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Hypnosis and Childbirth - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Lisa Machenberg, CCHt

Lisa Machenberg

In this specialty certification course, Lisa R. Machenberg shares her 20 years of professional experience, and presents not only comprehensive step by step instruction, but also clinical examples of the techniques in action with real clients preparing for childbirth.

Now, we’re delivering this certification course directly to your home or office. No standing in line, no one hour lunch break, no spending 8 hours in a classroom each day. Plus you have access for 6 months to study and review at your convenience.

Become a Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Childbirth

Creating a stress free, fear free childbirth experience is without question a growing and lucrative area of hypnotherapy. There is no shortage of expectant parents looking for alternative methods to ease their fears and enhance the miracle of childbirth. Just one successful hypnosis and childbirth client can result in tens to hundreds of referrals to your private practice.

Hypnosis and childbirth, however, is also one of the most complex and difficult areas for a Hypnotherapist to work with. But knowledge is power, and this comprehensive Hypnosis and Childbirth Seminar presents the most up-to-date information, most important tools, most powerful techniques, and lays them all out in a step-by-step program so that you can become a confident expert at hypnosis and childbirth.

Never again will you shrink away or doubt your ability or expertise to help someone with Hypnosis and Childbirth. Proudly advertise your expertise as an AHA Certified Hypnosis and Childbirth Specialist. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clientele with referrals from happy new parents sharing their successful hypnosis and childbirth experiences with their friends and family.

This Comprehensive Hypnosis and Childbirth Seminar includes:

  • 2½ hours of streaming video instruction with Lisa Machenberg
  • 4 hours of streaming video of Lisa doing hypnotherapy sessions with 3 clients preparing for childbirth
  • 20-page Hypnosis and Childbirth workbook (PDF)
  • 180 days unlimited access (6 months)
  • Whole and partial body anesthesia techniques
  • The “Hypno-Epidural” Technique
  • Methods and metaphors for different cultures
  • Making the birth partner a hypnotic birth coach
  • Mutual storytelling techniques
  • Delivery room deepening methods
  • 6 hypnosis and childbirth scripts
  • Session by session guide
  • AHA Certification in Hypnosis and Childbirth
  • Total 7 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Also includes 4 hours of streaming video with 3 actual childbirth clients:

  • Hour 1: First Session with Berger (7 months pregnant). Lisa teaches her some of the skills to prepare for very comfortable labor and childbirth and reinforces these in hypnosis, including the "hypno-epidural" hypnoanesthesia.
  • Hour 2: First Session with Doobie (8 months pregnant). Lisa teaches her some of the skills to prepare for very comfortable labor and childbirth and reinforces these in hypnosis, including the "hypno-epidural" hypnoanesthesia.
  • Hour 3: Second Session with Doobie. Lisa gauges the client feedback and determines how to proceed further with the conditioning and reinforcement of skills and attitudes for very comfortable labor and childbirth.
  • Hour 4: First Session with married couple Rachel and Mordachai. Lisa not only begins teaching Rachel the skills to prepare for comfortable labor and introduces the "hypno-epidural", but also teaches Mordachai how to assist Rachel in staying focused and in creating the hypnotic state and triggering the hypnoanesthesia.

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Real Time Student Comments

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2024-02-02 at 16:23 Pacific Time

Loved this class so much. I can't wait to begin using this with my expecting clients.
K.S. from McCammon, Idaho, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2024-01-31 at 22:05 Pacific Time

I first took this class in 2011 as a hypnotist to widen my hypnosis knowledge. I have taken it again as a refresher course as people are now more open to having hypnosis for comfortable labor and childbirth and I see a growing demand for this. I feel this class explains and shows comfortable labor and childbirth so clearly. It covers all the stages of labor and even includes the partner to guide the mother through the birth process. Lisa is a great teacher and I enjoy all her classes as she explains everything clearly and simply. Thank you.
S.C. from Singapore, SG

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2024-01-16 at 14:34 Pacific Time

This class was amazing and informative!
A.J. from Puyallup, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-12-27 at 06:07 Pacific Time

Wonderfully thorough, love this work. Looking forward to using these techniques.
L.S. from Stillwater, New York, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-10-27 at 11:12 Pacific Time

