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Hypnosis and Seniors - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Lisa Machenberg, CCHt

Lisa Machenberg

This specialty certification course sold out and left disappointed Hypnotherapists standing at the door hoping for an open seat. Now, we're delivering this Certification Course directly to your home or office. No standing in line, no one hour lunch break, no spending 8 hours in a classroom each day. Plus you have access for 6 months to study and review at your convenience.

Become a Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Seniors

The fastest growing segment of the population is people 65 and older. This unique demographic has a unique set of issues in which hypnotherapy can improve the quality of life.

In this powerful seminar you will learn how to treat the most common presenting problem of seniors: adjusting to new circumstances including moving into senior housing, loss of youth and vitality, isolation from family and friends, anxiety about money, relationships, and decreasing independence.

In this Hypnosis and Seniors Seminar you will receive:

  • 3 hours of streaming video instruction on how to work with Seniors
  • 11 hours of streaming video of Lisa doing actual hypnotherapy sessions with two Seniors
  • 28-page Hypnosis and Seniors workbook (PDF)
  • 180 days unlimited access
  • Specific hypnotic suggestions for Hypnosis and Seniors that work
  • Key ingredients required for Hypnosis and Seniors
  • AHA Hypnosis and Seniors Certification
  • Total 14 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

You will also learn to:

  • Adjustment Issues
  • Active Listening/Reframing Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Re-Engaging in Daily Activities/Socialization
  • Pain Management
  • Recovery from Hospital Stay or Medical Events
  • Narrative Therapy: Finding your Client's Strength though His/Her Stories
  • End of Life Issues

The challenges of working with seniors will also be discussed. You will learn solutions to ensure your hypnosis can have maximum impact. There are even several ways to use the cognitive portion of your sessions as well as hypnosis to improve the quality of life for clients with mild to severe dementia.

Conversely, there is growing segment of people 70 and over who seem to grow older without age related problems. We will examine the common denominators of people who remain healthy and vibrant. As well as explore hypnosis scripts about growing older without aging.

Hypnosis and Seniors – $159.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-07-04 at 09:43 Pacific Time

This is great. I am grateful for this class.
J.M. from Phoenix, Arizona, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-05-12 at 11:37 Pacific Time

Loved this, thank you for the information provided.
A.A. from Grants Pass, Oregon, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-03-22 at 14:56 Pacific Time

Hypnosis and Seniors is a great course. I enjoyed every minute and learned things I didn't know. For example, I did not know that hypnotherapy can help people with Dementia. It was very helpful to have 12 sessions of Lisa working with clients. I would recommend this class to fellow hypnotherapists. The senior population is growing in numbers and seniors can definitely improve the quality of their lives with hypnotherapy.
D.G. from Culver City, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-03-16 at 06:57 Pacific Time

Loved watching Lisa in action. This was a delightful introduction to working with seniors.
A.L. from Tracy, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-03-04 at 07:20 Pacific Time

This was a very enlightening lesson about seniors that I hope to work on in private practice.
J.Y. from Los Angeles, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-02-27 at 13:59 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this course. I enjoy working with seniors and being certified will make me more confident. Lisa is a great instructor!
M.W. from Mission Viejo, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-02-23 at 09:56 Pacific Time

I found this course to be educational and enlightening. Lisa has a much different style than I have in the past but I will definitely be emulating her clear, concise verbiage. I noticed the clients valued her sincerity and I appreciate her non-judgemental, genuine approach. Thank you Lisa!
S.B. from Gardnerville, Nevada, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-02-01 at 20:14 Pacific Time

This was an enjoyable class.
A.G. from Foxboro, Massachusetts, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-01-14 at 12:43 Pacific Time

Wonderful information as always. I wish there was a followup on Richard's and Bernice's lives!
B.W. from Westfield, Indiana, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2023-01-04 at 15:38 Pacific Time

