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Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Cheryl O'Neil, CCHt

Cheryl O'Neil, CCHt

Become a Certified Facilitator in Therapeutic Imagery. Welcome to the fascinating journey of helping your clients to understand and unlock the power of their own subconscious Imagery!

Therapeutic Imagery just might be one of the most ancient self improvement systems around. For thousands of years, the ancient ways of the Shaman’s, the Dreamers and the Healers have utilized Imagery, seeking answers and solutions from wisdom buried deep within our subconscious minds.

“What to do in Hypnosis” is perhaps the most common question and biggest concern from Hypnotherapists. Learning a variety of Therapeutic Imagery journeys and processes, you will know, step by step, how to guide your clients in their discovery as they gain insight, direction, and action from their Imagery.

Imagery and the subconscious have a good relationship, said Dr. John Kappas. Imagery is the way the brain, the mind, learns, Following this natural path of learning gives Therapeutic Imagery its exciting effectiveness with clients. In this Certification Seminar, Instructor, Cheryl O’Neil will demonstrate how.

Preview 3½ Minute Course Introductory Video

This Certification Course is Convenient and Affordable

This specialty certification course can make you a godsend to the thousands of people suffering from chronic pain as well as a valuable asset to the health care professionals looking for assistance to deal with their chronic pain patients.

Now, we're delivering this certification course directly to your home or office through the magic of streaming video. No standing in line, no one hour lunch break, no spending 8 hours in a classroom. Plus you have access for 6 months to study and review at your convenience.

In this Therapeutic Imagery Certification Course you will receive:

  • Over 7 hours of streaming video instruction
  • 2 Therapeutic Imagery Workbooks (PDF): Chapter 1 - 48 Pages, Chapter 2 - 118 Pages
  • 12 classroom demonstrations of the Imagery process
  • 365 days of unlimited access
  • AHA Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator Certification
  • Total 7 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

In this Certification Course you will learn:

  • How to use a variety of imagery journeys for pain control, stress relief, healing, empowerment, positive habits, and get the chart for imagery applications for over 100 general emotional well-being and success issues!
  • What imagery to use for both E&P Suggestibilities.
  • How to use Imagery Words and Phrases of the Facilitator.
  • How Kappasinian Theories are integral for Therapeutic Imagery and how to help clients use their own inner guidance system.
  • How the Therapeutic Imagery approach acknowledges the client’s desire for self-direction and the meaning of the client’s own personal imagery is honored and expanded.
  • This acceptance helps clients move into confident independence. With Therapeutic Imagery Certification skills, you’ll facilitate clients to image their way to success as they positively move forward in life.
  • In this experiential, hands-on course, you will take imagery journeys yourself, by practicing with other students, group imagery journeys, and by demonstrations.
  • How to use the Imagery Caboodle to help clients navigate through difficult imagery experiences.
  • How to develop hypnotic suggestions from any imagery process by using The Hypnotic Shift.
  • This course gives the facilitator the confidence to work with clients regarding any issue.

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator Certification Course Package

Important Notice: HMI Advanced Course Graduates have already completed Introduction to Imagery 1 and 2. These two courses provide an excellent foundation to the above Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator Certification training. If you are not an HMI Graduate, we highly recommend adding these two courses (total of 4 hours additional streaming video and 2 additional workbooks) to your Imagery Certification purchase.

Click here for the Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator Certification Course Package

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator – $295.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-09-18 at 06:06 Pacific Time

A wonderful course with a wonderful teacher.
J.C. from Burbank, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-09-15 at 20:36 Pacific Time

Wonderful lectures, great tools and imagery journeys to use for anything. Really excited. Thank you!
A.P. from Costa Mesa, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-09-06 at 15:39 Pacific Time

I am grateful for so many wonderful tools that HMI provides and Cheryl is a treat!
T.M. from Buffalo, New York, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-08-30 at 16:40 Pacific Time

