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Stage Hypnosis - Demonstrational Techniques - Online Course

Ken Dubner

Presented By: Ken Dubner

For over a decade HMI graduate Ken Dubner performed his underground hypnosis show throughout the U.S. From colleges and corporate shows to TV and radio appearances Ken's stage hypnotist alter ego saw and did it all.

HMI students now have the opportunity to learn the art of Stage and Demonstrational Hypnosis from this master entertainer.

4+ Hours of Streaming Video - 90 Day Access

Here's just some of what you will learn in this dynamic hands on workshop which is 4 hours and 40 minutes in duration, there are two (02) streaming videos available for 90 days of viewing.

  • The difference between a Stage Hypnosis show and a demonstration, and when to use each.
  • The difference between Demonstrational Hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic technique.
  • How to use Demonstrational Hypnosis to illustrate the Theory of Mind.
  • How to utilize Psychological and Sociological principles to increase your effectiveness.
  • How to utilize Waking Hypnosis to spice up a presentation or build credibility one on one, and how to convert it into hypnosis.
  • Numerous powerful Rapid and Instant Inductions that achieve the hypnotic state in seconds or less, as well as Longer Inductions and how to tell which is more appropriate.
  • Surefire Deepening Techniques to keep your volunteers in the optimum state for a sixty to 90 minute show trance.
  • Ericksonian Techniques that will allow you to hypnotize seemingly without any induction at all.
  • Proven routines to amaze, entertain, and educate.
  • Staging the show for maximum success.
  • Setting the frame for your show or demonstration before you even open your mouth.
  • The all important Pre-Talk.
  • How to sequence your show to make it flow and to naturally guide your subjects into more progressively intricate states of mind.
  • Different Trance Phenomena and the secret to producing them on demand.
  • How to finish a show in a way that leaves your volunteers feeling fantastic about their experience.
  • How B.O.R. products can double or triple your income for each and every show or demonstration.
  • Using your show or demo to build a client base.
  • How to create a stage persona.
  • Overcoming stage fright.
  • Also included is a 17 page PDF workbook with scripts.
  • Total 4 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Whether you want to give incredible hypnosis demonstrations, perform professionally, or just learn "how do they do that?" this class will show you show you how.

Important Note for HMI Resident Students: Streaming video course cannot be applied to Elective Hour requirements.

This streaming video seminar contains mature content and explicit language for adult viewing audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised.

Stage Hypnosis – $109.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Stage Hypnosis
2022-11-10 at 06:35 Pacific Time

Hands down the most entertaining lesson offered by HMI. It's nice to have some guidance on how to have fun with Hypnosis. It's been very serious and professional, satisfying the dual nature in me. Thanks.
T.P. from Milan, Tennessee, US

Stage Hypnosis
2022-07-11 at 14:28 Pacific Time

I wish I would have seen this long ago. I am way too serious and this could have helped me lighten up and at the same time be a more confident hypnotist.
S.M. from Show Low, Arizona, US

Stage Hypnosis
2022-06-29 at 09:52 Pacific Time

Well enjoyed. Learned more about hypnosis to develop a career as hypnotist demonstrations and stage shows are equally important.
H.D. from Wattegama, Central, LK

Stage Hypnosis
2022-06-23 at 07:07 Pacific Time

This was great! I can’t wait until my next chance to show some skills outside the office.
S.W. from Neptune, New Jersey, US

Stage Hypnosis
2022-05-23 at 14:42 Pacific Time

I really liked the presentation and found it to be interesting and informative.
S.W. from Barnesville, Georgia, US

Stage Hypnosis
2021-12-28 at 17:47 Pacific Time

This was great, thoroughly entertaining and learned lots. Love the way he explains, demonstrates, then demonstrates again, it really drives it home and he was hilarious.
C.M. from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

Stage Hypnosis
2021-08-09 at 12:28 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this so much. Great AHA seminar and I learned a lot of useful tools to take with me.
J.C. from Manhattan Beach, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2021-06-19 at 02:43 Pacific Time

