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Healthy Boundaries - Online Course

Presented By: Elaine Perliss, CCHt

Elaine Perliss

Healthy Boundaries – A VITAL Element for Your Successful Hypnotherapy Practice. You’re a helping, sharing caring person, right? That’s great! Did you also know that without Healthy Boundaries, this essential element for your practice can become one of your biggest challenges?

Your clients depend on your ability to hold Healthy Boundaries. Did you know that teaching them these same Healthy Boundaries is essential for their success in reaching their goals?

People Struggling with their Boundaries Often Feel:

  • Overwhelmed: Also, taken advantage of, unappreciated or even abandoned by others
  • Despair: “No matter how much I try, it’s never enough!”
  • Frustrated: "I’m such a perfectionist – it’s exhausting and I’m always a failure.”
  • Discouraged: “I’m always beating myself up over things I woulda’ coulda’ shoulda’ done.”
  • Afraid: “It’s so hard for me to ask for what I want or need.”
  • Guilty: “I can’t say no to others. I feel terrible and it’s so much easier to just say yes.”
  • Traumatized: “My home life was (is) filled with trauma, alcohol, drugs or other addictions.”

In this Course: Discover what Healthy Boundaries are, Learn to Recognize Boundary Violations and Gain Powerful Tools to Help

So, what are Healthy Boundaries? It’s the understanding of where our responsibility ends and where our client’s begins – and vice versa. In this seminar, you’ll:

  • Learn strategies to develop and reinforce your own Healthy Boundaries.
  • Gain strategies to assist your clients in strengthening theirs.
  • Recognize unhealthy boundaries and effective strategies to address them.
  • Discover how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy boundaries.
  • Understand when saying “No” actually means “Yes,” and vice versa.

Included in this Online Continuing Education Course:

  • 180 days of unlimited access
  • 2½ hours of streaming video instruction
  • Experiential exercise for discovering your own Healthy Boundaries and potential boundary violations – an exercise you can also use with your clients!
  • 29-page PDF workbook filled with explanations, worksheets and more
  • Total 4 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Never again struggle with boundary violations in your personal life or professional career. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clients seeking the ability to create success through strengthening of their own Healthy Boundaries.

Elaine Perliss, CHt is a Hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, professional mentor and Senior Staff Instructor at HMI College of Hypnotherapy whose passion is helping people achieve their highest potential. Elaine specializes in helping people overcome the roadblocks caused by boundary violations that keep them from achieving their goals, realizing their dreams and fulfilling their true potential.

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Real Time Student Comments

Healthy Boundaries
2024-07-05 at 12:00 Pacific Time

This is a wonderful class and would be extremely beneficial as one of the core classes to earn a Hypnotherapist Certification.
A.P. from Madison, Alabama, US

Healthy Boundaries
2023-02-24 at 01:46 Pacific Time

This class is FABULOUS. I learned so much about myself and my own boundaries (and where they can use shoring up) while I learned how to help my clients. I highly recommend every hypnotherapist/hypnotherapy student take this class!
S.F. from Valencia, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2023-02-16 at 19:15 Pacific Time

Great information in a very relatable way. Enjoyed it very much!
R.M. from Pensacola, Florida, US

Healthy Boundaries
2023-01-25 at 22:52 Pacific Time

This lesson really resonates because I’ve had to create boundaries after experiencing a relationship with unhealthy boundaries. I had to find my part in it so that I don’t create the same situation for myself in all relationships especially now with clients.
A.L. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2023-01-08 at 11:50 Pacific Time

Excellent course as always.
T.T. from Hudson, New Hampshire, US

Healthy Boundaries
2022-05-06 at 23:27 Pacific Time

I enjoyed learning how the stages of development tie in with boundaries. Would have liked to see a hypnosis session in this lesson.
S.G. from Long Beach, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2022-04-30 at 20:08 Pacific Time

This was such a great class! So informative and helpful both personally and professionally.
C.M. from Reno, Nevada, US

Healthy Boundaries
2022-03-05 at 00:56 Pacific Time

This was useful in understanding that I am allowed to say "NO".
T.T. from Nicosia, CY

Healthy Boundaries
2021-09-12 at 08:37 Pacific Time

Great class, all the questions from the class can get a bit distracting from the material to be covered, but it was great overall. Love Elaine! And the handouts and worksheets are fabulous.
K.G. from Santa Barbara, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2021-04-18 at 11:32 Pacific Time

Very informative, great lecture, and very helpful resources in the workbook for the future.
M.E. from Corona, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2021-03-21 at 20:11 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this class, it was very informative, and provided many tools to apply. I also appreciated the materials to work with my clients.
C.A. from Orange, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2021-03-07 at 16:15 Pacific Time

Thank you for another wonderful class!
J.M. from Lucerne, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-10-27 at 16:45 Pacific Time

Another informative course by Elaine with substance as always.
A.S. from Saint Paul, Minnesota, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-10-02 at 22:53 Pacific Time

This lesson really brought to light many things that I now recognize as both healthy and unhealthy boundaries. Until you learn boundaries, it is difficult for many who are unaware of what boundaries are to be able to not only set your own personal boundaries but also to recognize and respect the boundaries of others. I really have enjoyed this lesson. Thank you Elaine Perliss for another excellent learning experience. I am grateful.
R.L. from Batesville, Texas, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-09-22 at 16:42 Pacific Time

