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EFT Advanced - Emotional Freedom Technique - Online Course

Presented By: Susie Kappas

Susie Kappas

Online Course on Special! This online course normally sells for $159.00. Now, for a limited time, you can purchase this event and enjoy 180 days of streaming access for $109.00 – that's a $50.00 savings! This special promotional pricing ends on Monday, November 30, 2020 at midnight Pacific Time.

5 Hours of Streaming Video - 6 Months Access

This pay-per-view event also includes a 40 page downloadable manual.

Take your EFT skills to the next level. Now that you know the basics, there is so much more to learn about the art of EFT.

EFT is a technique that can be learned easily and quickly, and is very successful. Beyond the technique it is an art form that needs to be practiced, and your skills honed, as you learn to work with yourself, others and clients.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn Advanced EFT techniques, watch demonstrations, practice and hone your skills
  • Learn the “Golden Gate” technique, the Choice Method, the Movie Technique, Personal Peace Procedure
  • Receive a 40 page manual
  • Learn to work with complex issues and learn more about “aspects”
  • Learn to clear resistance in your clients!
  • Learn to compassionately guide your clients to clearing core issues, and receive questions to ask them
  • Learn how to use applied kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Learn to work with specific goals and hard to measure issues such as; success, procrastination, weight loss, etc.
  • Learn why EFT sometimes “appears” to not be working, and how to get results - “Ten Tips for Tapping”
  • Learn to be an even better hypnotherapist because of this knowledge

Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies, Emotional Freedom Technique has been very successful in treating issues such as Weight Loss, Cravings, Allergies, Trauma, Anxiety, Sadness, Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, Anger, Jealousy, Fears and Phobias, Sports Performance, Dyslexia, Headaches, Stress, and many more.

EFT is a method of gently tapping on the body’s energy meridians and balancing the energy disruptions that continue to trigger emotional and physical pain. This adds a powerful tactical and physical element, unlike any other hypnotic modality.

Prerequisite: EFT Basics with Susie Kappas

EFT Advanced – $159.00 / $109.00


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Real Time Student Comments

EFT Advanced
2020-10-15 at 16:28 Pacific Time

Wonderfully thorough course - I learned so much! Love Susie as always!
Cheyenne from Simi Valley, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-10-11 at 20:11 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this training.
Nazanin from Palo Alto, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-10-31 at 19:15 Pacific Time

This has been an amazing class. The knowledge acquired in this class for sure will improve my efficacy as a hypnotherapist. As always, Susie has done a great job! Thank you.
Donald from Bergenfield, New Jersey, US

EFT Advanced
2020-09-25 at 13:19 Pacific Time

Wonderful information, loved this class!
Lynnsey from North Las Vegas, Nevada, US

EFT Advanced
2020-09-09 at 20:51 Pacific Time

As always, I enjoy Susie's classes because she is dynamic and sincere. I didn't expect to learn as many techniques as I did. The workbook is very to the point. Thank you so much!
Ruprekha from Sugar Land, Texas, US

EFT Advanced
2020-08-11 at 21:34 Pacific Time

I loved it! This lesson lines up perfectly with other healing techniques I am presently studying.
Alexandra from Lawrence, Kansas, US

EFT Advanced
2020-07-24 at 11:29 Pacific Time

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and seeing the deeper ways tapping can be used to help clients (and myself). I'm looking forward to incorporating this into my practice! Susie has a great way of teaching and her workbooks are laid out in such a fantastic, easy-to-reference manner. I highly suggest this advanced course!
Amy from Mint Hill, North Carolina, US

EFT Advanced
2020-07-12 at 07:50 Pacific Time

I liked your lesson. Thanks.
Aleksandra from Moscow, RU

EFT Advanced
2020-05-22 at 22:57 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this class. It was very informative. There was a lot of information given, but the workbook was very thorough and easy to refer to and understand.
Tasha from Granada Hills, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-05-14 at 04:15 Pacific Time

