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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnotherapy Helps Sleep Problems – Lesson 78 of 86

The client in this lesson is a female, 28 years, Physical sexual - Physical suggestible who has trouble sleeping and is in denial over the loss of a relationship. This lesson is about stages of loss and how to treat a client who is going through them in hypnotherapy.

Essay Question: How did denial cause sleep problems?

  • Chapter 1 - A group interview with a 28 year old female client, Physical sexual and Physical suggestible, who has problems sleeping.
    Start: 00:01:00 | End: 00:08:50 | Duration: 00:07:50
  • Chapter 2 - The discussion gets into her relationships with men and her feelings of loss after her last relationship ended.
    Start: 00:08:50 | End: 00:16:54 | Duration: 00:08:04
  • Chapter 3 - (Essay Question Info) After the client has left the room, Dr. Kappas and the group discuss what kind of therapeutic approach should be taken to get her through the stages of loss. First denial, then in the next session depression and anger.
    Start: 00:16:54 | End: 00:31:25 | Duration: 00:14:31
  • Chapter 4 - Dr. Kappas explains to her how he will treat her problem. Then he tests her suggestibility and does an arm raising induction and conversion to hypnosis.
    Start: 00:31:25 | End: 00:45:33 | Duration: 00:14:08
  • Chapter 5 - Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation and then suggestions that she will sleep soundly and deeply every night, and that she will release her denial in her next session, so that she can get on with her life confidently.
    Start: 00:45:33 | End: 00:54:32 | Duration: 00:08:59
  • Chapter 6 - Essay Question Info) A post-hypnosis group discussion as Dr. Kappas tells how he will get her through depression and anger in the next session, using circle therapy.
    Start: 00:54:32 | End: 01:01:53 | Duration: 00:07:21
  • Chapter 7 - More information about the last two stages of loss, bargaining and resolution. He also talks about how anger, for too long, can be dangerous and even suicidal.
    Start: 01:01:53 | End: 01:07:50 | Duration: 00:05:57
  • Chapter 8 - (Essay Question Info) Discussion about other cases of insomnia and how denial can contribute to it. Dr. Kappas then talks about when to go with a systematic approach and take a person through anger before depression, and why.
    Start: 01:07:50 | End: 01:24:17 | Duration: 00:16:27

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