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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnotherapy for Stuttering – Lesson 77 of 86

The male client, Paul, in this lesson is mixed dominance, as a result of his grandfather's and his father's dominance over him as a child. The problem that he wants help with is stuttering. He is also a somnambulist.

Essay Question: How did this client develop mixed dominance, and how does it cause his stuttering?

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas tells the group about a male client coming in with a stuttering problem. The first question is what information is needed about his suggestibility?
    Start: 00:01:03 | End: 00:03:17 | Duration: 00:02:14
  • Chapter 2 - The group interviews Paul, about his speech impediment and his childhood history with his father.
    Start: 00:03:17 | End: 00:09:02 | Duration: 00:05:45
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas has Paul use his finger movement to minimize his stuttering. Then more discussion about his past and present relationships.
    Start: 00:09:02 | End: 00:27:53 | Duration: 00:18:51
  • Chapter 4 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas explains mixed dominance, and how this client's dominant father created it in him.
    Start: 00:27:53 | End: 00:38:30 | Duration: 00:10:37
  • Chapter 5 - More about the dynamics of mixed dominance, and how it can cause stuttering.
    Start: 00:38:30 | End: 00:48:12 | Duration: 00:09:42
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas explains mixed dominance to the client, Paul, and how his very dominant father and grandfather caused it in him. Then he tells him how he will treat it in hypnotherapy.
    Start: 00:48:12 | End: 00:53:18 | Duration: 00:05:41
  • Chapter 7 - Dr. Kappas tests Paul's suggestibility. Then an arm raising during which Dr. Kappas changes it from an Emotional one to a Physical one by making his fingers heavy half way up, to make his hand bend, and to control the induction.
    Start: 00:53:18 | End: 01:06:00 | Duration: 00:12:42
  • Chapter 8 - Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation and some other deepening techniques. Then suggestions to increase right-brain dominance and to end stuttering. (Good example of somnambulism).
    Start: 01:06:00 | End: 01:17:31 | Duration: 00:11:31
  • Chapter 9 - A post-hypnotic group discussion about how and why Dr. Kappas guided the depth and direction of this client during therapy.
    Start: 01:17:31 | End: 01:30:40 | Duration: 00:13:09

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