I wanted to see this because I have never actually seen a stage hypnotist before, this was really fascinating. It really helped me understand why it is not something to take lightly. However it was very entertaining. Very thought provoking and it really does explain some things for me more about suggestions and why they work.
N.A. from Los Angeles, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2021-03-17 at 10:21 Pacific Time

Great lesson! I can’t wait to incorporate some demonstration techniques as convincers into my practice. There were a couple topics that I feel would not work as well coming from a female stage hypnotist. I’ll also have to learn to use more of a paternal voice, rather than my usual maternal voice.
A.B. from Calgary, Alberta, CA

Stage Hypnosis
2021-01-18 at 11:34 Pacific Time

I’m wondering if I need to be as loud as he is most of the time. Enjoyed the class though.
G.W. from Saegertown, Pennsylvania, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-09-26 at 15:33 Pacific Time

This is so much fun! And being able to demonstrate the power of one's own mind over their perceptions and realities is important in our world I believe.
B.M. from Roseburg, Oregon, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-09-14 at 02:39 Pacific Time

Stage Hypnosis looks like a lot of fun. It is truly for entertainment, but learning the different inductions and what is possible with stage hypnosis definitely helps one have a better understanding of hypnosis. It would be great to practice these techniques, but the inductions and the show activities are not easy to do at this time due to COVID social distancing considerations.
S.P. from Hawthorne, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-09-02 at 13:29 Pacific Time

I loved this AHA class. I gained very insightful information as stage hypnosis is a subject I already knew things about. After this AHA I learned something new and gained valuable insight from Ken Dubner.
N.H. from Burbank, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-07-26 at 14:14 Pacific Time

Great course and very entertaining.
M.T. from Castalia, Ohio, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-09-02 at 19:33 Pacific Time

Thank you for this informative and entertaining presentation.
M.G. from La Salle, Illinois, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-07-05 at 02:31 Pacific Time

I am lost for words! This course really explores all the elements of a fun performance.
M.C. from Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

Stage Hypnosis
2020-07-04 at 09:56 Pacific Time

Best of all the videos that I've watched at HMI! Fantastic, made me to think that I can do more.
M.A. from Novi, Michigan, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-06-23 at 23:10 Pacific Time

Fun and a lot of real good information.
P.J. from Agoura Hills, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-06-14 at 10:44 Pacific Time

This was a wonderful class. I am so glad I took this class, it was very informative and entertaining too. Now I I feel more comfortable doing a quick demonstration for people who don't know what hypnosis is.
P.H. from Mill Creek, Washington, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-05-31 at 11:11 Pacific Time

This is a great introduction into the world of stage hypnosis. Ken does an awesome job keeping the training interesting and informative. When you consider this audience is here to learn how to perform stage hypnosis, not to be entertained, it truly shows how effective Ken is in plying his trade. The audience was searching for education, not entertainment but they got both. I'll be applying these techniques later today.
C.L. from Poway, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-04-11 at 16:28 Pacific Time

It is a very interesting lesson, I found that if you want to do Stage Hypnosis, you have to have a higher level speech skill.
Z.T. from San Jose, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-04-06 at 17:51 Pacific Time

Great class and a lot of fun.
C.H. from Oceanside, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-03-25 at 00:14 Pacific Time

Love this class. Learned a lot on how to have a stage performance yet also can gain more clients.
L.R. from Anchorage, Alaska, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-02-19 at 05:59 Pacific Time

I thought the instructor was great! Engaging and knowledgeable. Educational and entertaining, really good.
C.H. from Bradley Beach, New Jersey, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-02-04 at 08:59 Pacific Time

I loved this class, it was so much fun. Ken was awesome!
S.C. from Sanger, Texas, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-31 at 06:25 Pacific Time

I think Ken is one of the best presenters at HMI - it must be his skill at stage hypnosis.
B.Z. from Van Nuys, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-02-06 at 23:41 Pacific Time

Great lesson! Not only very informative but fun to watch. I liked the quick inductions Ken Illustrated.
E.P. from West Point, Mississippi, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-27 at 00:37 Pacific Time