Susie Kappas' Advanced EFT presentation was an excellent review of the Basic EFT Course, then added a number of powerful techniques benefiting the practitioner and clients alike. As with most things in life, what we describe as advanced are simply the basics mastered with a greater range of applications. Thank you HMI!
Mitch from Murphy, North Carolina, US

EFT Advanced
2020-05-09 at 19:51 Pacific Time

Great class. Susie always does a great job and does lots of practical examples.
William from Dayton, Ohio, US

EFT Advanced
2020-05-07 at 17:43 Pacific Time

Great course. I really enjoy classes by Susie Kappas. EFT Basic is great as well.
Richard from Houston, Texas, US

EFT Advanced
2020-07-01 at 09:44 Pacific Time

More great, actionable knowledge! I have begun using EFT with almost all of my clients and sharing it with friends and family as well.
Kris from Bozeman, Montana, US

EFT Advanced
2020-05-03 at 09:27 Pacific Time

Susie did a wonderful job teaching this advanced EFT course and definitely brings in the spirit of the original creator and adds this to our repertoire as hypnotherapists so we can have another tool to get results for our clients and ourselves.
Tina from Madison, Alabama, US

EFT Advanced
2020-04-30 at 17:16 Pacific Time

Great class. It was very informative.
Alyce from Maitland, Florida, US

EFT Advanced
2020-04-20 at 14:27 Pacific Time

Great course. Will love to use these techniques with clients and myself.
Tyler from Norwalk, Iowa, US

EFT Advanced
2020-04-07 at 20:37 Pacific Time

Good class, helpful information. Well organized.
Lisa from East Hampton, Connecticut, US

EFT Advanced
2020-03-25 at 20:09 Pacific Time

I found this EFT Advanced Training so useful and I'm looking forward to using this technique with clients.
Lauren from Los Angeles, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-03-22 at 11:58 Pacific Time

I can’t wait to try the Personal Peace Procedure and Ultimate Truth Statement on myself! I have a current client that the Ultimate Truth Statement is perfect for and can’t wait to get started. Thank you!
Kari from Monument, Colorado, US

EFT Advanced
2020-03-04 at 14:26 Pacific Time

I would have truly loved to do this class in person, but it was still a great class! Thank you so much Susie!
Julie from Lake Balboa, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-02-29 at 06:09 Pacific Time

I need to practice, practice, practice.
Brandon from Van Nuys, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-02-21 at 14:11 Pacific Time

Great class. Wonderful instructor. I look forward to using these with clients both as a hypnotherapist and a massage therapist.
Cindy from Laurium, Michigan, US

EFT Advanced
2020-02-13 at 15:37 Pacific Time

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Thank you so much! I have seen Basic EFT work wonders in my own personal life, and my professional life as a hypnotherapist, and now I have even more tools for myself and my clients! I can not thank you enough! Question: Would you use EFT in the first session with a client (my first sessions are 2 hours)? Or ideally, the second or subsequent sessions?
Jewel from Edmonds, Washington, US

EFT Advanced
2020-02-12 at 07:44 Pacific Time

Loved this training, I felt like I learned a lot and have more tools to share with my clients.
Kimberly from Ward, Arkansas, US

EFT Advanced
2020-10-28 at 23:36 Pacific Time

Susie is amazing, love this class.
Michelle from Encino, California, US

EFT Advanced
2020-01-07 at 09:04 Pacific Time

That was a great course. I’m very excited to start practicing on myself and family.
Victoria from Paris, FR

EFT Advanced
2020-01-05 at 11:14 Pacific Time

I believe in the magnetic field and the points our body has. It was a great program and I'd like to try it on myself as well as everybody who wishes to benefit from this.
Satomi from New York, New York, US

EFT Advanced
2019-12-31 at 22:11 Pacific Time

Valuable class. I learned some useful techniques. The teacher is great, very clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend this class.
Mee from Long Beach, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-12-28 at 16:31 Pacific Time

Thanks to Susie Kappas, again! The lessons were easy to follow. The workbook is well organized. She is an inspiration with all that she has accomplished in her own life with these techniques.
Jill from Capitola, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-11-25 at 16:03 Pacific Time

