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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis for Memory Loss – Lesson 85 of 86

The client in this lesson is Ron, 42 years, Physical sexual - Physical suggestible. He is passive-aggressive with a limited mind script, and he can't remember anything before the age of fifteen. The discussions and therapy involve: how mind script is formed, and building a new one; passive-aggressive behavior; Mental Bank; critical mind; resistance in hypnosis and deepening techniques. Therapy for building self-esteem and a new mind script.

Essay Question: How do you build self-esteem and what could you suggest to this client who has limited mind script?

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas and the group interview Ron, a 42 year old Physical sexual and suggestible male, with limited mind script and passive-aggressive behavior. His interests are photography and computers.
    Start: 00:00:48 | End: 00:06:30 | Duration: 00:05:42
  • Chapter 2 - The discussion gets into his history with childhood, education, eating habits, past relationships, professional and financial goals, his ex-marriage, and the fact that he can't remember anything before the age of fifteen.
    Start: 00:06:30 | End: 00:25:22 | Duration: 00:18:52
  • Chapter 3 - More discussion about goals, depression, anger, fears, love for his sister and his confusion about why he can't remember his childhood. Then more about friendships.
    Start: 00:25:22 | End: 00:35:05 | Duration: 00:09:43
  • Chapter 4 - Dr. Kappas and the group discuss Ron's case, after he's left the room. His passive-aggressive behavior and his limited mind script, and the limiting effects of these things in his life.
    Start: 00:35:05 | End: 00:49:16 | Duration: 00:14:11
  • Chapter 5 - (Essay Question Info) More about the dynamics of passive-aggressive behavior, and the therapeutic approach that should be taken with this client (the Mental bank). Then Dr. Kappas tells a case history about a passive-aggressive man that he had worked with and who, after some time in therapy, had become a very successful songwriter. The group decision is that Ron needs a new mind script.
    Start: 00:49:16 | End: 01:00:37 | Duration: 00:11:21
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas tells Ron, the client, about the mind script and how his has limited him, in his life. Then he explains the Mental Bank and how this will help him to have a better life. He then explains critical mind and hypnosis to Ron and tests his suggestibility. Then a good example of a slow, literal, arm raising induction and conversion to hypnosis.
    Start: 01:00:37 | End: 01:26:36 | Duration: 00:25:55
  • Chapter 7 - Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation, an arm rigidity deepening technique, and down twenty steps to an even more suggestible state of hypnosis. Then suggestions to establish a new, successful, mental script. These specific suggestions are: success, happiness, prosperity, and strength of character, for a new confident life script. The trigger that Dr. Kappas gives Ron is a smile.
    Start: 01:26:36 | End: 01:43:45 | Duration: 00:17:09
  • Chapter 8 - A post session, group discussion about the Mental Bank, and how to proceed with Ron's therapy. Then Dr. Kappas talks about the use of power words in hypnotherapy.
    Start: 01:43:45 | End: 01:59:26 | Duration: 00:15:41

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