Great presentation. I'm having real experiences for myself and finding more optimism in being able to help others.
M.N. from Austin, Texas, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-08-08 at 14:16 Pacific Time

Great class and a great teacher. I just love her!
P.J. from Santa Clarita, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-08-06 at 17:14 Pacific Time

Thank you HMI and Cheryl O'Neil for this course. It's such a wonderful addition to have.
R.P. from Tacoma, Washington, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-08-09 at 21:53 Pacific Time

Great course! So much amazing content!
S.E. from Oxnard, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-08-03 at 13:47 Pacific Time

What an amazing wonderful experience. I am so excited to practice and to take the next class live!
M.F. from Horn Lake, Mississippi, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-07-30 at 18:57 Pacific Time

Loved it! It’s wonderful to use the amazing power of Imagery in helping client overcome their issues.
R.T. from Los Angeles, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-07-25 at 20:23 Pacific Time

Loved this course. I find imagery so fascinating and always enjoy attending Cheryl's classes.
T.T. from Hudson, New Hampshire, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-07-17 at 07:24 Pacific Time

Wow. Cheryl is amazing, and the information in the course is as well.
J.S. from New Providence, Pennsylvania, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-06-04 at 20:43 Pacific Time

Very good course and I appreciate that the workbook is so comprehensive becoming a lifetime reference.
P.R. from Pelham, Alabama, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-04-03 at 13:58 Pacific Time

Great lesson. I learned so much. Thank you.
C.C. from Lakewood, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-03-23 at 06:21 Pacific Time

Loved the content and Cheryl's style of teaching.
R.S. from Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-03-20 at 19:52 Pacific Time

These classes were amazing! I learned so much, and can't wait to use what I've learned in my practice!
C.C. from Lake Sherwood, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-03-20 at 18:17 Pacific Time

Thank you! Imagery is such an amazing tool. I’m so fortunate to be taught by the best!
S.W. from Neptune, New Jersey, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-03-17 at 01:11 Pacific Time

This program goes beyond wise investment and straight into the realm of absolutely necessary. Cheryl put her heart and wisdom into this and it shines bright. Great job!
A.B. from Moreno Valley, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-02-16 at 19:57 Pacific Time

This class was awesome! If you haven't taken this class yet, I highly recommend!
M.S. from Wapato, Washington, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-02-14 at 19:42 Pacific Time

The Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator course is amazing and I am looking forward to taking more Imagery classes. Cheryl is full of wisdom and passionate about sharing her knowledge which is very helpful to her students to use in their practices.
V.D. from Rocklin, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-02-01 at 11:14 Pacific Time

I loved this course. I’m sure I’ll be using it for the rest of my career.
J.F. from Louisville, Kentucky, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-01-17 at 14:15 Pacific Time

Wonderful class. I cannot wait to start using with my clients.
T.H. from Greenville, Florida, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-01-10 at 13:48 Pacific Time

I've learned so much about the subconscious mind and how to understand the client better, in a non-direct way, and I love the review of E&P, and all of the scripts - it's super helpful in getting started!
J.U. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-12-19 at 03:19 Pacific Time

I love this course, there is so much to discover and learn. Cheryl is an amazing resource and has a wonderful methodology for teaching. Thank you.
L.M. from Commack, New York, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-12-04 at 19:32 Pacific Time

This program is amazing and so is Cheryl! I'm so grateful for all of the resources, explanation of how/when to use, and the demonstrations.
V.B. from Quakertown, Pennsylvania, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-12-06 at 09:27 Pacific Time

I have already noticed how this course has helped my practice with clients. Invaluable. Cheryl, I admire you greatly.
H.H. from Livermore, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-11-22 at 14:31 Pacific Time

There was so much valuable information in this course, and very usable right now! Thank you Cheryl!
J.N. from North Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-11-11 at 15:54 Pacific Time

I am so glad that I did this course and see how it will open up so much for my clients deeper sense of purpose.
K.V. from Santa Barbara, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-11-10 at 14:12 Pacific Time