It was very helpful for my personal relationships!
M.M. from San Diego, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-09-06 at 20:40 Pacific Time

Boundaries - Wow! What a concept. As an identical twin this concept of healthy boundaries has bewildered me. Thank you for an outstanding and enlightening presentation Elaine.
S.A. from Morro Bay, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-07-07 at 16:22 Pacific Time

A very helpful class for both personal and professional reasons. I would say learning healthy boundaries is one of the most important self improvement tools someone can have.
L.I. from Ridgefield, Washington, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-06-30 at 13:11 Pacific Time

Great course! It teaches and clearly explains a lot about ourselves and our clients.
J.J. from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-04-25 at 00:50 Pacific Time

Great class on this important subject, good tools and a lot of information. Thank you.
M.D. from Simi Valley, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2020-03-16 at 13:41 Pacific Time

This was an amazing class. Very useful information that I implement in my practice and in my personal life.
P.M. from Waxhaw, North Carolina, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-12-31 at 16:09 Pacific Time

Great class! Excellent content well presented. Very good strategies for helping clients (and ourselves) come to terms with boundary issues and deal with them as they arise from others.
J.Z. from Rolla, Missouri, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-10-03 at 13:18 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this class! Very useful for myself and clients!
R.T. from Crown Point, Indiana, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-09-21 at 15:54 Pacific Time

I loved this session, many eyeopening insights on boundaries. Thank you!
H.C. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-09-18 at 12:21 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this PPV course. Thank you.
K.G. from Loveland, Colorado, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-09-15 at 17:36 Pacific Time

I enjoy Elaine Perliss's classes. She puts much effort into providing cohesive and thorough workbook notes. She models the empowering of others with her gentle affirmations of students' questions and points. It was a little funny to see a bit of irony in the allowance of so many student questions during the introduction point of the class where perhaps stronger boundaries would have helped reduce the delay into her planned delve into the meat of the instruction (where she kept indicating the answers would be coming, yet kept also taking time to briefly answer all of the jump-ahead questions). The class questions certainly underscored Elaine's point that all people are impacted by boundary issues/questions. I appreciated her notes and examples of forewarning and "don't judge, use the information the client is saying/showing" to hypnotherapists based on experience with clients who have boundary issues. Her workbook notes, with useful appendices for students to use, and her tests correlate well with her focused instruction even as she shares occasional personal experiences and insights to expand upon key points.
L.S. from Pinetop, Arizona, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-09-14 at 21:38 Pacific Time

Interesting class, enjoyed the depth and examples.
P.M. from San Luis Obispo, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-06-28 at 08:54 Pacific Time

Good information. Worth the time I took to work through this course.
K.G. from American Fork, Utah, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-06-23 at 15:08 Pacific Time

This class has really helped me on a personal level. VERY, very helpful! Thank you for this class.
L.M. from Centralia, Washington, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-04-19 at 18:45 Pacific Time

I really liked it. I wish the instructor would give titles of some of her favorite books on the subject though.
A.H. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-04-04 at 10:35 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this lesson. Lots of useful information.
S.L. from Entwistle, Alberta, CA

Healthy Boundaries
2019-04-03 at 16:01 Pacific Time

What an extraordinary class! Some major insights came up. I'm very grateful for it!
V.D. from West Hollywood, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-02-20 at 17:07 Pacific Time

Great subject. Elaine is a great instructor as always.
J.B. from Castaic, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-02-12 at 17:41 Pacific Time

Great lesson and tools for application, both personally and professionally. This class will benefit me and my clients greatly. Thank you!
A.O. from Rocky Hill, Connecticut, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-02-01 at 22:02 Pacific Time

This is a very informative well structured class on a critical topic.
S.P. from North Hollywood, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-01-31 at 06:33 Pacific Time

Terrific lesson! I believe this is critical learning for a healthy life and a healthy practice! Thank you.
E.O. from Joplin, Missouri, US

Healthy Boundaries
2019-01-29 at 19:35 Pacific Time

Great course with many tools to work with clients.
E.G. from San Francisco, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2018-11-17 at 13:44 Pacific Time

Great class. It was interesting that Elaine suggested inner child work and that it had profound results.
M.K. from Old Monroe, Missouri, US

Healthy Boundaries
2018-11-17 at 12:57 Pacific Time

Excellent presentation by Elaine Perliss on boundaries. Everyone should take this to help themselves understand how boundaries can make or break relationships.
M.R. from Studio City, California, US

Healthy Boundaries
2018-08-29 at 16:24 Pacific Time

Extremely enlightening! What are a couple of books you can recommend on Healthy Boundaries? Thank you Elaine!
K.M. from Larkspur, Colorado, US

Healthy Boundaries
2018-08-05 at 13:45 Pacific Time

This was a wonderful and interesting class! Thanks!
D.M. from Nashville, Tennessee, US

Healthy Boundaries
2018-08-03 at 17:12 Pacific Time

Thank you for this lesson.
A.R. from Santa Rosa, California, US