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The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame - Online Course

Presented By: Elaine Perliss

Elaine Perliss

These emotions have the ability to empower or cripple your clients. Understanding Guilt vs. Shame can literally be the difference between the success, or failure of your clients moving forward in therapy.

Elaine will share with you tools for success in dealing with these potentially destructive emotions, and will give you insights on how to utilize their power to assist your clients in moving through their challenges to reach their goals.

  • Help your clients increase their success, clarity, confidence, direction and purpose
  • Learn the difference between Guilt and Shame
  • Gain techniques to recognize them and assist your clients in reaching their goals
  • Understand root causes and how they manifest in our behaviors
  • Help your clients turn mistakes into opportunities, not ingredients for failure

Help Your Clients Understand and Overcome:

  • Blocks to success, the Losing Syndrome
  • Low self-esteem, low self-confidence
  • Procrastination caused by over-thinking, second guessing, negative self-talk
  • Perfectionism
  • Judgments, prejudice, OCD, addictions, bullying, narcissism

Included in this Seminar:

  • 3¼ hours of streaming video instruction with Elaine Perliss
  • 180 days unlimited access
  • 25-page The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame workbook (PDF)
  • Total 4 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Elaine Perliss is a hypnotherapist, teacher, motivational speaker and professional mentor whose passion is helping people achieve their highest potential. Elaine specializes in helping people overcome the obstacles presented by guilt, shame and related challenges that keep them from achieving their goals. Join her to gain powerful tools for your practice and for your own personal growth and well-being.

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame – $109.00


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Real Time Student Comments

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame
2021-05-05 at 12:27 Pacific Time

This class was very interesting and will help a lot with clients and my own issues too. Lots of really great questions were asked and some quality answers given. Loving the new Zoom format of videos, it feels much more like you are there taking the course live and everyone can be heard clearly.
M.M. from Redford, Michigan, US

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame
2021-05-03 at 19:54 Pacific Time

Excellent! Elaine is an excellent instructor that presents information in an understandable format.
K.R. from Desert Hot Springs, California, US

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame
2021-04-29 at 03:27 Pacific Time

Elaine is just awesome! This course was eye-opening and honestly pretty vital to the work we'll be doing with our clients. She has a wonderful way of conveying these concepts even when it gets pretty complicated.
E.H. from Encino, California, US

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame
2021-04-28 at 15:14 Pacific Time

Great class, very informative!
L.C. from Parkland, Florida, US

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame
2021-04-28 at 14:54 Pacific Time

Thank you for this class, such an important topic and I am sure it will help everyone.
A.K. from Northridge, California, US

The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame
2021-04-28 at 13:25 Pacific Time

Powerful and life changing information. Thank you.
M.C. from Williams Bay, Wisconsin, US