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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying – Lesson 59 of 86

This lesson begins with Dr. Kappas and the group interviewing a male Emotional sexual - Emotional suggestible, with a fear of flying. The following discussion reveals that this is actually a phobia resulting from hypoglycemia. This has now become anticipatory anxiety. After the hypnotherapy session Dr. Kappas discusses the basics of hypnotherapy.

Essay Question: Describe some suggestions that would help rid a client of the fear of flying.

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas, and the group, interview a male client with a fear of flying (phobia) He is an Emotional sexual and suggestible.
    Start: 00:00:55 | End: 00:23:26 | Duration: 00:22:31
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas and the group discuss this case without the client in the room.
    Start: 00:23:26 | End: 00:27:50 | Duration: 00:04:24
  • Chapter 3 - The discussion moves to whether this is a fear or a phobia, and why, and his resulting anticipatory anxiety.
    Start: 00:27:50 | End: 00:38:50 | Duration: 00:11:00
  • Chapter 4 - (Essay Question Info) The discussion moves into what should be done with this client in hypnotherapy, and how his treatment should then proceed.
    Start: 00:38:50 | End: 00:51:10 | Duration: 00:12:40
  • Chapter 5 - Dr. Kappas describes hypoglycemia and anticipatory anxiety to the client. Then what his treatment goals and direction will be.
    Start: 00:51:10 | End: 00:55:22 | Duration: 00:04:12
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas tests the client's suggestibility, then does an arm raising induction and conversion to hypnosis.
    Start: 00:55:22 | End: 01:02:57 | Duration: 00:07:35
  • Chapter 7 - Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation and an arm rigidity deepening technique. Then down twenty steps to further deepen the client.
    Start: 01:02:57 | End: 01:11:50 | Duration: 00:08:53
  • Chapter 8 - (Essay Question Info) Circle therapy, to take the client through experiencing his fear of flying, and to desensitize him to it.
    Start: 01:11:50 | End: 01:25:50 | Duration: 00:14:00
  • Chapter 9 - After awakening, Dr Kappas tells the client how his therapy has worked, and what he should expect when he next flies. Then a group discussion about this case.
    Start: 01:25:50 | End: 01:40:00 | Duration: 00:14:10
  • Chapter 10 - More about how his therapy will go, then a discussion about the basics of hypnotherapy.
    Start: 01:40:00 | End: 01:52:13 | Duration: 00:12:13

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