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Solar Infusion - MP3 Download from Leigh Spusta

Solar Infusion

Imagine relaxing in the morning sun, the light shimmers with warmth, caressing your skin with life-affirming energy, bathing you in exhilarating vibrations of health, harmony, and vitality.

Solar Infusion is a 40-minute psycho-acoustic composition specially designed to foster the experience of moving into coherence with the essence of life-force energy, allowing you to relax deeply and attune to the highest expression of your being.

Solar Infusion works by inducing an alpha rhythm of 8 cycles per second, by an encoded isochronic beat, to entrain the brain into low alpha waves, in the range of the Schumann Resonance, the Earth's primary resonance.

The deep relaxation is triggered by the use of vibro-acoustic tones and flowing textures in the sound. The psycho-acoustic approach to the arrangement and harmonic spectrum of this track promote a sense of the vibrant light of the sun.

Target Brainwaves: Alpha 8 Hz and a subdominance of Theta 4Hz - This track offers a combined approach to accomplish guiding the listener into the desired brainwave state and eliciting the experience of light and illumination.

Psycho-Acoustic and Hypnotic Composition: Selection of musical tensions, timbre, harmonic spectrum, and tones promoting the relaxation response and the alpha state. Specific attention was paid to the use of sound textures that influence the listener in both visceral and psycho-emotional experience in accord with referencing the sun's energy.

Isochronic Entrainment: The entire recording has been encoded in with an isochronic modulation rhythm of 8 Hz to target alpha, within the range of the Schumann Resonance, to foster a sense of being at ease and rest, in harmony with the world around us. This modulation is beneath the threshold of perception but received by the brain as a stimulus to entrain to.

Vibro-Acoustic Drones: We've also employed the use of low frequency droning tones in order to promote a sustained sense of comfort, releasing stress from the mind and body, allowing for a deepening of relaxation and experience.

Additionally, due to the compositional method, there are naturally occurring monaural and binaural beats within this recording that further enhance the effectiveness of the recording. This track can be listened to with or without headphones for equivalent impact.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of Solar Infusion - The Journey of Illumination

Solar Infusion – $19.95