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Body Syndromes - Online Course

Presented By: Tanya Nord

Tanya Nord

In this online course, you will be introduced to the basic ideas of the Mind-Body connection, an absolutely essential concept for working with your clients.

Many of the physical symptoms that clients present will be connected to mental and emotional issues. It is amazing how often the body will communicate these issues as symbolic metaphors. Learn about basic syndromes through which the body reveals important information from the subconscious mind.

Explore how symptoms are not isolated events, but are connected to past experiences, conditions and traumas. Learn how to use this information effectively in hypnotherapy. It will make a tremendous difference in your ability to help your clients deal with the causes of physical symptoms and assist them in making lasting change.

Based on 20 years of personal experience in healing therapy and the work of Carolyn J. Braddock, Ken Dychtwald and Karol K. Truman, Tanya brings her expertise to this workshop and teaches you what you need to know as a hypnotherapist to fully understand Body Syndromes.

This Online Continuing Education Course Includes

  • 180 Days Access
  • 2 Hours of Streaming Video
  • Online HTML Workbook
  • Online Quiz with True/False and Multiple Choice Questions
  • Certificate of Completion for 4 Hours of Advanced Continuing Education

Body Syndromes – $65.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Body Syndromes
2021-02-23 at 21:11 Pacific Time

Very interesting course. I would like to learn more about mind and body.
K.R. from Desert Hot Springs, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-22 at 11:13 Pacific Time

This is amazing information and very helpful.
S.D. from New Market, Maryland, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-19 at 18:55 Pacific Time

Very interesting courses, very informative.
L.C. from Parkland, Florida, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-11 at 19:19 Pacific Time

She gave us amazing information, it was very, very interesting.
S.S. from Jacksonville, Florida, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-10 at 21:17 Pacific Time

A wonderful course that really helps to dive deeper with being able to understand what may be the cause of a client's emotional stuckness.
A.S. from Alameda, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-12 at 11:39 Pacific Time

Wonderful class! Always a subject I enjoy, and this was taught really well!
R.B. from Roseville, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-08 at 15:55 Pacific Time

This lesson was really informative and helpful to understand the body mind connection on a much deeper level.
M.S. from Austin, Texas, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-07 at 19:21 Pacific Time

Very interesting course. A great tool to be able to help our clients more efficiently.
K.D. from Hartford, Alabama, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-07 at 15:21 Pacific Time

It's courses like Body Syndromes that really highlight the depth and the extent to which the subconscious mind controls the body.
D.J. from Huntsville, Alabama, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-06 at 15:32 Pacific Time

This body syndromes course was very interesting and very useful to learn how the mind and body communicates with causes of physical symptoms relating to health issues. I will definitely utilize and identify some of my health concerns with greater abilities to know where issues are stemming from.
C.L. from Carlsbad, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-06 at 08:55 Pacific Time

Loved this course! Very informative.
C.A. from Taylorsville, Utah, US

Body Syndromes
2021-02-02 at 23:42 Pacific Time

Body syndromes are so interesting. I found out that it's working for me.
D.L. from San Diego, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-29 at 05:01 Pacific Time

A very informative class. Would love to review it again.
A.B. from Pokhara, NP

Body Syndromes
2021-01-24 at 22:24 Pacific Time

Great course! This information is incredibly valuable for identifying clues to the underlying issues beneath symptoms and illnesses that are a reflection of unresolved trauma and unexpressed emotions so we can offer clients the opportunity to explore and resolve them.
L.M. from Pacific Grove, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-18 at 20:36 Pacific Time

Awesome information, especially the parts of the body and what they represent!
S.E. from Gladys, Virginia, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-18 at 18:41 Pacific Time

I love this instructor's sense of humor! She's got a great delivery of the content that makes it so enjoyable to watch. This information is honestly my go-to for almost anything I'm dealing with, and am truly excited to help others using it.
S.K. from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-18 at 18:17 Pacific Time

Body syndromes are fascinating.
D.W. from Godfrey, Illinois, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-18 at 16:48 Pacific Time

Such in depth explanations of body syndromes. I appreciated seeing this and the 201 lecture back to back.
S.L. from Sacramento, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-17 at 16:10 Pacific Time

Loved it. Very informative and interesting to learn how our traumas affect our body.
J.B. from El Paso, Texas, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-12 at 14:06 Pacific Time

Tonya Nord has an understanding of physical manifestations of emotional trauma. Her experiences helping clients that are suffering physical pain is touching.
C.N. from El Segundo, California, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-18 at 17:28 Pacific Time

As Hypnotherapists, this is an excellent tool to understand the mind body connection.
J.M. from Garner, North Carolina, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-11 at 17:05 Pacific Time

