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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Thunderstorms – Lesson 76 of 86

The female client in this lesson has a fear of thunderstorms and is obsessive-compulsive. She is in her 30's, Emotional sexual and a somnambulist. Also covered in this lesson are fears vs. phobias, altering suggestibility, somnambulism, and self-image, an Inferred arm raising and how it's different from a literal one.

Essay Question: Explain how, in this case, an obsessive-compulsive act is tied to a fear of thunderstorms.

  • Chapter 1 - A group interview with a female client who has a fear of thunderstorms.
    Start: 00:01:15 | End: 00:07:35 | Duration: 00:06:20
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas focuses in on her obsessive-compulsive behavior and her early family life.
    Start: 00:07:35 | End: 00:11:02 | Duration: 00:03:27
  • Chapter 3 - (Essay Question Info) A group discussion about this client, after she has left the room, about obsessive-compulsive behavior, on a selective basis. And that she has a fear not a phobia.
    Start: 00:11:02 | End: 00:24:40 | Duration: 00:13:38
  • Chapter 4 - The discussion gets into a method of treatment for her obsessive-compulsive behavior. This is to alter her suggestibility in order to diminish her somnambulistic behavior.
    Start: 00:24:40 | End: 00:36:30 | Duration: 00:11:50
  • Chapter 5 - Dr. Kappas describes how he will alter her suggestibility in order to start changing her self image.
    Start: 00:36:30 | End: 00:52:40 | Duration: 00:16:10
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas explains to the client suggestibility, and how changing hers will help to change her self image into a more positive one. Then he tests her suggestibility.
    Start: 00:52:40 | End: 01:03:00 | Duration: 00:10:20
  • Chapter 7 - A slow Inferred arm raising then onto the recliner for a progressive relaxation.
    Start: 01:03:00 | End: 01:17:50 | Duration: 00:14:50
  • Chapter 8 - Then suggestions to change her self-image in a positive way. He also gives her a trigger, looking at her feet, to stimulate confidence.
    Start: 01:17:50 | End: 01:24:48 | Duration: 00:06:58
  • Chapter 9 - A post-hypnosis group discussion, after the client has left the room. Very good information about arm raisings, inferred vs. literal. How, and why, he used inferred suggestions throughout out this session.
    Start: 01:24:48 | End: 01:38:00 | Duration: 00:13:12
  • Chapter 10 - How Dr. Kappas controlled her depth to create Emotional suggestibility.
    Start: 01:38:00 | End: 01:50:11 | Duration: 00:12:11

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