Great course! I really enjoyed it and it's given me a different outlook on working with seniors. Thank you!
B.K. from Prescott Valley, Arizona, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-12-01 at 19:03 Pacific Time

Very informative and helpful information.
K.K. from Poulsbo, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-10-11 at 12:21 Pacific Time

I got a lot out of this course and believe I can use it to help both seniors and non-seniors. It was interesting to watch the lecture and the 2 case series! Thanks Lisa.
M.B. from Beverly Hills, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-09-30 at 11:08 Pacific Time

Loved all of it. So very helpful and insightful for when I begin work with seniors.
M.C. from L Compton, Rhode Island, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-08-22 at 18:32 Pacific Time

Lots of information and the case series were very interesting. Lisa is just a phenomenal therapist, teacher, and person.
M.O. from San Diego, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-07-19 at 22:59 Pacific Time

Excellent lesson and case histories.
C.P. from Lompoc, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-07-02 at 22:24 Pacific Time

Just wonderful, full of research, life examples class, and so needed nowadays to understand how to help that generation. Thank you Lisa, you are one of a kind. Love listening to your lectures.
I.Z. from Santa Rosa, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-06-13 at 12:20 Pacific Time

As always, the instructor was EXCELLENT!
P.A. from Dedham, Massachusetts, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-05-22 at 20:46 Pacific Time

Another very informative class by Lisa.
M.V. from Yucca Valley, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-05-20 at 14:48 Pacific Time

Great class, I learned a lot about working with seniors.
M.F. from Greenville, South Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-05-19 at 16:59 Pacific Time

This course is invaluable. Lisa Machenberg as always, did a magnificent job of teaching, sharing, and caring. I see this as a large part of my practice.
L.W. from Beverly Hills, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-05-04 at 00:52 Pacific Time

This lesson imparted some very good information.
C.Z. from Papaaloa, Hawaii, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-04-03 at 21:59 Pacific Time

Great session with Lisa, I definitely want to work with seniors to help them make a fresh start in what’s most important to them. Thanks!
C.B. from Florence, Alabama, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-03-24 at 22:58 Pacific Time

Interesting class with some good tips that seem like common sense but I appreciate the review and special attention to issues particular to aging.
J.K. from San Diego, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-03-19 at 07:34 Pacific Time

I learned so much valuable information on how to help seniors live a productive and happy life. Thank you Lisa for teaching a step-by-step approach to growing older without aging.
A.S. from Jordan Station, Ontario, CA

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-02-19 at 19:06 Pacific Time

I loved this seminar with a very detailed overview in the initial lecture of how to help senior citizens with self-improvement to deal with their common problems I was charmed by both the clients stories and felt that Lisa really did well in showing them unconditional respect and caring, was able to build trust, so that both clearly bonded with her and made progress weekly. Great topic with wonderful examples in the case history series for both Richard and Bernice! I can see myself working with senior citizens in my future practice.
S.B. from Jericho, Vermont, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-02-04 at 14:50 Pacific Time

Amazing course by the incredible Lisa Machenberg. I currently work with seniors and I received so much from this course. There were so many of my questions answered and I learned a ton to propel my skills with working and connecting with seniors. Seniors can be challenging and they often have issues that can be difficult to talk about. I feel confident in my ability to communicate, respect, and assist seniors better in my current job and as a future hypnotherapist. Thank you Lisa.
M.B. from Idaho Springs, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-01-25 at 05:53 Pacific Time

Good information, liked the class, and the instructor did good.
W.K. from Shoshoni, Wyoming, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-01-24 at 19:38 Pacific Time

I love Seniors. I grew up in the family-owned retirement complex we owned and so these are clients I would love to work with. Lisa was amazing and gave a really well-structured course, with lots of ideas and special senior considerations!
C.M. from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-01-24 at 17:57 Pacific Time