Very interesting class and good supplement. Wish she could have gone through all the topics in the workbook.
C.H. from Naples, Florida, US

Body Syndromes
2021-01-03 at 22:47 Pacific Time

Very interesting topic. I enjoyed delving deeper. Thank you!
J.S. from Santa Monica, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-29 at 12:37 Pacific Time

This is not a new concept for me but I learned a few new things! Loved it!
K.W. from Porterville, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-24 at 20:28 Pacific Time

Very enlightening! Cant wait to use the information in practice.
S.M. from Show Low, Arizona, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-23 at 09:42 Pacific Time

I am fascinated by how the body expresses issues in our subconscious mind. The links, seem obvious, but I had not made the connection before. Great topic and instruction!
J.S. from Woodland, Washington, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-22 at 01:15 Pacific Time

The body syndromes theory developed by Dr. Kappas is one of the methods to understand client's problems during hypnotherapy. By using the concept of body syndromes the hypnotherapist can explain to a client what might be causing the presenting physical discomfort. According to Tanya Nord; "Once you understand what is really going on with your client's mind and body, you'll be better equipped to help them in hypnotherapy."
I.A. from Saugerties, New York, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-15 at 14:27 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this course. Lots of information that I definitely need to pay attention to in myself and others.
J.M. from North Weymouth, Massachusetts, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-14 at 09:48 Pacific Time

I feel like this information may be key for helping clients with physical issues that are originating from subconscious beliefs.
M.S. from Cleveland, Ohio, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-11 at 16:52 Pacific Time

Very informational and totally connected with people in my life and their body syndromes as a result.
T.T. from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-10 at 23:29 Pacific Time

Excellent and very informative course!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Body Syndromes
2020-12-10 at 11:03 Pacific Time

I think this will be one of my specialties. Loved it. Great presentation.
G.B. from Manhattan Beach, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-10 at 02:05 Pacific Time

This was such an amazing course! it made a lot of sense and brought attention to my own body. I would love to look further into this theory! Thank you Tanya!
V.H. from Hemet, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-12-04 at 20:09 Pacific Time

Definitely going to explore this topic further!
J.S. from Dexter, New York, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-28 at 10:19 Pacific Time

This is a helpful class and the list of conditions in the workbook will be nice to refer to.
A.P. from Russellville, Alabama, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-22 at 10:38 Pacific Time

This was a well-thought out and thorough course. The case studies and personal stories illustrated the points well. I enjoyed viewing the body and its symptoms as metaphors.
J.K. from Sherman, Texas, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-22 at 08:15 Pacific Time

The explanation given was very easy to understand which helped me to retain the information with comprehension. Thank you.
G.B. from Temple City, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-20 at 22:47 Pacific Time

This class was so intriguing and the information kept me engaged and wanting to learn more.
T.T. from Fresno, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-18 at 14:59 Pacific Time

Very insightful class and a great aid for clients.
D.W. from Escondido, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-16 at 20:34 Pacific Time

This was a very interesting class! I really enjoyed it.
D.L. from Santa Barbara, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-16 at 20:59 Pacific Time

The information presented in this class was absolutely amazing.
L.P. from Lakeland, Florida, US

Body Syndromes
2020-11-04 at 00:36 Pacific Time

Very interesting subject! Can't wait to learn more while using this in practice.
J.G. from Honolulu, Hawaii, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-29 at 07:03 Pacific Time

Enjoyed the class and Tanya's presentation. Very interesting subject.
B.W. from Huntsville, Alabama, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-26 at 21:30 Pacific Time

I loved learning how the body is related to the circumstances in your life. Most therapies just focus cognitively, but this integrates mind and body in a way that is easy to understand and powerful for my sessions with my clients!
J.U. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-26 at 05:43 Pacific Time

I had been familiar with body syndromes before but had no idea to the degree that they could affect individual parts and organs. Amazing!
J.C. from Shokan, New York, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-25 at 08:57 Pacific Time

l really loved this lesson. So helpful even in my current career as a massage therapist. I've heard bits and pieces of this information throughout the years. It was nice to hear it all presented in this course. Tanya is great!
L.V. from Tampa, Florida, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-20 at 16:26 Pacific Time

I always love Tanya's presentations.
W.B. from Simi Valley, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-16 at 19:44 Pacific Time

A very useful lesson for uncovering the root cause of many presenting issues.
M.G. from La Salle, Illinois, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-13 at 21:54 Pacific Time

Very interesting, helping to understand many signs of body syndromes that are very important.
K.K. from Westlake Village, California, US

Body Syndromes
2020-10-13 at 19:21 Pacific Time

Thank you for this insightful information.
C.D. from Justin, Texas, US