Susie is such an amazing instructor and her workbooks are always awesome.
Brandy from Poway, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-11-23 at 23:11 Pacific Time

Yes, indeed, there is tons of useful information in this class.
Laura from Pukalani, Hawaii, US

EFT Advanced
2019-09-02 at 16:24 Pacific Time

This is an excellent training! I loved how much more detailed it is with many more tools to put in my toolbox. And I have already gone to and begun to read some stories. I will delve more deeply there and consider purchase of the CDs as recommended in our handouts moving forward. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn and practice.
Rebecca from Thornton, New Hampshire, US

EFT Advanced
2019-08-12 at 23:32 Pacific Time

This was a phenomenal class! The techniques were explained thoroughly, and the best or most effective situations in which to use them. The workbook is an invaluable tool that I will use as a reference for a long time to come. EFT is really a great asset for both personal and professional use.
Melanie from Kingston 8, JM

EFT Advanced
2019-08-06 at 14:31 Pacific Time

I loved this class. I'm excited to use this in my personal life and in my practice!
Bethani from Syracuse, Utah, US

EFT Advanced
2019-07-11 at 11:09 Pacific Time

Very nice course on EFT and lots of methods to use.
Ian from Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

EFT Advanced
2019-06-24 at 14:55 Pacific Time

I was so impressed with this class that I am going to be using this with all of my specialties! Thank you for a wonderful class.
Petra from Port Hueneme, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-06-28 at 19:22 Pacific Time

Such an awesome class! Thank you so much for all the great demonstrations and explanations. I would have been interested to know what each point represented. (I know stomach and liver were mentioned) great class!
Lana from Centralia, Washington, US

EFT Advanced
2019-05-27 at 12:32 Pacific Time

This course was very well organized and comprehensive. I would recommend it to anyone interested in an effective modality.
Robert from Tumwater, Washington, US

EFT Advanced
2019-05-22 at 19:18 Pacific Time

Excellent lesson by Ms. Susie and I appreciate all the amazing work on the manual, very clear step by step for all techniques.
Gladys from San Diego, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-05-06 at 16:02 Pacific Time

I loved the class, looking forward to tapping and having fun.
Robert from Basalt, Colorado, US

EFT Advanced
2019-04-29 at 17:32 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this class. I would like to incorporate this technique into my practice. Susie presents a lot of information in a interesting and easy to understand way.
Ellen from New Canaan, Connecticut, US

EFT Advanced
2019-04-18 at 13:14 Pacific Time

This is going to be so beneficial for me and my clients! I especially appreciate the Golden Gate Technique.
Brenda from Tyler, Texas, US

EFT Advanced
2019-03-26 at 15:08 Pacific Time

Very interesting course! I am happy there was an advanced course!
Michelle from Monrovia, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-03-07 at 15:22 Pacific Time

Will be very helpful with many of my clients and for me personally.
Dana from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, US

EFT Advanced
2019-03-04 at 18:06 Pacific Time

This was such an informative class! I am looking forward to using this modality on my clients and myself. Thank you Susie!
Suzi from Calabasas, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-02-26 at 19:18 Pacific Time

I really like the lesson. "10"
Christian from Larkspur, Colorado, US

EFT Advanced
2019-02-24 at 14:00 Pacific Time

Susie Kappas is a very concise teacher and writes a very clear lesson plan.
Candy from Billings, Montana, US

EFT Advanced
2019-02-19 at 22:41 Pacific Time

Susie is a great teacher, as always. Very interesting class. I learned a lot and can't wait to apply it in practice! Thanks!
Andrea from Laguna Beach, California, US

EFT Advanced
2019-02-17 at 21:34 Pacific Time

Very good lesson. I am excited to help others with EFT including myself. I am glad to have a major tool like this in my “hypno tool box” so I can help more people.
Robin from Watertown, South Dakota, US

EFT Advanced
2019-02-17 at 09:09 Pacific Time

The course is worth taking. The explanation of the theory and the techniques is smooth and simply explained. Thank you Susie for the effort and nice energy.
Adei from Abu Dhabi, AE