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HMI Enrolled Students

Hypnotherapy Practical Skills Review (PSR) and Choosing Your PSR Mentor

It is the intention and goal of HMI that every student, prior to their graduation, receive individual attention, training, and feedback on their practical skills of hypnotherapy induction and suggestions, with emphasis on the elements of the “First Session” with their clients.

To achieve this goal, HMI’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy requires the successful completion of a “Practical Skills Review (PSR).” To assist with this requirement, HMI provides students with three private meetings with a PSR Mentor of their choice (from the list of approved PSR Mentors on HMI’s website).

These meetings are provided to help students prepare for and complete their PSR, as well as: to assist with overcoming resistance or fears, provide answers to questions, coaching on aspects of becoming a successful Hypnotherapist, and assist with motivation and encouragement to complete this important requirement for graduation. This personalized attention to students’ hypnotic inductions and suggestion-giving skills provides a unique opportunity to fine-tune their proficiency in working in a clinical setting with their clients. In addition, it is HMI’s hope that each student finds that their PSR Mentor also serves as a personal role model for their successful Hypnotherapy career.

Students’ PSR must be completed before receiving any Pro Bono clients from HMI and no later than 30 days prior to their graduation date. These first session elements include:

  1. Pre-Induction Speech
  2. Theory of Mind
  3. Literal or Inferred Arm Raising Induction with Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis
  4. Reactional Deepening Technique
  5. Heavy Light Deepening Technique
  6. Progressive Relaxation
  7. One Inferential Suggestion
  8. One Literal Suggestion
  9. Count Up and Out of Hypnosis
  10. Finger Spread to Test Post Suggestion to Re-Hypnosis, then Count Up and Out

In addition to working with their PSR Mentor, students are encouraged to utilize these resources to practice their proficiency with these techniques:

  • Careful review of the “Blueprint for Success – Building Blocks of the First Session” links located in the 101 and First Consultation class workbook.
  • During weekly Practicum Workshops.
  • By reviewing Hypnotherapy sessions in the Elective Library and in Clinical Case Presentation classes.

The PSR is a pass-fail demonstration, with a minimum score of 35 points (out of a possible 50) required for passing. During the student’s PSR, their PSR Mentor will gauge the student’s proficiency on a scale of one to five points for each of the ten elements.

The PSR Mentor will then complete the PSR Worksheet and send it to, who will then document the student’s completion of this assignment, update the student’s Progress Report, and add the PSR Worksheet to the student’s file.

Once the PSR has been completed, students are encouraged to work with their PSR Mentor in their remaining PSR Mentor appointment(s) to help prepare for a successful hypnotherapy career. Suggested areas of focus can include:

  • Strategies for launching a successful practice.
  • Discussions regarding, and coaching to overcome, any roadblocks or barriers.
  • Proficiency in other areas of practice including subsequent sessions, additional hypnosis techniques, etc.
  • Hypnosis demonstration by PSR Mentor for student.

HMI PSR Mentors

Listed below are your choices for HMI PSR Mentors and their contact information. You can click on the Mentor’s name below to access their Biography.

Please note, Mentors are here to assist you with your personal goals. Students should not look to Mentors or fellow students regarding HMI policies or procedures, those questions should be directed to the HMI Student Center.