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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Sexual Rejection – Lesson 70 of 86

This is a lesson about relationship counseling. The couple is a female, Emotional sexual - Emotional suggestible, and a male husband who lies a lot and is passive-aggressive. The problems in this relationship are cheating by both partners, arguing, sexual rejection, and distrust. The treatment includes Theory of Mind, resistance to hypnosis and how to deal with this, many deepening techniques, confidence building, dream therapy, and dealing with resistance to authority.

Essay Question: How would a passive-aggressive tell lies?

  • Chapter 1 - The group interviews a couple with a husband who lies constantly. He gives some history about his problems at work.
    Start: 00:00:59 | End: 00:15:00 | Duration: 00:14:01
  • Chapter 2 - More about his lying problem and the resulting marital problems including arguing, sexual rejection, and cheating by both partners.
    Start: 00:15:00 | End: 00:28:20 | Duration: 00:13:20
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas focuses on the infidelity and the distrust. She cheated because he did it first.
    Start: 00:28:20 | End: 00:35:47 | Duration: 00:07:27
  • Chapter 4 - (Essay Question Info) A group discussion about this couple after they leave the room. The decision is that the husband is passive-aggressive.
    Start: 00:35:47 | End: 00:44:40 | Duration: 00:08:53
  • Chapter 5 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas focuses on their relationship problems, his passive-aggressive behavior, and the therapeutic approach that will be taken to help them.
    Start: 00:44:40 | End: 01:01:35 | Duration: 00:16:55
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas describes to the husband his problems and causes. Then he explains Theory of Mind to him, and how hypnosis works.
    Start: 01:01:35 | End: 01:09:50 | Duration: 00:08:15
  • Chapter 7 - Dr. Kappas tests his suggestibility and then does a very slow arm raising with a lot of resistance. A good example of using resistance to overload a client with message units. (Many ego sensation techniques used).
    Start: 01:09:50 | End: 01:30:00 | Duration: 00:20:10
  • Chapter 8 - Finally into the recliner for a progressive relaxation and many additional deepening techniques. Then therapy to build confidence, and dream therapy to vent out resistance to authority.
    Start: 01:30:00 | End: 01:43:50 | Duration: 00:13:50
  • Chapter 9 - A very interesting group discussion about resistance to authority.
    Start: 01:43:50 | End: 01:56:42 | Duration: 00:12:52

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