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2023-05-13 / May 2023 AHA Conference - Online Course

AHA May 2023 Conference - Is Our Soul a Secret Problem Solver? / Mindfulness, Intention, and Meditation / Taming the Critical Inner Voice

Is Our Soul a Secret Problem Solver?

Presented By: Pierre Brodeur

In this presentation, HMI and AOS Honors Graduate and author of Amazon’s Best-Selling Book “The Psychology of Me,” Pierre Brodeur, CCHt, will explore how to access the cosmic mind, or the soul to help us solve the problems we face each day.

Albert Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” And that is the problem, we are trying to fix our problems with our human brain and conscious mind.

In this presentation, you will learn helpful techniques to use with yourself and clients, to access the part of us that can help solve problems and live a happier life.

Mindfulness, Intention, and Meditation

Presented By: Karen Gamble, CCHt

Karen Gamble

All our hypnotherapy clients can benefit from creating a practice in self-awareness. The practices of mindfulness, intention and meditation are all tools that can help our clients become resourceful in their own journey to success.

In this presentation, HMI Honors Graduate, Karen Gamble, CHt, will help you build skills to create a mindfulness practice, and help you understand the power of intention and guide you to the basics of creating a meditation practice.

Every moment is an opportunity to be present, and being present is the building block to changing the habits that do not serve the moment. Helping clients build a mindfulness practice will hasten their growth and help them build the awareness necessary to address the circumstances that brought them into your office.

Taming the Critical Inner Voice

Presented By: Saman Nasir, CCHt

Saman Nasir

In this presentation, HMI and AOS Honors Graduate, Saman Nasir, CCHt, will help you discover the power of your inner voice. She will explore the origins of our critical self-talk and why it affects us so much.

You will learn how to recognize self-defeating inner conversations that hold you back, and you can start to develop a set of strategies to work with this inner critic.

With the tools discussed in this presentation, you can transform this negative voice into a supportive one that leads you to emotional freedom. You are the architect of your life – you have the power to decide how your story will unfold by understanding and managing your inner dialogue!

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