Very great information, and I love that it can help seniors in so many different ways, there are senior goals, having plenty of things to do, still enjoying life, dating, and doing activities.
L.W. from Chicago, Illinois, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2022-01-10 at 21:58 Pacific Time

Lisa Machenberg is stellar in this certification. It focuses on senior clients but I also found a lot of wealth in her anecdotal conversations with the clients that are universal power points useful for all ages. Highly recommend this course.
K.G. from Seattle, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-12-22 at 11:26 Pacific Time

A very interesting and informative class. I presently work with seniors but still found lots of new tools to use in helping them to be happier and healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you Lisa.
T.R. from County of Grande Prairie, Alberta, CA

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-11-28 at 10:33 Pacific Time

Lisa is a great instructor and so full of knowledge. I have so many notes to go along with the workbook. Thanks!
R.W. from Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-09-30 at 06:27 Pacific Time

I very much enjoy watching Lisa work. She is so creative. Her workbook with this class is phenomenal and will be very helpful to me in my practice with seniors.
S.M. from Show Low, Arizona, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-09-28 at 04:42 Pacific Time

This is my first time taking a hypnotherapy course for seniors and the course is so great. Thank you.
W.A. from Sleman, Jakarta Raya, ID

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-08-20 at 10:45 Pacific Time

Another fantastic class! As I am drawn to end of life support and I have elderly parents, very relevant.
A.B. from Olean, New York, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-07-19 at 14:34 Pacific Time

I really need to focus more on this because it is my plan to make them my specialty.
G.B. from Manhattan Beach, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-05-31 at 14:48 Pacific Time

I found this seminar amazing. I love to be around the senior population and this provides me the opportunity to help them as well.
R.R. from Chickasha, Oklahoma, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-04-28 at 10:30 Pacific Time

Very informative course.
K.R. from Desert Hot Springs, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-04-24 at 11:21 Pacific Time

I very much enjoyed this training and the complexity of its elements. It allowed me to integrate the knowledge I had about the pre-session interview and using it in the same session for a shorter hypnosis afterwards. The skills of Lisa were impressive. I enjoyed watching her "in action" especially with client #1 when the work seemed to be more genuine. What a great way to learn! It was my first time ever online training that lasted so many hours (3+6+5 = ~14h of video material). Thank you.
A.M. from Gillingham, Kent, GB

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-04-05 at 08:00 Pacific Time

Lisa Machenberg's lecture on Hypnosis and Seniors was very educative. I did this course so that I could be able to work with the senior population in nursing homes.
I.A. from Saugerties, New York, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-03-31 at 13:38 Pacific Time

Very interesting course and treatment approaches.
K.D. from Blasdell, New York, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2021-02-24 at 20:01 Pacific Time

This course was really amazing! It opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart!
L.C. from Katy, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-12-01 at 22:01 Pacific Time

I learned a lot of wisdom in this class.
O.R. from Portland, Oregon, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-11-06 at 16:49 Pacific Time

Very informative and comprehensive course!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-08-26 at 20:33 Pacific Time

I like Lisa's style and while I already work with Seniors, I learned a lot of useful techniques from this class! Thank you Lisa and HMI!
L.B. from Calabasas, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-08-07 at 14:18 Pacific Time

The course gave great insight into the challenges of aging. Also, was very informative in revealing effective treatment plans for seniors!
J.H. from Sandown, New Hampshire, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-04-26 at 18:24 Pacific Time

Always a pleasure with Lisa. It actually reminded me to reach out to some older family members.
M.M. from Augusta, Georgia, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-03-16 at 16:24 Pacific Time

Great lesson Lisa! So much gold.
D.S. from Simi Valley, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-02-14 at 16:57 Pacific Time

Wonderful class on seniors and hypnosis.
J.B. from Sacramento, California, US

Hypnosis and Seniors
2020-02-12 at 13:30 Pacific Time

Wonderful case histories. These classes offer so much insight. Thank you.
L.D. from Pleasanton, California, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.