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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

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Course Description

Depth Psychology refers to approaches to therapy that are open to exploration of the subtle, unconscious, relational, and transpersonal aspects of human experience. A depth approach may include therapeutic traditions that explore the unconscious and involve the study and exploration of dreams, complexes, and archetypes.

Embedded in humanistic principles, it is strength affirming and focuses on meaning-making, the psyche, human development, personality formation, and individuation.

Adjunct Professors

  1. Johanna Hays, PsyD

    Antioch University

  2. Randy Kasper, PhD

    California State University San Marcos

  3. Indhushree Rajan, PhD

    Pacifica Graduate Institute

  1. Victoria Stevens, PhD

    Antioch University
    Pacifica Graduate Institute
    University of California Santa Barbara

  2. Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD

    California Institute of Integral Studies
    Pacifica Graduate Institute

  3. Radhule Weininger, PhD, MD

    Antioch University
    Pacifica Graduate Institute

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Course Outline

  1. Week 1 (605-1): Contemporary Psychoanalysis
    Presented By: Victoria Stevens, PhD
  2. Week 2 (605-2): Psychoanalytic Intersubjectivity and Therapy
    Presented By: Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD
  3. Week 3 (605-3): Jungian Approaches to Therapy
    Presented By: Victoria Stevens, PhD
  4. Week 4 (605-4): Archetypes, Shadow, Complexes
    Presented By: Radhule Weininger, PhD, MD
  5. Week 5 (605-5): The Transcendent Function, Dreams, and Trauma
    Presented By: Johanna Hays, PsyD
  6. Week 6 (605-6): Fairy Tales and Art in Depth Psychology
    Presented By: Johanna Hays, PsyD
  7. Week 7 (605-7): Post-Jungian Therapy, Cultural and Collective Contexts
    Presented By: Indhushree Rajan, PhD
  8. Week 8 (605-8): Depth and Near-Death Experience
    Presented By: Randy Kasper, PhD

Note: Classes may be presented out of sequence e.g. 605-4 before 605-3.