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Trauma Recovery Hypnosis - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Timothy Trujillo

Timothy Trujillo

Become a Certified Specialist in Trauma Recovery Hypnosis. Trauma, whether physical or psycho-emotional, is a common presentation in hypnotherapy. Many behavioral, emotional, and physical conditions are rooted in unresolved traumatic experiences. Hypnotherapy has a rich tradition as an effective method for addressing the impact of trauma. Whether in real time crisis or in post-event disorder, the power of Hypnosis to help reduce distress, reconcile despair, and stimulate healing is unparalleled.

In this 6 hour seminar, Timothy Trujillo explores the history of hypnosis in the management of trauma, its varied applications, and the effective and adaptive ways he has successfully employed interventions in clinics, hospitals, and disaster zones.

This Certification Course is Convenient and Affordable

This specialty certification course can make you a godsend to the thousands of people suffering from this issue as well as a valuable asset to the health care professionals looking for assistance to deal with these patients.

Now, we're delivering this certification course directly to your home or office through the magic of streaming video. No standing in line, no one hour lunch break, no spending 8 hours in a classroom. Plus you have access for 6 months to study and review at your convenience.

In this Trauma Recovery Hypnosis Seminar you will receive:

  • Six (6) hours of streaming video instruction
  • 180 day unlimited access
  • 43 page workbook on Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
  • Includes streaming video of actual demonstrations a trauma sufferer, demonstrating the techniques taught in the lecture
  • AHA Trauma Recovery Hypnosis Certification
  • Total 6 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

In this Trauma Recovery Hypnosis Seminar you will also learn:

  • Variations of trauma in physical and psycho-emotional injuries
  • Historical overview of hypnosis in the treatment of trauma
  • Prevention and management of pathological traumatic distress (PTSD)
  • Recognizing hypnoidal dynamics that reveal unresolved trauma
  • Suggestion and modeling in “Natural Hypnosis” states
  • Hypnotic recovery methods with targeted approaches and objectives
  • Working with the bio-energetics of trauma and recovery
  • Planning and mapping of recovery over time
  • Fostering resilience as a long term recovery tool

Never again will you shrink away or doubt your ability or expertise to use hypnosis to help someone with Trauma. Proudly advertise your expertise as an AHA Certified Specialist in Trauma Recovery Hypnosis. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clientele with referrals from Licensed Health Care Professionals seeking Hypnosis for their trauma patients.

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis – $109.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-04-12 at 16:34 Pacific Time

The instructor gave an extremely interesting presentation.
A.H. from Brooklyn, New York, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-04-06 at 15:23 Pacific Time

Very, very interesting class. Super informative and well thought out.
P.B. from Plumas Lake, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-04-01 at 21:24 Pacific Time

Timothy Trujillo presents a gold mine of information for working with trauma.
G.B. from Sagle, Idaho, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-03-15 at 17:01 Pacific Time

This was a very interesting course. I didn't expect to take away much and was surprised at what I believe will benefit me in my practice.
J.K. from San Diego, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-03-15 at 15:22 Pacific Time

This was an amazing series of videos and great understanding of how to best help those suffering from trauma. Very applicable to the current times. Love the flute! Thank you!
R.C. from Chico, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-03-15 at 12:54 Pacific Time

This was such an amazing class! Once again, Timothy provides excellent medical and spiritual knowledge to enable us to help our clients in so many ways. His teaching style is so passionate and engaging! Every student needs to take at least one of his classes! I have taken three so far, and it has helped me in so many ways to be a better person and hypnotherapist. His scripts are so valuable, and his citations for his research are so helpful. Thank you Timothy!
L.B. from Oak Park, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-03-05 at 14:28 Pacific Time

This course was exactly what I needed to experience right now in my journey to becoming a hypnotherapist. Timothy gave me so many great ideas on how to excite the imagination in my future clients and also gave me so many methods and tools to work with. I loved it!
M.M. from Glendora, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-02-22 at 16:12 Pacific Time