A nice introduction to stage hypnosis techniques.
I.P. from Oatlands, New South Wales, AU

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-26 at 18:43 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this course! I have taken similar courses through other providers who seemed to make it a point of boring their students into hypnotic trance. NOT KEN! He takes us into trance boldly and deliberately, telling us he's doing it while he does it! I don't know when I've enjoyed a course as much as this one. Thank you Ken! I can't wait to watch his rapid induction course... in fact, I'm starting it now!
M.C. from Uvero Alto, La Altagracia, DO

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-21 at 13:58 Pacific Time

Thank you for this class. Delivered quickly and easily.
M.M. from Laguna Beach, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-19 at 08:19 Pacific Time

Enjoyed this lesson! High energy, very entertaining, informative and ready to do my first stage hypnosis and demonstration.
S.M. from Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-16 at 09:27 Pacific Time

I love his energy and style! Great class.
S.S. from Morristown, Tennessee, US

Stage Hypnosis
2020-01-01 at 14:01 Pacific Time

This session was fully enjoyable and usable. My goal is to add performing stage hypnosis to my existing hypnotherapy practice. This lesson prepares me to succeed at that goal.
A.D. from Columbus, Ohio, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-12-23 at 11:05 Pacific Time

Fun class. I enjoyed seeing the different techniques.
Y.J. from Columbus, Ohio, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-12-15 at 19:12 Pacific Time

What fun! I'll be doing this. Very creative. Thank you.
R.G. from Atlanta, Georgia, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-12-07 at 04:25 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed watching the stage show and learning the importance of having a good time with laughter.
R.I. from Houston, Texas, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-12-06 at 20:05 Pacific Time

Good lesson, learned a lot.
W.P. from Dayton, Ohio, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-12-04 at 08:31 Pacific Time

Awesome class. Really helped my confidence in demonstrations and makes me consider possible stage performances! Thanks to Ken!
W.E. from Ashland, Ohio, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-11-26 at 21:15 Pacific Time

This was great. I'm curious what happened about an hour and 3 minutes into the second video when Ken was working with the blonde female somnambulist telling her to do what he did.
J.R. from Kansas City, Missouri, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-11-17 at 12:13 Pacific Time

Something I would not do but it is nice to know how it is done.
C.D. from Billings, Montana, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-09-12 at 22:48 Pacific Time

It was a great lesson. The class demonstration by Ken Dubner was truly entertaining as well as enriching.
S.P. from Gurgaon, Haryana, IN

Stage Hypnosis
2019-07-10 at 15:05 Pacific Time

Great class, Ken is an excellent instructor. I like that he keeps things fun and empowering for a stage show and he encourages HMI students to keep everyone safe and be non-exploitative.
K.G. from Madison, Wisconsin, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-06-29 at 15:14 Pacific Time

I would like to learn more about performing Stage Hypnosis after watching Ken!
M.F. from San Pablo, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-06-04 at 22:54 Pacific Time

After seeing Stage Hypnosis shows on cruise ships, I enjoyed learning what is involved.
J.B. from Sacramento, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-05-24 at 10:19 Pacific Time

Some of the content is confusing, but I really enjoyed it. Would like to have some of the scripts to play with even though I know part of it is improvisation.
D.J. from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-05-23 at 18:44 Pacific Time

Loved the training, I will start practicing it and it is very different from Hypnotherapist.
B.G. from Mission, Texas, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-05-21 at 06:23 Pacific Time

I really like Ken's teaching style, it's always informative and entertaining.
J.Q. from Citrus Heights, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-05-17 at 16:46 Pacific Time

Hilarious! An amazing demonstration of the power of hypnosis, and that of the subconscious mind.
M.A. from Miami Shores, Florida, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-07-04 at 20:23 Pacific Time

Great class, very informative!
P.E. from Santa Barbara, California, US

Stage Hypnosis
2019-04-28 at 15:31 Pacific Time

Super amount of information. Great demonstrations. Love the energy.
C.E. from Crestline, California, US