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas continues to tell this case history. After three or four weeks of therapy Dr. Kappas starts to take down her denial so that she can continue with the stages of loss. He also suggests divorce as a future goal.
    Start: 01:00:28 | End: 01:13:20 | Duration: 00:12:52
  • Chapter 7 - Dr. Kappas describes how he would bring down her denial and lead her through anger and depression, and on to bargaining.
    Start: 01:13:20 | End: 01:26:22 | Duration: 00:13:02
  • Chapter 8 - Dr. Kappas describes how to determine a client's sexuality without being too direct.
    Start: 01:26:22 | End: 01:31:26 | Duration: 00:05:04
  • Chapter 9 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas plays the part of another client who is passive-aggressive and agoraphobic, and how this behavior is created.
    Start: 01:31:26 | End: 01:58:57 | Duration: 00:27:31

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