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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

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Course Description

Transpersonal Psychology is a field or school of thought in psychology centered on the spiritual aspects of human life. The term Transpersonal Psychology was first introduced in the 1960s by psychologists such as Abraham Maslow and Victor Frankl.

Transpersonal therapy is transformational in that it explores the whole person with special attention to how states of consciousness contribute to such an approach. This course will review eight core aspects of transpersonal therapy and applications.

Adjunct Professors

  1. Glenn Hartelius, PhD

    Middlesex University
    California Institute of Integral Studies

  2. William James Jones, PhD

    Azusa Pacifica University
    Pacifica Graduate Institute
    Pepperdine University

  3. Randy Kasper, PhD

    California State University San Marcos

  1. Indhushree Rajan, PhD

    Pacifica Graduate Institute

  2. Victoria Stevens, PhD

    Antioch University
    Pacifica Graduate Institute
    University of California Santa Barbara

  3. Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD

    California Institute of Integral Studies
    Pacifica Graduate Institute

Mind-Body Psych Seal

Course Outline

  1. Week 1 (604-1): Transpersonal as an Integrative Whole/All Person Psychology
    Presented By: Glenn Hartelius, PhD
  2. Week 2 (604-2): Transpersonal as a Scientific Whole Person Psychology
    Presented By: Glenn Hartelius, PhD
  3. Week 3 (604-3): Transpersonal as an Embodied Psychology
    Presented By: Victoria Stevens, PhD
  4. Week 4 (604-4): Transpersonal as a Psychology of Diversity
    Presented By: Indhushree Rajan, PhD
  5. Week 5 (604-5): Transpersonal as a Relational, Transformative Psychology
    Presented By: William James Jones, PhD
  6. Week 6 (604-6): Play, Creativity, Metaphor and Transformative Processes
    Presented By: Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD
  7. Week 7 (604-7): Transpersonal as an Ecopsychology
    Presented By: Randy Kasper, PhD
  8. Week 8 (604-8): Transpersonal as a Spiritual Psychology
    Presented By: Glenn Hartelius, PhD

Note: Classes may be presented out of sequence e.g. 604-4 before 604-3.