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Advanced Imagery - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Cheryl O'Neil, CCHt

Cheryl O'Neil

Be more! Go beyond it! Power up your practice and your life!

This workshop increases your facility with Spoken FreeStyle Imagery, and gives you breakthrough processes for “hit-a-wall” client issues – the stuck places, conflicts, and those big block obstacles. You will know what to do as you help clients move forward more easily and allow for positive changes.

With this Advanced Guide Book Chapter, there are more journeys to help build the client up from within, which create more inner strength, self-love, and resilience for meeting life’s demands. Relationship issues are handled with expertise by using the E&P Way of Being Reconcilable Differences Journeys.

Plus, get ready for next level progress with that all important imagery resource, The Wise One. And, meet another beneficial super supporter, a Can-Do Motivator, the Coach Within.

Again, there are demonstrations and practice throughout the course to help you gain more control of developing your Facilitator skills. This Advanced Chapter includes over 20 journeys and processes, complete with how-to explanation. All journeys are written in both E&P languages.

Prerequisite: You must have already taken the Therapeutic Imagery Certification.

In this Advanced Imagery Course you will receive:

  • Over 3½ hours of streaming video instruction
  • 114-Page Advanced Imagery workbook (PDF)
  • 365 days of unlimited access
  • AHA Advanced Imagery Certificate
  • Total 4 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Advanced Imagery Course content includes the following and more:

  • Come to Know About it Obstacle Discovery
  • How do You Want to Feel Instead Discovery
  • Point of View Discovery – Three Ways
    • Two Paths Walk and Talk Journey
    • Meet Up Journey
    • Vertical Lift Journey
  • E&P Relationship Imagery
    • Recall A Time Journey
    • Through The Eyes of the One You Love Journey
    • Higher Nature into Future Pace Journey
    • Secrets of Successful Relationship
  • Excellent Self Journey
  • Through the Eyes of the Wise Journey
  • Restoring the Heart Journey - Imagery help for trauma, PTSD, and more
  • The Wise and The Child Within Journey
  • Physical Within and Emotional Within Journeys
  • Workshop Applications
  • Discover about the Obstacle - Partners Practice
  • Point of View Journey - Partners Practice
  • Demonstrations and Instruction
  • Group Experience

Prerequisite: You must have already taken the Therapeutic Imagery Certification.

Advanced Imagery – $159.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Advanced Imagery
2023-04-12 at 09:15 Pacific Time

I love all of my Imagery classes with Cheryl, she is fantastic!
M.G. from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, US

Advanced Imagery
2023-04-08 at 20:22 Pacific Time

I love this class. It just keeps getting better.
L.M. from Queens Village, New York, US

Advanced Imagery
2023-03-30 at 09:05 Pacific Time

Thank you for the bigger keys Cheryl! This course is amazing!
H.A. from Altoona, Pennsylvania, US

Advanced Imagery
2023-03-27 at 17:00 Pacific Time

Again, the content and information is invaluable to the Facilitator and client.
S.T. from College Park, Georgia, US

Advanced Imagery
2023-02-17 at 20:33 Pacific Time

The Journeys are so minimal and so powerful. I will incorporate what I've learned here. Thank you.
E.C. from Alhambra, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2023-02-12 at 15:34 Pacific Time

I love this next step after the primary facilitator certification.
J.C. from Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-10-23 at 21:02 Pacific Time

Brilliant as always. Thorough, insightful, impactful, and enjoyable.
V.L. from Flushing, New York, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-09-07 at 20:37 Pacific Time

These journeys are so helpful.
T.M. from Buffalo, New York, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-08-14 at 15:16 Pacific Time

Great class. Loved the lessons and the imagery. Thank you.
C.C. from Lakewood, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-08-08 at 14:18 Pacific Time

Great class and a great teacher!
P.J. from Santa Clarita, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-08-07 at 15:47 Pacific Time

Thank you HMI and Cheryl O'Neil for this ongoing series of Imagery. The usefulness of this course is so vast and amazing.
R.P. from Tacoma, Washington, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-08-05 at 09:56 Pacific Time

Once again, a fabulous course by Cheryl. So many invaluable tools and scripts. I can't wait to use them.
M.O. from San Diego, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-07-31 at 19:20 Pacific Time

Very informative course about imagery.
R.T. from Los Angeles, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-07-27 at 10:14 Pacific Time

This course opens up more ways to help clients develop perspective, appreciate nuances in their options for choices in their way through life, help increase compassion for themselves and others. Conceptualizing in a symbolic way can reveal the essentials of how to be true to oneself, shining a beacon on an individual's personality, help them reintegrate themselves, and discover the choices just right for them.
S.B. from Jericho, Vermont, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-07-19 at 05:41 Pacific Time

Love Cheryl and her guided images.
J.S. from New Providence, Pennsylvania, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-07-12 at 18:04 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this course.
S.M. from Calabasas, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-06-05 at 20:14 Pacific Time

Really enjoyed the course and the demonstrations. Thank you.
P.R. from Pelham, Alabama, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-04-26 at 02:42 Pacific Time

The best of the best ! Love it! Thank you.
C.A. from Hialeah, Florida, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-04-25 at 22:38 Pacific Time

Each Imagery course has so many tools to help and understand our clients. The scripts go so smoothly making it easy to learn a flow.
V.L. from Pasadena, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-04-07 at 12:32 Pacific Time

Amazing course! Very insightful.
H.E. from Twin Falls, Idaho, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-03-28 at 10:18 Pacific Time

