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Fears and Phobias

Presented By: Elaine Perliss, CCHt

Elaine Perliss

From mild symptoms to acute disorders, fears and phobias commonly hold people back from achieving their full potential. Every therapist will eventually have clients who fall somewhere in this range of symptomology. In this lesson HMI Instructor Elaine Perliss, C.Ht., introduces HMI's Circle Therapy and its comparison to standard Systematic Desensitization to demonstrate the hypnotic extinction of fears and phobias.

This Online Continuing Education Course Includes

  • 180 Days Access
  • 2 Hour Streaming Video
  • Online Workbook
  • Online Quiz with True/False and Multiple Choice Questions
  • Certificate of Completion for 2 Hours of Advanced Continuing Education

Fears and Phobias – $75.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Fears and Phobias
2020-09-16 at 14:38 Pacific Time

This class cleared up a few thoughts I had between the differences of what fears and phobias were.
A.C. from Lawrence, Kansas, US

Fears and Phobias
2020-05-26 at 09:56 Pacific Time

Wonderful, as always! I was not aware of the difference between fears and phobias, and found that fascinating.
C.J. from West Allis, Wisconsin, US

Fears and Phobias
2020-05-15 at 23:28 Pacific Time

I learned so much from this special course. Learning all these principles enable me understand my own fears and phobias. A great knowledge to deal with clients who are suffering the same. Thank you so much.
A.B. from Santa Rosa, PH

Fears and Phobias
2020-04-21 at 13:52 Pacific Time

Elaine is an exceptional instructor and I always enjoy her classes. This is a good primer for the course on treating anxiety and fears because it provides great insight into the differences between fears and phobias. As a matter of fact, this class provided me with clarity on the differences between fears and phobias that will be quite helpful in my practice. Thank you.
T.G. from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX

Fears and Phobias
2019-03-04 at 01:50 Pacific Time

A great deal of information was covered in a very short period. Clinical application would have been helpful.
R.P. from Clovis, California, US

Fears and Phobias
2019-02-25 at 19:03 Pacific Time

I enjoyed listening to Elaine Perliss. It's obvious she's very knowledgeable and experienced. Fast-paced, with lots of good information.
P.C. from Lethbridge, Alberta, CA

Fears and Phobias
2019-01-02 at 04:05 Pacific Time

A very useful course for my life.
H.G. from Bischofshofen, Salzburg, AT

Fears and Phobias
2018-12-26 at 21:56 Pacific Time

Helpful course with lots of takeaways. This would be a great stand alone certification program if it could be fashioned like the anxiety and fear program.
J.M. from Chicago, Illinois, US

Fears and Phobias
2018-11-19 at 13:57 Pacific Time

Fantastic lesson. Very informative.
R.G. from Atlanta, Georgia, US

Fears and Phobias
2018-11-15 at 07:43 Pacific Time

Very well done. Helpful, informative, and highly useful.
D.G. from Saginaw, Michigan, US

Fears and Phobias
2018-09-12 at 02:10 Pacific Time

I can test myself via this question and know how much I learn.
Y.S. from Yuen Long, HK

Fears and Phobias
2018-08-05 at 14:15 Pacific Time

Excellent course! Elaine is amazing, as always.
J.B. from Euless, Texas, US

Fears and Phobias
2018-07-29 at 15:58 Pacific Time

This lesson was a little bit more difficult for me and harder than the other lessons that I have taken. I now have an understanding about fears and phobias and how they are different and treated differently. This class is very useful for treating our clients.
V.W. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Fears and Phobias
2018-07-28 at 01:37 Pacific Time

One of the best courses. I highly recommend it!
A.B. from Rabweh, Metn, LB

Fears and Phobias
2018-07-12 at 08:27 Pacific Time

What a phenomenal course. As usual, Ms. Perliss is great providing the student with as much information and explaining it in a simple therapeutic formality.
M.Z. from Miami, Florida, US

Fears and Phobias
2018-06-24 at 23:29 Pacific Time

Found it helpful. A good refresher. I did, though, find a few of the descriptive principles confusing. Felt like the words were a little mixed up in the presentation. Would like to have a subtitle option for future videos. (Could help clear up any confusing descriptions.)
M.Z. from Austin, Texas, US

Please note that this presentation represents one lesson of the 48 lessons that are included in HMI’s Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy’s Online Advanced Training Program. Purchasing this Pay Per View as an individual lesson provides a CEU Certificate for 2 hours only, it does not enroll you in HMI’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Training and does not lead to a Diploma in Hypnotherapy.