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Relationship Strategies – The E&P Attraction

George Kappas
Relationship Strategies - John G. Kappas, Ph.D.

Dear Friend,

I am happy to be able to provide you this Relationship Strategies Seminar for no charge through streaming video. This Relationship Strategies seminar is a glimpse into the Professional Hypnotherapy Training offered at HMI.

I hope that you enjoy it. I hope that you learn something new and that this seminar inspires you enough to purchase the book titled…

George J. Kappas, MA, LMFT
Director, Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Relationship Strategies – The E&P Attraction
Streaming Video Part 1 of 2

Having a successful relationship is the most important and yet the most difficult aspect of our lives. How much of our behavior in relationships has been programmed from childhood? What role does the subconscious mind play in who we choose in relationships and why? Learn the answer to these questions as well as how to return to the honeymoon stage.

Relationship Strategies – The E&P Attraction
Streaming Video Part 2 of 2

The E&P Relationship Test

The E&P Relationship Test will help you identify and understand your behavior and patterns in romantic relationships as well as those of your romantic partner(s). This test is quick, easy, FREE, and can be completed from your computer, smartphone, or iPad.

The E&P Relationship Test