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Hypnosis and Pain Management - Online Certification Course

Presented By: John Melton, CCHt

John Melton

Become a Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Pain Management. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain every single day. For many the solution is powerful narcotics. On a short term basis, pain medication can be a wonderful tool. As a long term solution it can sometimes become more debilitating that the pain itself.

Did you know that deaths from an overdose of prescription pain medication now outnumber overdoses from alcohol, cocaine and heroin combined? Even more alarming, deaths from an overdose of pain medication now outnumber deaths from car accidents! These are not good statistics. But what if there was another solution, something natural, organic and right inside our own minds?

In this Certification Seminar, Instructor, John Melton will demonstrate how hypnosis and the subconscious mind might be a better solution for managing chronic pain.

Preview 9½ Minute Course Introductory Video

This Certification Course is Convenient and Affordable

This specialty certification course can make you a godsend to the thousands of people suffering from chronic pain as well as a valuable asset to the health care professionals looking for assistance to deal with their chronic pain patients.

Now, we're delivering this certification course directly to your home or office through the magic of streaming video. No standing in line, no one hour lunch break, no spending 8 hours in a classroom. Plus you have access for 6 months to study and review at your convenience.

In this Hypnosis and Pain Management Seminar you will receive:

  • 3½ hours of streaming video instruction
  • 11 hours of streaming video of actual therapy sessions with two chronic pain clients, demonstrating the techniques taught in the lecture
  • 68-minute documentary following the two pain clients (Jeff and Carol) through their six week experience with John’s hypnotherapy treatment
  • 180 days unlimited access
  • 22-page Hypnosis and Pain Management workbook (PDF)
  • Pain and Hypnosis Research Articles – 30 pages, 26 studies (PDF)
  • AHA Hypnosis and Pain Management Certification
  • Total 16 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Also Included in this Certification Course:

  • Acute vs. Chronic Pain
  • How to evaluate the clients specific condition
  • Specific questions to do the evaluation
  • Belief change and its importance with pain clients
  • What is Tension Myoneural Syndrome and why it is important
  • Cognitive and subconscious strategies with pain
  • Important things to remember when working with pain clients
  • An outline for success with the pain client
  • Scripts for some of the subconscious strategies

Never again will you shrink away or doubt your ability or expertise to help someone with chronic pain. Proudly advertise your expertise as an AHA Certified Hypnosis and Pain Management Specialist. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clientele with referrals from Licensed Health Care Professionals seeking Hypnosis for their chronic pain patients.

Hypnosis and Pain Management – $159.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2023-04-23 at 18:05 Pacific Time

This course is absolutely invaluable. I really enjoyed it, and hope I am able to use what I learned to help my clients.
K.S. from Rochester, Minnesota, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2023-04-07 at 22:26 Pacific Time

This is a great course covering not only physical pain but emotional pain management as well.
J.Y. from Los Angeles, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-11-10 at 17:43 Pacific Time

This was such an amazing class. I'm so happy I did the PPV, I learned such an incredible amount from this and got so much from the information that pertained to Dr. Sarno.
K.M. from Sandwich, Massachusetts, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-10-11 at 14:10 Pacific Time

Fantastic presentation. These techniques work great in self hypnosis as well.
E.C. from Alhambra, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-09-09 at 15:49 Pacific Time

Wonderful class. I like John's approach and will likely follow it in my sessions.
C.C. from Lake Sherwood, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-08-24 at 21:39 Pacific Time

So helpful to be able to observe the sessions with Jeff and Carol, and a pleasure to watch John Melton at work. Great lessons.
R.E. from Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-08-21 at 11:44 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed watching all of these lessons and case histories. John is a wonderful teacher and I feel privileged to be able to watch him in action.
A.G. from Woodland Hills, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-08-09 at 17:58 Pacific Time

Very, very helpful. So much information I have watched most of the videos multiple times and plan to also sign up for the live event.
P.B. from Penacook, New Hampshire, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-08-09 at 18:40 Pacific Time

This lesson is really descriptive. I had a chance to see how clients deal with pain and how they don't. John is an excellent instructor and hypnotist. I hope to get really good at helping peoples pain through hypnosis.
A.L. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-08-03 at 01:32 Pacific Time

Excellent Instructor and powerful information. Thank you.
C.A. from Hialeah, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-07-13 at 16:18 Pacific Time

The material is very well presented and easy to understand.
C.H. from Pembroke Pines, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-07-11 at 18:21 Pacific Time

The Case Studies were very helpful. There is so much information in this course that I need to refer to the workbook in the future as I work with clients.
C.H. from Ontario, New York, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-07-01 at 09:53 Pacific Time

John Melton is masterful to watch and learn from.
J.S. from New Providence, Pennsylvania, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-06-30 at 20:38 Pacific Time

I found this session to be difficult to get through. I took pages and pages of notes so that I wouldn't forget any of the wisdom learned from John. This course is packed full of wonderful information! I enjoyed the case histories with the two clients. Very helpful to see the modalities used in each session. Shocked at how redundant they were. I myself have a chronic pain condition just like Carols. This lesson was so insightful into the emotional causes of pain. It is truly life changing to clients to be rid of chronic pain forever! I look forward to helping many, many people free themselves from stuck emotions! Amazing class! John is a fabulous teacher! Clear and concise.
C.F. from Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-06-25 at 09:00 Pacific Time

This course was wonderful and will be a great addition to my practice. Lots of great information and worksheets to integrate into my toolbox!
N.T. from Whitewood, Saskatchewan, CA

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-06-24 at 18:41 Pacific Time

Love this series and training. I'd like more, more, more! I would like to focus on this area in my practice I think.
D.T. from San Jose, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-05-18 at 14:13 Pacific Time