I have been studying trauma recovery for more than 10 years and this class is one of the best classes I've taken for trauma recovery. Because the subconscious is like the super-brain of the mind and holds our beliefs and memories, I believe the most effective way to heal trauma is subconsciously and more specifically connecting the subconscious with the conscious in a trauma-informed, fluidly structured, and safe environment. That's exactly what hypnosis does and Timothy is a wizard at this process. I absolutely delighted in his presentation style and was blown away by his client Brittany's bravery and commitment to this process. It really left me with a sense of inspiration and hope for being able to provide people similar results to complete their cycles of trauma and integrate purpose into their lives in a powerful and palpable way. I intend to be bold in this work. Thank you Timothy!
S.H. from Knoxville, Tennessee, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-02-09 at 21:43 Pacific Time

I really loved this course. It supported a lot of what I had learned while working with FEMA in Community Emergency Response.
S.B. from Bremerton, Washington, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-02-05 at 00:45 Pacific Time

This course was absolutely amazing. Timothy came across as a humble, knowledgeable, patient, and a beautiful Soul. Timothy, thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and expertise. I am deeply grateful for the privilege. In gratitude.
M.D. from Auckland, NZ

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-02-04 at 18:51 Pacific Time

Very informative and I enjoyed the case presentation. Good way to anchor all the information presented.
E.H. from North Hollywood, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-12-21 at 12:53 Pacific Time

Great teacher. Nice to see a licensed professional. A very well prepared lecture with a workbook to match with resources in the back. This is a great example of education.
N.B. from Los Angeles, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-12-15 at 11:52 Pacific Time

This was such a powerful and productive seminar. I wish we had more time with this instructor to learn more from him, especially with today's unique and bizarre events in the world.
C.G. from Simi Valley, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-12-10 at 12:51 Pacific Time

This was an amazing class. It re-inspired me that the work we do is so important. I recommend it!
R.B. from Centreville, Virginia, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-12-10 at 16:55 Pacific Time

It was a beautiful lesson, so amazing how he created the flute and really listened to the client and all those amazing techniques - I love it a lot. I will definitely use this with my clients.
K.D. from West Jordan, Utah, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-12-14 at 21:25 Pacific Time

It's an informative class! Thank you!
S.A. from Las Cruces, New Mexico, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-11-25 at 11:36 Pacific Time

As a hypnotherapist who is interested in this field and is currently working with clients with childhood trauma, I've learned so many tools and information to help my clients. Thank you for this course.
J.P. from Santa Clara, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-11-23 at 16:24 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this course, it definitely added a lot of value to my line of work. Thank you Timothy!
Z.B. from Encinitas, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-11-02 at 11:29 Pacific Time

This is an exciting modality to have in my toolbox. Timothy was graceful in his session.
W.B. from Simi Valley, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-10-16 at 16:24 Pacific Time

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis with Timothy Trujillo provided multifaceted approaches to this important subject. Thanks HMI!
M.B. from Murphy, North Carolina, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-10-04 at 20:48 Pacific Time

I was very impressed with the amount of information Timothy included in this course and how he presented it. I love the scripts and will be using all of them.
L.C. from Salisbury, Maryland, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-09-30 at 13:50 Pacific Time

This was an important topic and I will use the scripts and strategies in this lesson.
B.M. from Pauma Valley, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-09-18 at 00:02 Pacific Time

Timothy is an excellent instructor an I can relate with many of the tools he is using. I love how he connects the metaphysical realm with scientific evidence based knowledge.
A.H. from Colton, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2021-04-06 at 22:05 Pacific Time

Timothy Trujillo is an inspired and inspiring teacher/healer. I love how he integrates so many approaches into his practice.
I.E. from Encino, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-09-03 at 09:17 Pacific Time

Thank you for a great workshop!
G.P. from San Diego, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-08-29 at 19:33 Pacific Time

Unique systems and tools to consider along with ample gems!
S.A. from Oxnard, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-08-29 at 11:56 Pacific Time

Wow! This Trauma Recovery Hypnosis course is full of useful tools to assess and help treat many variations of emotional and physical presenting issues. Really great resource!
M.D. from Thousand Oaks, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-08-23 at 18:26 Pacific Time

I believe this will assist in the work I am currently doing with survivors of sexual trauma.
D.G. from Cortlandt Manor, New York, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-08-07 at 23:06 Pacific Time

