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Deep Delta - MP3 Download from Leigh Spusta

Deep Delta

This deeply immersive track has been developed by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Expert Leigh Spusta to assist in promoting delta waves in the brain. By increasing this brainwave activity, the listener moves into the ideal position to experience this deeply relaxing state and experience a myriad of positive benefits.

  • Release of Anti-Aging Hormones
  • Extreme Bliss
  • Advanced Healing of Body and Mind
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Release
  • Deepest Possible Level of Mind/Body Relaxation
  • Connection with Unconscious Mind
  • Boosted Immune System

This is one of our most potent and blissful recordings to date, a wonderful 40-minute journey that has you feeling like your floating on clouds, moving deeper and deeper into serenity and complete relaxation.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Deep Delta

Deep Delta – $19.95