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Merlin's Gift Imagery Program - MP3 Download from Leigh Spusta

Merlin's Gift Imagery Program

Become initiated by Merlin and experience heightened awareness and increased psychic ability through guided imagery, hypnosis, and powerful soundscapes.

Prepare yourself to embark on a new journey in your life, opening up to heightened awareness, greater intuition, and the development of your psychic abilities. Brought to you by internationally recognized brainwave entrainment audio expert Leigh Spusta, you will be guided into having a personal meeting with Merlin the wizard. He will guide you through an initiation and conversations to assist you in awakening your inner power and intuitive awareness.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Merlin's Gift Imagery Program by Leigh Spusta

This powerful 26 minute program can be used when you seek insight, but is most potent when used regularly, developing your psychic intuition steadily over time. Each time you meet with Merlin he will have new insights for you to lead you further on your path of discovery and increased psychic awareness.

This 26 minute recording will bring you into an altered state of expanded consciousness, so you are advised to not listen while driving. This recording has been produced utilizing the proprietary PsimatiXª audio entrainment methods to create powerful results.

After purchase you'll be presented with download links for the MP3 files. You'll have access to these links for 30 days.

Merlin's Gift Imagery Program – $19.95