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The Secret MindScript - MP3 Download from Leigh Spusta

The Secret MindScript

Amplify the power of your mind - for more success, happiness, and prosperity!

You have seen it on Oprah, you've heard Michael Beckwith talk about it, you've watched Jack Canfield describe its' power. In other words, you already know The Secret, but knowing isn't enough to bring the positive changes you desire! This is the actual secret beyond The Secret!

They have told you that the Law of Attraction is there for you to manifest all the prosperity you want, and it is, however, You have to Change your Mind to Change your Life! This is not easy to do on your own, and you probably cannot afford to hire Jack Canfield as your mind coach to actually make the changes.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of The Secret MindScript

When we have a conscious thought, it's strength is approximately one tenth of the total power of our mind's ability to change our reality. The subconscious mind is 90% of our mind's power. It is within the subconscious that our thinking habits and conditioned behavior reside. We must change the 90% in order to change our life.

Now, the Secret Mind Script is here! This 20 minute MP3 recording is actually designed to help you to truly change your mind, to bring it into attunement with your desires and the Law of Attraction.

We have pulled out all the stops and have combined the power of guided imagery, trance inducing audio, and hypnotic suggestion in order to override and rewrite your mind script to produce awesome results.

This MP3 recording has been professionally produced using the best methods and techniques that are known to be very safe and effective. Begin today to change your life, for real this time! Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

The Secret MindScript – $19.95