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Business Practices - Online Course

Presented By: Elaine Perliss, CCHt

Elaine Perliss

A well-constructed Business Plan is ESSENTIAL for creating success in your practice. A successful Hypnotherapy practice takes thorough planning and preparation, and then continual effort to build and expand your business. Your formal Business Plan will give you a solid foundation for your practice to build upon and grow. It is literally the Roadmap for Your Success.

The process of creating your Business Plan allows you to take an objective, critical and unemotional look at your plan for success. It also gives you the opportunity to gather together and organize ideas and strategies for your business. These same strategies are essential when formulating the direction for your practice, your marketing efforts and your overall long-term plan for success.

This Course is Beneficial if You Are:

  • Starting your Hypnotherapy Practice.
  • Looking to overcome the challenges of self-employment.
  • Ready to change or expand the focus of your business.
  • Interested in increasing your earnings.
  • Craving effective strategies to manage your private practice.
  • Exploring ways to build your client base.
  • An HMI Distance learner who’s ready to take the next steps in creating your successful Business Plan, following the Business Practices class in your course.
  • Starting, changing or expanding your NON-Hypnotherapy related business.

This Online Continuing Education Course Includes:

  • 180 days of unlimited access.
  • 7½ hours of streaming video including detailed instruction, demonstrations and presentations.
  • 100-page PDF workbook filled with explanations and step-by-step guidelines with 84 pages of exceptional Business Plan examples to assist you in creating your plan for success!
  • Total 12 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate.

This is your opportunity to invest in your success! Don’t miss out on this chance to supercharge your business or private practice with your effective Business Plan. Explode your client base and maximize the return on your investment of time, energy and resources with the priceless tools included in this course.

This comprehensive step-by-step seminar is presented by Elaine Perliss, C.Ht. a Certified Hypnotherapist who assists students and clients locally in her Sherman Oaks/Tarzana offices, and worldwide via phone and Skype. She’s also a Senior Staff Instructor, Director of HMI’s Distance Education, Professional Mentor, Tutor and Coach with 25+ years’ experience helping people achieve their highest potential.

Elaine’s career highlights include the creation and execution of multiple personal and professional plans and goals including her own successful Hypnotherapy practice; recipient of HMI’s top awards given for most clinical hours booked and most money earned during her residency; as well as marketing and promotional executive in the entertainment industry, where she created successful campaigns for over 1000 major motion pictures, including what was then the best-selling movie of all time. Join Elaine as you embark on your journey to success!

Important Note for HMI Resident Students: This course is included in your 501 Residency Program.

Business Practices – $159.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Business Practices
2023-03-06 at 05:47 Pacific Time

Elaine Perliss is an inspiring educator who provided much value in launching a successful business. It felt encouraging to recognize how I did have the components of creating a successful practice; however, having an organized format for a business plan provided in the seminar is much more likely to succeed. I enjoyed the creative aspects of the audience and how to create and brainstorm creative ideas to implement a successful practice. The education is innovative and helpful. I feel much more prepared to start my energy healing practice.
H.D. from Aberdeen, Washington, US

Business Practices
2022-10-25 at 00:27 Pacific Time

Very helpful to organize my business practice, goals, and identify areas I need to work on so that I can move forward.
K.W. from Chatsworth, California, US

Business Practices
2021-11-18 at 23:15 Pacific Time

It's easy to see why Elaine teaches Business Practices. It's one of the most comprehensive outlines of any business plan I've seen and an absolute necessity for any student planning to start their own hypnotherapy business.
D.L. from Lafayette, Louisiana, US

Business Practices
2021-02-20 at 16:15 Pacific Time

Very informative and well-structured course!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Business Practices
2020-12-28 at 16:37 Pacific Time

Outstanding program and incredibly valuable for students and graduates who truly want to succeed with their business. Elaine, I can't thank you enough for the support you have provided in every way, and this Business Practices professional CE course is packed with valuable information. Kudos and major gratitude. I KNOW my biz will succeed and it is due to the support received through you and HMI.
S.K. from Pinehurst, North Carolina, US

Business Practices
2020-06-23 at 23:55 Pacific Time

Very informative class for planning to have a successful hypnotherapy business.
J.P. from Santa Clara, California, US

Business Practices
2019-10-03 at 15:48 Pacific Time

I really loved the information delivered in this course. I think the videos would be more distance-learning friendly if the group activities were edited out though.
P.P. from New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Business Practices
2019-09-30 at 17:51 Pacific Time

Very detailed and thoroughly covered process of creating a comprehensive business plan for a hypnotherapy practice. I got a very good grounding in the components and the process of creating a business plan. I like the way the course was broken up so I could work on my own business plan as the lessons progressed. Thanks!
J.Z. from Rolla, Missouri, US

Business Practices
2019-07-25 at 18:05 Pacific Time

Great teaching and learning opportunity! The instructor is magnificent!
J.T. from Buda, Texas, US

Business Practices
2019-06-19 at 20:55 Pacific Time

Very useful. This is an essential part of success.
S.S. from Baltimore, Maryland, US

Business Practices
2019-03-10 at 18:21 Pacific Time

As an experienced hypnotherapist, this course helped me fill in gaps in my business practices.
D.S. from Washington, D.C., US

Business Practices
2019-02-08 at 15:08 Pacific Time

Great course. A lot of useful information and detail for writing a successful business plan. Thank you.
M.T. from Columbia, South Carolina, US

Business Practices
2019-01-31 at 20:29 Pacific Time

Great class with many tools for my business.
E.G. from San Francisco, California, US

Business Practices
2018-12-30 at 02:51 Pacific Time

Terrific in depth exploration from a very experienced teacher. Well worth the time spent!
F.M. from Wishaw, Scotland, GB

Business Practices
2018-08-06 at 15:39 Pacific Time

Great course. Very helpful.
C.J. from Randolph, Massachusetts, US