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2022-05-21 / May 2022 AHA Conference - Online Course

American Hypnosis Association May 2022 Conference - Truly Mindful Coloring, Parts Therapy / A Powerful 4 Step Process to Changing Lives / Hacking Happiness Hormones

Truly Mindful Coloring

Terry Marks-Tarlow

Presented By: Terry Marks-Tarlow

In this presentation, AOS Professor Terry Marks-Tarlow, introduces Truly Mindful Coloring, a unique coloring book with guided scripts and therapeutic content. The book is intended for self-help or for use by therapists to promote calm, reduce stress, and maximize self-expression. This lecture covers the value of mindfulness for grounding our bodies and tuning into our feelings and desires.

Five qualities of mindfulness are presented: creating inner refuge by stilling the mind; focusing the mind into laser beam attention; cultivating an open, receptive mind; enhancing creativity and play by making associations; and fostering a compassionate mind to take care of self and others. Clinical vignettes, experiential exercises, and therapeutic applications are highlighted throughout.

Parts Therapy – A Powerful 4 Step Process to Changing Lives

Presented By: Mario Pescatore, CCHt

Mario Pescatore, CCHt

What is Parts Integration Therapy? How can I apply it in my private practice right now? Mario will show you how to utilize this effective therapeutic tool that every Hypnotherapist should have at their disposal to help clients in a monumental way.

You will learn the 4 basic steps in this process and how to adapt them to Kappasinian Hypnotherapy. You will learn how to identify the conflicting parts, and how to integrate them so the client can experience resolution with their presenting issue. We will explore the do’s and don’ts so you can facilitate safe and effective sessions with your clients. Learn how to facilitate a Parts Therapy Kappasinian session!

Hacking Happiness Hormones

Presented By: Saman Nasir, CCHt

Saman Nasir, CCHt

Doesn’t it seem like happiness is always fleeting? No matter how hard you work for the promise of happiness, there seems to be this short-term quality to the happiness that follows. You are not alone! There are several reasons why happiness does not last, the most important being that the default structure of the brain does not allow for it.

Happiness, as we perceive this transitory feeling, is nothing more than the release of happy hormones. However, there is a built-in switch that gets triggered soon after the detection of these chemicals causing neurons to “inhibit” them. This immediately puts an expiration on the happy feeling. Learn how to use the same mechanism to stop this inhibitory action of the brain and hack happiness hormones.

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Real Time Student Comments

Hacking Happiness Hormones - AHA Conference Online Course
2023-01-02 at 18:57 Pacific Time

Very interesting lesson. I will definitely implement many of the suggestions.
N.S. from Tarzana, California, US

Parts Therapy - A Powerful 4 Step Process to Changing Lives - AHA Conference Online Course
2022-12-22 at 06:26 Pacific Time

Great lecture, thank you Mario!
G.B. from Saint Helens, Oregon, US

Hacking Happiness Hormones - AHA Conference Online Course
2022-12-17 at 17:19 Pacific Time

Useful information! Thank you!
S.D. from Monticello, New York, US

Hacking Happiness Hormones - AHA Conference Online Course
2022-12-15 at 14:18 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this lesson, thank you.
A.M. from Tilton, New Hampshire, US

Parts Therapy - A Powerful 4 Step Process to Changing Lives - AHA Conference Online Course
2022-12-15 at 13:39 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this lesson so much, I'm looking forward to researching and learning more about Internal Family Systems and integrating Parts Therapy into my practice. Thank you so much!
A.M. from Tilton, New Hampshire, US

Truly Mindful Coloring - AHA Conference Online Course
2022-10-11 at 23:35 Pacific Time

This was helpful for mindfulness.
M.W. from Mission Viejo, California, US