John Melton is an incredible hypnotherapist. Truly loved seeing him work directly with clients.
B.E. from San Luis Obispo, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-05-06 at 11:04 Pacific Time

This was such a powerful and useful lesson. The information and the scripts made it worth it.
X.H. from Upland, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-04-25 at 05:24 Pacific Time

This was a really well thought out course. So informative and engaging. I will say that because it is now post COVID, I'd like to see updated videos that show how to handle these cases on Zoom or Skype. The arm rigidity test doesn't apply these days. That being said, I feel very much empowered to see clients with this issue. John is really funny too.
P.S. from Rockville, Maryland, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-03-31 at 18:19 Pacific Time

The research information on chronic pain and hypnosis is astounding. I really enjoyed this class.
K.H. from Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-03-15 at 11:45 Pacific Time

I'm very grateful for this class. I intend to use the methods personally, and within my practice! Gratitude.
K.W. from San Antonio, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-01-17 at 12:29 Pacific Time

Pain management is going to be a challenging area.
B.M. from Pauma Valley, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-01-15 at 05:42 Pacific Time

John Melton is truly gifted. I've learned and applied many of the techniques on myself and family/friends while attending this workshop. What a great range of techniques and new understanding! I really enjoyed seeing 2 clients gradually improving in each session and how John continued to adjust to their changing needs so naturally. It is truly a joy and privilege to learn from John!
G.P. from Pensacola, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-01-10 at 23:24 Pacific Time

This is an amazing course for me.
Q.V. from Hai Phong, Quezon City, VN

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-01-06 at 16:25 Pacific Time

I will definitely be reviewing this material often and using for my client base. I am a massage therapist and am so excited to help with chronic pain on a deeper level that has more long lasting results.
H.H. from Livermore, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-01-02 at 09:07 Pacific Time

The introductory session and workbook were comprehensive and practical but concise as well. Reviewing the case studies and John's approach was also invaluable. I also liked going through the material in my own time frame rather than as a all day or weekend intensive.
D.R. from Madison, Connecticut, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-12-30 at 16:29 Pacific Time

Outstanding course, John Melton is amazing and I appreciate everything I gained from this!
R.B. from Roseville, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-12-13 at 04:15 Pacific Time

I really found all the information in this certification course extremely useful! Also, I found it very helpful watching John work the 11 sessions.
D.K. from Shoshoni, Wyoming, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-12-06 at 06:25 Pacific Time

John Melton gives so much valuable information in this course, all I need to confidently work with clients managing pain.
A.S. from Milwaukie, Oregon, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-11-19 at 00:07 Pacific Time

Very informative and John Melton is so good at seeing through the surface level of what clients are dealing with and portraying.
N.D. from Roseville, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-11-08 at 20:11 Pacific Time

The course material helped me to help patients I am working with decrease their pain experience.
J.K. from Des Moines, Iowa, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-11-07 at 18:05 Pacific Time

I loved your style of hypnosis in the sessions! The packets and research articles were also very helpful! I'm excited to use this with clients!
K.W. from Porterville, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-10-07 at 09:12 Pacific Time

Great course, very professional and useful. Thank you so much.
L.R. from Cartago, Valle, CO

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-10-06 at 10:15 Pacific Time

Excellent course. The assumption that emotional pain is involved with pain is especially valid.
J.M. from Bremerton, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-10-05 at 06:46 Pacific Time

This certification course has already been helping myself and my clients get relief from chronic pain.
C.L. from Maple Valley, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-09-20 at 06:40 Pacific Time

Thank you for a valuable education here at HMI.
C.D. from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-09-17 at 14:57 Pacific Time

John Melton oozes wisdom. I'm so lucky to learn from him.
J.S. from Astoria, New York, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-09-17 at 00:15 Pacific Time

Really great class. John is the best!
K.B. from Long Beach, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-09-05 at 15:18 Pacific Time

John Melton is a master at hypnosis and pain treatment.
K.W. from Rochester, New York, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-08-28 at 15:32 Pacific Time

Great lesson, thank you! I can't wait to use these new tools.
M.P. from Westlake Village, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-08-21 at 16:13 Pacific Time

Great class, John really planned this out well and took us through two cases step by step. Thanks John!
M.V. from Swan Lake, New York, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2022-01-25 at 12:41 Pacific Time

Very interesting and some useful information in helping clients with pain.
P.G. from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-08-10 at 21:39 Pacific Time

It was helpful to see 6 consecutive sessions with two clients.
K.K. from Kent, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-07-29 at 19:41 Pacific Time

Excellent course! It is always fun to watch a master at work.
K.R. from Desert Hot Springs, California, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-08-04 at 16:10 Pacific Time

This has been a very valuable and informative course! It has been an eye opener for me personally already and I can’t wait to utilize this in my practice!
L.M. from Centralia, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-07-18 at 14:22 Pacific Time

John Melton is an amazing practitioner. It is wonderful to be taught by him those things which took him years of practice and experimentation to discover. I look forward to being able to help client with both acute and chronic pain, which is so widespread in this world.
A.O. from Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-07-16 at 19:36 Pacific Time

Great class! Very helpful for my future practice as I hope to focus on healing and pain management with hypnosis.
J.M. from North Weymouth, Massachusetts, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-07-12 at 07:23 Pacific Time

Wonderful class, thank you.
J.W. from Jackson, Michigan, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-06-21 at 19:41 Pacific Time

Wonderful course! I look forward to using these techniques.
S.S. from Ashland City, Tennessee, US

Hypnosis and Pain Management
2021-06-18 at 11:40 Pacific Time

This was an excellent class. I would like to learn more about pain and hypnosis. John Melton is really good at this.
S.S. from Plant City, Florida, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.