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Being Your Authentic Self - MP3 Download from Leigh Spusta

Being Your Authentic Self

Would you like to restore a sense of purposeful living? Step out of the shadows and be the greatest expression of yourself. Release the chronic tension and stress that bogs you down, desensitize your reactions to past events that keep you from moving forward. Break the chains that have been holding you back from being the person you are meant to be, let your true self shine!

This program guides you into a state of deep relaxation and hyper-suggestibility, creating a space of calm comfort and receptivity for positive changes to occur at a core level, in the subconscious mind. By crafting this program to utilize several hypnotic techniques and entrancing music, we dramatically increase the effectiveness of the program. While listening, you are guided through a process of systematically releasing stress in the body, and relaxing the mind, paving the way for you to experience the nature of your authentic self. You are further guided through a process of desensitizing past hurts and limiting beliefs that hold you back in life. Then, we begin to create an anchor to call up and lock in the feeling and state of being your authentic self, empowered and flowing, feeling good, alive. The last stage of the program is setting up the framework for pleasant and productive dreams where our mind can begin to adjust to the positive changes, by venting out old beliefs, and by experiencing different aspects of living authentically, then giving the space to drifting off into dreamy sleep.

By listening regularly, we are allowing the process to unfold, establishing new habits of experience that become integrated into our daily living. From this empowered status, we begin to make choices and attract experiences that allow us to enjoy life more deeply and attain our goals and ambitions, we become on purpose.

What will you do when you feel increased confidence and motivation, when you feel calm, at peace, focused on living the life you want? What will life be like once you break free and be your authentic self? I invite you to find out by acquiring this powerful tool, can you afford not to have this?

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Being Your Authentic Self

Being Your Authentic Self – $19.95