I absolutely loved this class. Thank you Cheryl for bringing such a wonderful tool to our practices.
A.A. from Clarksville, Tennessee, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-11-03 at 11:23 Pacific Time

Cheryl is highly knowledgeable and entertaining. She provides skills and imagery processes to use with many issues and clients.
J.W. from Cape Canaveral, Florida, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-11-01 at 07:26 Pacific Time

Thank you so much Cheryl for all of this amazing information. I loved this.
S.D. from New Market, Maryland, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2022-01-30 at 17:03 Pacific Time

Excellent course! I learned so much!
H.E. from Twin Falls, Idaho, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-10-04 at 23:08 Pacific Time

As usual, Cheryl does an exceptional job with this course. It's as though SHE is the wise one.
D.L. from Lafayette, Louisiana, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-10-03 at 18:00 Pacific Time

What an incredibly interesting class. As an artist, images have always taken on special meanings in my mind.
B.C. from Valdosta, Georgia, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-10-03 at 07:23 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed the lesson. It taught me so much more than I knew before about the E&P. It was also excellent for new processes and the scripts for each of the E&P.
C.S. from North Vancouver, CA

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-09-20 at 15:52 Pacific Time

I loved this course so much. I feel like I really am now equipped to help clients in a variety of different issues.
A.C. from Brooklyn, New York, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-08-29 at 23:26 Pacific Time

Thank you Cheryl for putting this all together.
L.H. from San Pedro, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-08-23 at 11:24 Pacific Time

A lot of material, could use more explanation about all of the different journeys.
L.M. from Riverview, Florida, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-08-17 at 23:48 Pacific Time

Oh wow, this is such a great experience. Cheryl is just amazing. I'm finding this to be a great tool to use on a regular basis.
G.B. from Manhattan Beach, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-08-13 at 10:24 Pacific Time

Wow, what an amazing, incredible course. I cannot say enough positive words about Cheryl!
K.E. from Portland, Oregon, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-07-18 at 18:59 Pacific Time

Lovely course, enjoyed it very much, thank you.
M.C. from Laguna Hills, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-07-07 at 11:13 Pacific Time

I learned so much valuable information in this course. I look forward to improving my techniques and learning even more.
E.R. from Santa Clarita, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-06-17 at 16:14 Pacific Time

I can't even begin to explain how much I have enjoyed these videos/classes. I have already started utilizing imagery with my clients and it is such a powerful took for change!
C.H. from Pasadena, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-05-31 at 22:20 Pacific Time

This certification course on Therapeutic Imagery by Cheryl O'Neil was the most interesting lecture I have ever taken in HMI. After this course, now I know how to take my client through Imagery journeys where he or she will discover the place, wise, and symbol. It was great to do this certification course.
I.A. from Saugerties, New York, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-05-29 at 00:37 Pacific Time

This is such and empowering technique, and I appreciate the opportunity to try out the journeys in class.
T.C. from Denver, Colorado, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-04-17 at 16:04 Pacific Time

This class was one information packed class. There was so much information, I was afraid I would not be able to absorb it all, but Cheryl presented it so well, it flowed together and makes sense. I am ready to take the Advanced Imagery. Thank you Cheryl.
J.C. from Shokan, New York, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-04-11 at 21:09 Pacific Time

This is a fantastic course for me.
Q.V. from Hai Phong, Quezon City, VN

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-04-10 at 05:46 Pacific Time

It was amazing. A great source to use in Hypnosis sessions. loved it.
A.N. from Amora, Setubal, PT

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-03-31 at 12:47 Pacific Time

What a wonderful course, I’m so happy I took it.
N.L. from Los Angeles, California, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-02-18 at 10:09 Pacific Time

Loving this course! Thanks so much!
M.T. from Snohomish, Washington, US

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
2021-02-10 at 13:55 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed it. Nonetheless, I would had preferred taking it in person just because it is so much information to cover.
N.J. from Los Angeles, California, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.