Interesting questions for the course content.
R.A. from Park Hill, Oklahoma, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-08-26 at 17:05 Pacific Time

I am 8 months pregnant and will for sure be practicing for myself and excited to help other expecting Moms!
M.M. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-08-22 at 16:52 Pacific Time

Great class, very informative.
M.C. from L Compton, Rhode Island, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-08-11 at 18:41 Pacific Time

Love Lisa’s classes! So intriguing!
K.W. from Shreveport, Louisiana, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-07-30 at 10:45 Pacific Time

I found this class to be beautiful. I found Lisa to be incredibly nurturing and comforting to these women at this most vulnerable time in their lives and the last session with the husband and wife was heartwarming.
R.J. from Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-07-20 at 10:15 Pacific Time

Good course, thank you so much.
B.R. from Tarzana, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-07-07 at 10:11 Pacific Time

It was lovely. I used a hypnobirthing course 6+ years ago in preparation of the birth of my daughter. When she was 2, I decided to study hypnotherapy. Now, it is a beautiful circle that I have come to be certified in hypnobirthing as well. I loved the course, the simplicity, the clarity of the 5 sessions. I'm excited to be able to offer this amazing experience to my clients. Thank you.
A.H. from Greenville, Indiana, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-07-04 at 11:06 Pacific Time

Such great information and insight to support pregnancy and the birthing experience.
D.H. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-06-04 at 23:24 Pacific Time

Thank you, loved it! Great tips and sound advice!
A.L. from Los Angeles, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-05-25 at 11:33 Pacific Time

Awesome! Thank you again Lisa for the excellent training.
D.J. from US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-05-05 at 12:55 Pacific Time

Excellent class! Lisa's clear plan, scripts, and demonstrations with multiple clients makes this a great model to follow. Thank you!
C.H. from Naples, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-04-10 at 21:46 Pacific Time

Thank you for this great course! I’m looking forward to using the information and techniques with clients.
P.C. from Lethbridge, Alberta, CA

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-04-08 at 11:30 Pacific Time

This was such an amazing course! Definitely one of my favorite AHA courses. Thank you.
B.K. from Prescott Valley, Arizona, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-03-08 at 14:36 Pacific Time

This course was really amazing and I hope to make it a big part of my practice.
K.S. from Rochester, Minnesota, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2023-02-21 at 10:35 Pacific Time

This was wonderful information; how I wish I had had these tools for the births of my own children!
B.W. from Westfield, Indiana, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-11-27 at 09:59 Pacific Time

I love the methods taught in this course. My clients will benefit greatly.
L.C. from Salisbury, Maryland, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-11-13 at 18:45 Pacific Time

Love this class. I think this was one of the best classes.
L.M. from Queens Village, New York, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-09-27 at 08:10 Pacific Time

Thank you very much for this wonderful, helpful, and insightful course on Hypnosis and Childbirth!
J.R. from Nashua, New Hampshire, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-09-12 at 12:59 Pacific Time

Great class! I'm eager to try this out with my clients.
L.F. from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-07-12 at 11:31 Pacific Time

Looking forward to using these new tools!
A.M. from Tomball, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-07-04 at 20:00 Pacific Time

Very informative course, and helpful to see a variety of clients in different stages of their pregnancies, similar to what Lisa covers in the videos.
J.H. from El Sobrante, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-06-21 at 10:19 Pacific Time

Great class! I feel so much more confident that I can better help clients to have a joyous, confident birthing experience.
L.P. from Berryville, Virginia, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-06-08 at 17:52 Pacific Time

What an awesome class! Very much looking forward to help women experience joyful labor and delivery. Thank you!
A.M. from Schertz, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-05-13 at 13:38 Pacific Time

I’m so excited for this new tool in my toolbox! Thank you so much Lisa!
S.W. from Neptune, New Jersey, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-04-04 at 13:56 Pacific Time

Great course, can't wait to put it into action.
M.S. from Corpus Christi, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-03-09 at 06:59 Pacific Time

Great course! have already been applying the information to working with clients and the MIDDLE and OFF method has inspired so many ideas for working with clients in all different aspects of hypnosis and life.
M.H. from Newfane, Vermont, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2022-02-24 at 21:49 Pacific Time

