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AXIOM - MP3 Download from Leigh Spusta


Introducing the first in the new AudioSpire™ series of compositions – “AXIOM – Restoring Balance through Transcendent Sound”. The AudioSpire recordings are intended to bring the listener the most highly effective sonic tools to stimulate change, awareness, and harmony, and this new release certainly meets that intention.

How many times in life do we find that we are feeling out of sorts, disconnected, fatigued, or just need a break to hit the reset button? Sometimes, when we feel this way it is hard to come up with how to restore our sense of balance, or perhaps we find it difficult to set aside the time. “AXIOM” is our answer to this common experience, a collection of tracks that can be used individually or in sequence to dynamically affect a positive change, a restoration of feeling connected, clear, and balanced – all you need to do is find a quiet spot and press play.

Track 1 – “Scan and Clear” – This 20 minute track has been designed to gently bring you into a relaxing state of being, allowing you to breathe deeply and notice any areas of tension in your physical body, emotions, or mind. By just noticing what comes up, this recording enables a flow of becoming aware, breathing through, and releasing the tension, allowing for a return to balance. Definitely a go to track for resolving and releasing stress.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Scan and Clear

Track 2 – “Deep Serenity” – This 20 minute track brings you into a blissful pattern of sonic peacefulness, a space where you can simply drift into a deep comfort that engages your natural rejuvenating faculties. Use this track when you can use a two-hour nap but only have 20 minutes, optimum restfulness.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Deep Serenity

Track 3 – “Casus Mystici” – This last track is an invitation to explore expanded awareness and jumpstart your imagination, allowing for journeys into realms beyond the reach of our normal waking consciousness. Casus Mystici is Latin for Mystical Adventure, so be sure to bring along your intention for insight, discovery, and spirituality. Just let the sonic landscape paint a pathway for your inner world to open into new and spontaneous directions.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Casus Mystici

The AudioSpire™ recordings are produced using the latest approaches in hypnotic composition, brainwave entrainment, and psycho-acoustic techniques and is affiliated with PsimatiXª, both created by Leigh Spusta – “Exploring Innovation in Sound Healing and Audio Entrainment”.

AXIOM – $19.95