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The Sonic Keys of Pythagoras - MP3 SoundScapes from Leigh Spusta

The Sonic Keys of Phytagoras

Experience the expansion of consciousness into new realms of mystery. An immersive journey through mystical sounds, arranged according to the Keys of Pythagoras.

Experience the expansion of your consciousness into new realms of imagery, insight, awareness, and greater connection to the Universe. As you sit back and take in the mind-enhancing and calming soundscape, your mind begins to shift, responding in interesting new ways to the changing musical landscape. Your body awareness begins to disappear into the distant background as your journey deepens, progressing further and further into a heightened state of awareness, where you can begin to explore the meaning of things, understand the connections and events in life, or tap into the unfolding and expanding realm of intuitive and psychic awareness.

This is one of Leigh's most powerful soundscapes for moving consciousness out of the confines of normal, everyday awareness, and it makes a perfect tool for hypnosis, meditation, shamanism, magic, spirituality and self-discovery.

Listen to a 1 Minute Sample of The Sonic Keys of Pythagoras

Each note in this soundscape has been tuned to the frequency and interval ratios provided by the Greek philosopher/healer Pythagoras, so that each sound resonates in alignment and harmony with the natural laws of the universe and all creation. This serves to promote healing, wholeness, and harmony, and also an atonement of consciousness to the perfect order of the Universe.

In combination with the special brainwave entrainment methods of the PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology, this is a very potent and special 40 minute SoundScape.

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The Sonic Keys of Pythagoras – $19.95