Great certification course of Advanced Imagery by Cheryl's wisdom helps build the client up from within, which creates more inner strength, self-love, and resilience for meeting life’s demands.
V.D. from Rocklin, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-03-26 at 05:50 Pacific Time

Thank you for this wonderful experience.
R.S. from Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Advanced Imagery
2022-03-22 at 11:03 Pacific Time

Learning, growing, practicing and implementing these new tools and techniques will make me a more efficient and effective facilitator. Thank you!
S.W. from Neptune, New Jersey, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-03-18 at 18:48 Pacific Time

That last journey was absolutely amazing!
A.B. from Moreno Valley, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-02-17 at 19:50 Pacific Time

I always learn so much with Cheryl, and I especially love how she always relates everything to E&P.
J.U. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-02-10 at 11:54 Pacific Time

I am much more appreciative of Imagery in therapy, with completing this section; things are becoming even clearer than before. Thank you Cheryl!
J.N. from North Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Advanced Imagery
2022-01-23 at 17:21 Pacific Time

Wonderful class. I am thankful for the workbook created and look forward to using with my clients.
T.H. from Greenville, Florida, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-12-22 at 02:56 Pacific Time

I just continue to appreciate all the important aspects of imagery work. Cheryl's insights are invaluable, thank you for the opportunity to learn from from a teacher so well versed.
L.M. from Commack, New York, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-12-05 at 20:42 Pacific Time

Cheryl has created such a gift with this program and all of the journeys. I am very excited to explore these journeys with my clients.
V.B. from Quakertown, Pennsylvania, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-11-21 at 08:04 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed it to better understand how to help my clients better understand themselves.
C.S. from North Vancouver, CA

Advanced Imagery
2021-11-03 at 11:59 Pacific Time

Cheryl, I love, love imagery! Thank you so much for all of this!
S.D. from New Market, Maryland, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-10-10 at 15:58 Pacific Time

Cheryl doesn't miss a beat when it comes to imagery. You can see and feel the passion she has for the subject, and that passion is contagious.
D.L. from Lafayette, Louisiana, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-10-10 at 14:27 Pacific Time

This was an excellent course and a wonderful addition to the first facilitator’s course. Imagery is definitely the first tool in my bag.
B.C. from Valdosta, Georgia, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-09-30 at 14:08 Pacific Time

A lot of different ways of doing journeys and need to study further.
B.M. from Pauma Valley, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-09-06 at 10:34 Pacific Time

Thank you Cheryl for a fabulous training. I can't wait to try it out my my clients!
L.H. from San Pedro, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-08-17 at 17:44 Pacific Time

Thank you Cheryl. This course was incredible and I can't wait to use some of these journeys with my clients!
C.B. from Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-07-14 at 12:25 Pacific Time

I can't say enough good things about these courses, I've learned so much as a hypnotherapist/facilitator. I will definitely be incorporating all of this information in my private practice.
C.H. from Pasadena, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-06-12 at 01:58 Pacific Time

The Advanced Therapeutic Imagery lecture, video, questions and answers by Cheryl O'Neil gave me more understanding of the importance and the usefulness of Therapeutic Imagery. Now I would use all that I have learned to enrich my hypnotherapy practices.
I.A. from Saugerties, New York, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-06-01 at 20:33 Pacific Time

Really appreciate the opportunity to build on the imagery that we came to know initially and seeing how to work with clients that have more complex issues they want to work on. It is also great to have the journeys for working with clients who are more metaphysically minded.
T.C. from Denver, Colorado, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-04-29 at 09:54 Pacific Time

Another great imagery course, I would have loved to do this live via Zoom, but PPV was my only option right now, still an amazing experience though with lots of interesting information and useful content.
M.M. from Redford, Michigan, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-04-18 at 12:24 Pacific Time

I have found that some classes just seem to help bring things together. This was one of them! There are so many journeys in here that I just want to delve into deeper! I want to go deep! I see so many ways that these journeys can help clients. I am looking forward to more imagery! Thank you Cheryl O'Neil and HMI!
J.C. from Shokan, New York, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-04-18 at 11:17 Pacific Time

Once again these classes and the materials provided are amazing! Thank you.
K.W. from Porterville, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-04-13 at 13:00 Pacific Time

This workshop taught even more imagery journeys to help clients and gave deeper understanding of imagery.
M.S. from Austin, Texas, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-04-06 at 00:07 Pacific Time

Great class. Love the spoken sessions.
R.K. from Nashik, Maharashtra, IN

Advanced Imagery
2021-03-17 at 15:35 Pacific Time

Thank you very much for this advanced course that goes even deeper into the roots of any given problem at a subconscious level.
N.J. from Los Angeles, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-02-26 at 10:22 Pacific Time

Great, fun class! Thanks Cheryl!
C.N. from El Segundo, California, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-02-18 at 14:47 Pacific Time

This is amazing. Thank you so much for making it so easy to understand.
M.T. from Snohomish, Washington, US

Advanced Imagery
2021-01-24 at 07:32 Pacific Time

Excellent course, thank you!
J.K. from Sherman, Texas, US

Advanced Imagery
2020-12-08 at 09:15 Pacific Time

Fantastic chapter, love the way it's done.
V.Z. from Moscow, RU

Advanced Imagery
2020-11-26 at 18:53 Pacific Time

Got to learn about a lot of things. Definitely looking forward to next part of Imagery!
A.B. from Arlington, Texas, NP

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.