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HMI Enrolled Students

Choosing Your HMI Mentor

HMI students have the opportunity to have (3) three private sessions with an HMI Instructor/Mentor for no charge. This experience is OPTIONAL. The purpose of these three (3) private sessions are for the student to have the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy from the client’s perspective and to address any vocational or avocational issues that may interfere with the student’s successful completion of the program and/or areas of growth that will assist the student in achieving his/her career goal(s). It is the intention of these sessions to introduce the student to the process of hypnotherapy as a program of personal growth. Students should not look to HMI mentors or fellow students regarding HMI policies or procedures. Those questions should be directed to the HMI Student Services Department. Students are eligible to begin their three (3) private sessions no sooner than 60 days after the start of their 101 class.

Listed on the HMI website ( are your current choices for HMI Mentors. When you have decided which mentor you would like to see for your three sessions, click on their name under their photo, to review their bio. At the bottom of the bio page is a contact button for you to contact the Mentor directly. Tell them you would like to make arrangements for Mentor sessions and the Mentor will reply. If you have any questions about the HMI Mentor program, please contact the Student Services Department.

There may be times when a mentor of your choice may already be booked up with Mentee sessions and not available. You have the option to check back with the Mentor for a later date or choose another Mentor to assist you. The Therapist/Mentor has the option not to accept any student for Mentor/Private sessions for any reason. Students should take their time in choosing their Mentor so they have the opportunity to experience every instructor, in the classroom setting, before making their choice.

Because your HMI Mentor is also one of your HMI Instructors, male students are required to choose a male Mentor and female students a female Mentor. This helps the students and instructors side step any issues of transference that may occur. This policy applies to all students during their time of enrollment. After graduation, HMI encourages Hypnotherapists and graduates to continue to work only with their same sex Clients/Hypnotherapists so as to avoid any conflicts during Continuing Education Courses in which the Hypnotherapist may also serve as Instructor.

Students who choose to have private sessions with a Hypnotherapist, whether it is the three (3) mentor sessions that are included with your tuition, or any other sessions they may participate in, paid or otherwise, are advised that they do so outside of their relationship as a student with HMI. Hypnotherapists, including Instructors/Mentors are Self-Employed, Independent Contractors. Students must note that the “Hypnotherapists/Mentors” are not acting as HMI Employees during these mentor sessions. In this relationship HMI does not supervise or have any control over actions of the Hypnotherapist or the experience of the student. It should also be noted that the student has the ability to opt out of this mentor requirement if they feel that it would cause them emotional harm or for any other reason they deem appropriate. Students who choose to participate, agree to take full responsibility for their emotional health and hereby releases, holds harmless and indemnifies the Institute and its agents, from and against all liabilities, and other expenses which may be imposed upon, incurred by or asserted against it or them by any reason of bodily injury, or property damage, which the student may suffer from any cause while pursuing hypnotherapy sessions at the Institute.

HMI Mentors

Listed below are your choices for HMI Mentors and their contact information. You can click on the Mentor's name below to access their Biography.

Please note, Mentors are here to assist you with your personal goals. Students should not look to HMI Mentors or fellow students regarding HMI policies or procedures, those questions should be directed to the HMI Student Center.