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2022-02-19 / Feb 2022 AHA Conference - Online Course

American Hypnosis Association February 2022 Conference - Make Your Hypnotherapy Material Look Professional, Why Can't Anyone See My Website?, When the Calling to Help Becomes the Obstacle

Make Your Hypnotherapy Material Look Professional

Presented By: Steven Lee Stinnett

Steven Lee Stinnett

Having a nice looking website and written materials are important for your private practice. As a professional hypnotherapist, if you want to create your own written material or website you’ll need to be comfortable working with type, fonts, kerning, sizing and more. The art of arranging letters is called typography.

In this presentation you will learn the lingo and do’s and don'ts of desktop publishing and 3 easy-to-remember typographic rules of thumb.

Why Can’t Anyone See My Website?

Dave Blaker

Presented By: Dave Blaker

How come my hypnotherapy website is not showing up on Google? Where is my site? Why am I not on the first page? These are the most common questions and frustrations from hypnotherapists creating websites for their private practice. There is a lot involved to getting your hypnotherapy website seen, noticed and ranked. Some things are easy and inexpensive while others expensive and difficult.

In this presentation, professional web designer and owner of will walk you through 5 easy and inexpensive steps you should take right now, to get your site seen by search engines, potential clients, and not be lost in the fray.

When the Calling to Help Becomes the Obstacle

Cheyenne Harding

Presented By: Cheyenne Harding

This presentation will provide informative tips, such as self regulation techniques for the mental healer/hypnotherapist struggling to maintain a healthy balance between themselves and their clients. We will discuss people who identify as empaths and boundary techniques in life and when working with clients.

Can we really give from a glass that is empty? We will learn the ways we become our own blockage to abundance and how we can better serve ourselves for others! This seminar will leave any hypnotherapist feeling refreshed and with a greater sense of energetic management when seeking to aid others!

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