It was a great session that taught me a lot of different techniques to deal with clients that experience any kind of trauma in their life.
A.M. from Orland Park, Illinois, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-07-24 at 10:01 Pacific Time

I loved this course, it has many different ways to work with trauma clients and employs simple and effective means of treatment. My gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Tim Trujillo for offering this course.
H.M. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-07-23 at 18:27 Pacific Time

The class was amazing and awesome.
M.A. from San Diego, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-07-12 at 08:40 Pacific Time

What an informative series of videos. Timothy made it easy to understand and even though he'd lose track of one thought to another - I really enjoyed this topic. Fascinating! Brittany is a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman. Being so vulnerable and sharing is the huge part in her growth of recovery. She is proof of changing your thoughts to good thoughts and being her own power is limitless in her healing and growth!
T.M. from Oak Park, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-07-11 at 22:52 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this video and it was very interesting.
B.S. from Oak Park, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-07-08 at 10:27 Pacific Time

I like the course - explanatory and descriptive. Live session demonstration was very good and helpful.
I.G. from Wheeling, Illinois, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-07-02 at 06:56 Pacific Time

Great class. I liked his strategies. Lots of great tools to employ.
C.H. from Bradley Beach, New Jersey, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-06-27 at 18:22 Pacific Time

This lesson was very informative. Mr. Trujillo did a great job with the entire lesson. Repeating questions that were asked in the audience was appreciated. I am so glad that I chose this lesson.
R.L. from Batesville, Texas, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-06-20 at 15:55 Pacific Time

Such valuable information to gain from this class! The scripts alone I know will do wonders with my clients. Thank you!
K.M. from Sherman Oaks, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-06-16 at 22:40 Pacific Time

This was a very interesting program.
B.Z. from Van Nuys, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-06-09 at 21:08 Pacific Time

This instructor was wonderful and I am so appreciative of the passion and care he has for his disciplines. The course does seem geared to those that practice hypnotherapy in coordination with other disciplines and sometimes directly conflicts with other HMI teachings.
V.R. from Aurora, Colorado, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-06-10 at 15:35 Pacific Time

The lessons provided a holistic approach to trauma recovery. I enjoyed the practical demonstration with Brittany very much, as that illustrates how the tools could be used in a therapeutic setting. Thank you very much!
C.P. from Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, KR

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-05-22 at 06:05 Pacific Time

Interesting class! Loved the flute!
K.W. from Shreveport, Louisiana, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-05-01 at 12:12 Pacific Time

Such an interesting class!
P.V. from Laguna Beach, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-05-11 at 17:48 Pacific Time

Timothy is an amazing teacher. I really appreciate all the scripts provided.
C.G. from Manhattan Beach, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-04-11 at 07:39 Pacific Time

Excellent workshop, wonderful teacher.
A.O. from Glendale, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-04-10 at 17:40 Pacific Time

Great class. Thanks so much for this and the workbook is also great.
M.S. from Los Angeles, California, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-04-24 at 06:27 Pacific Time

Timothy Trujillo offered a powerful and motivational course! He gave live examples and experiences with great detailed techniques. His workbook is wonderful as well. He pulls from great ranging concepts and delivers effective resources. I would like to take more courses from him, and I am so glad I chose this course!
J.K. from San Antonio, Texas, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-04-09 at 13:19 Pacific Time

This is an exceptional class that I found quite interesting and insightful. Timothy is an excellent teacher who presented the information in a manner that was easy to understand and I look forward to integrating these techniques into my practice.
T.G. from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-03-27 at 16:38 Pacific Time

It was good training. I think I would like a bit more demonstration with understanding to gain further support for in session. Thank you.
J.B. from Vancouver, Washington, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-03-06 at 19:16 Pacific Time

So far Timothy's class was the closest experience to study at the Hogwarts! He is an excellent teacher and I benefited a lot from his words of wisdom and experience as well as trauma recovery approaches. Thank you!
S.S. from New York, New York, US

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
2020-02-19 at 23:20 Pacific Time

I loved these sessions. Timothy is a fantastic teacher. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in the topic of trauma recovery and I feel like I have gotten a lot out of his presentations. I'm looking forward to putting some of these tools into practice and helping people.
A.R. from Kanimbla, Queensland, AU

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.