Incorporating the partner is a subtle but lovely reminder they're very much needed and apart of the process. I really enjoyed learning this course!
A.B. from Moreno Valley, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-12-22 at 15:42 Pacific Time

Loved learning about how to use hypnosis in childbirth. It was interesting to watch the clients get pinched out of hypnosis and then in hypnosis and immediately see how that worked.
M.B. from Livermore, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-12-20 at 20:05 Pacific Time

Wonderful course. I wish I had this when I was pregnant!
T.H. from Greenville, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-12-13 at 13:55 Pacific Time

I enjoy all of Lisa’s classes. She taught clearly and with some humor. This class was very helpful in helping a client who is pregnant. I feel more confident about helping this client after taking this class.
M.V. from Yucca Valley, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-12-05 at 10:53 Pacific Time

I thought it was awesome and it will definitely contribute to my practice!
N.Z. from Iron Mountain, Michigan, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-11-18 at 09:49 Pacific Time

I was thinking about Hypno Childbirth for a while. I live in a very family oriented suburb, lots of children and it's the Jewish vacation go to location of NY, nearly all of Brooklyn comes here for the entire summer every year for a good 100 years I've been told. I happen to have the luxury of working with many of the woman who are all either nursing or expecting unless they passed the child birthing years and if so they have many children to recommend to me! After watching these classes I'm positive this will be my #1 specialty. Thank you so much Lisa for all you share with us. I only hope I will be half the Hypnotherapist you are, wink!
M.V. from Swan Lake, New York, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-11-05 at 17:57 Pacific Time

I enjoy the way Lisa teaches and her enthusiasm about teaching the subject of child birth and hypnosis.
K.W. from Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-11-05 at 14:37 Pacific Time

Lisa is incredible, calm, directive, and animated. She gave instructions had great rapport with all of her clients keeping them as ease and comfortable. They all seemed like they were going to have a smooth joyous birth. I am looking forward to practicing my new insight to hypnobirthing.
V.L. from Pasadena, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-10-15 at 15:57 Pacific Time

This helped me tremendously with my first pregnant client.
S.M. from Show Low, Arizona, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-09-11 at 15:20 Pacific Time

Enjoyed this course, it is something I want to offer through my practice. Lisa presented everything very well.
S.B. from Grapevine, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-09-03 at 20:13 Pacific Time

I really loved learning about this and would've like to have heard how the client's birthing experience was with the hypnosis.
J.U. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-07-09 at 15:22 Pacific Time

I loved this course and my first client for this enjoys it as well. I would like to have learned more about a better breathing technique (instead of violently pushing, rather relaxing to loosen the muscles etc.).
L.W. from Rockaway, New Jersey, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-06-16 at 11:45 Pacific Time

It was an excellent training, enjoyed learning the techniques, the rationale behind them, the inclusion of the husband was fabulous and so much needed. I feel quite equipped to start incorporating this in my practice with pregnant US Veterans. Would tell others to take it.
V.G. from Orlando, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-05-30 at 19:40 Pacific Time

What an amazing seminar and workshop, I loved this.
S.D. from San Diego, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-04-21 at 21:17 Pacific Time

It was very informative, I have learned what I feel to be a well rounded process.
S.H. from Sydney, Nova Scotia, CA

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-04-16 at 04:03 Pacific Time

Very interesting indeed. So much information so I need to re-watch the video and review the workbook. It would have been nice if there were 5 session videos with the same client to see how it flows from session to session. What a great way to use hypnosis!
M.S. from Kita-ku, Tokyo, JP

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-04-10 at 20:03 Pacific Time

Beautiful class! Love the instructor, she is so passionate and confident and definitely inspires me to step into my own greatness.
S.F. from Hollister, California, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-04-09 at 17:53 Pacific Time

As always, Lisa makes her classes entertaining and informative. I even used the hypnoanesthesia on myself last night when I was feeling knee pain!
J.H. from Olive Branch, Mississippi, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-04-01 at 14:10 Pacific Time

I loved all the ideas and techniques Lisa used with clients, very helpful in the way it was presented.
D.G. from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, US

Hypnosis and Childbirth
2021-03-31 at 20:53 Pacific Time

I absolutely loved this class. I learned a lot watching Lisa in the sessions and have already been practicing with the scripts included.
L.M. from Centralia, Washington, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.