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Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Bruce Bonnett, CCHt

Bruce Bonnett

Did you know that over 8 million Americans have cancer and over a million new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed each year? Learn in detail how hypnotherapy can help these potential clients.

Your journey using hypnotherapy to help a client with cancer can involve multiple sessions and may cover a period of months or even years.

Included in this Certification Course

  • More than fifty hypnotic techniques, suggestions, and visualizations Bruce has successfully used with his clients with cancer. Many of these techniques can be adapted for use with non-cancer clients as well.
  • You will also learn how to prepare yourself for the ups and downs as your client deals with cancer, undergoes treatment, and faces the future.
  • Bruce will explain how hypnosis can improve a client’s quality of life, promote healing, boost the immune system, mitigate chemotherapy side effects, reduce pain, decrease stress, and improve optimism.
  • Live Phone Session: As part of this seminar, you will get to watch Bruce and listen in on a 30-minute live phone session with one of Bruce’s clients who has a rare type of cancer called Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia (WM).

In this seminar you will receive:

  • 4 hours of streaming video instruction with Bruce Bonnett
  • 180 days unlimited access
  • 3 hours of Case History videos of Bruce working with one cancer client for 3 sessions
  • 90-page Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer workbook (PDF)
  • Cancer and Hypnosis Research Articles – 34 pages, 28 studies (PDF)
  • AHA Certification in Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
  • Total 10 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer – $159.00

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Real Time Student Comments

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-11-18 at 17:09 Pacific Time

Mr. Bonnett is an amazing instructor in his own right. He is knowledgeable and forthcoming with utilizing creativity to assist caner clients with coping, managing, and stabilizing the clients current health situation.
L.A. from Santa Monica, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-10-21 at 15:59 Pacific Time

The true value of Bruce's classes is found in the wealth of information he supplies in the included written materials. In this class for instance, the material is more professional and content rich than I normally find in any traditional psycho-oncology CE classes; which seldom include more than a small shot of a PowerPoint slide with some lines next to it for notes. Thanks Bruce.
W.C. from Cedar Hill, Texas, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-10-18 at 13:18 Pacific Time

This was a great class. Bruce always has so much amazing information and scripts to help us out.
C.H. from Maricopa, Arizona, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-10-15 at 22:23 Pacific Time

Great course. Very different style from my own, looking forward to trying it out!
Z.N. from San Diego, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-09-08 at 14:40 Pacific Time

Thanks to Bruce for all the information, great suggestions, scripts, knowledge and stories. Very helpful course.
L.M. from Centralia, Washington, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-08-12 at 22:49 Pacific Time

This training was amazing! From start to finish, the instructor demonstrated a remarkable command of the subject matter, breaking down complex concepts into digestible segments that were easy to grasp. The training materials provided were comprehensive and well organized, serving as valuable resources for future reference. I learned so much important things from this class. Thank you Bruce!
A.P. from Miles City, Montana, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-07-30 at 19:47 Pacific Time

This is exactly the kind of course that I need at this moment. Thank you very much.
B.L. from Paranaque, Metro Manila, PH

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-06-30 at 15:53 Pacific Time

Love this, wish we had more scripts!
A.A. from Grants Pass, Oregon, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-04-17 at 20:11 Pacific Time

I am so grateful that I took this course! I am beginning my sessions with a cancer patient this week and I feel well prepared with ideas, scripts and through watching Bruce work with his client. It was amazing to see what he was able to do to help both the client on the phone and the one we were able to watch on video. Just listening to their voices, you could tell the difference he had made in their lives. The research on cancer is lacking, but what there is is astounding to me! And... there are no negative side effects. Now if we could just get our foot in the doors of our local cancer treatment centers, maybe we can change things for the better for cancer patients everywhere. I love Bruce's question at the very end of the workbook. Thank you Bruce!
M.A. from Kings Beach, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-04-04 at 15:05 Pacific Time

I enjoyed Mr. Bonnett’s class. It has an enormous amount of research and interesting notes. Thank you for all the information and the good sense of humor.
M.D. from Cutler Bay, Florida, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-02-25 at 18:56 Pacific Time

Great class! I love being able to witness Bruce's unique induction styles and his expertise with metaphors and stories.
C.B. from Carlsbad, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-02-19 at 21:03 Pacific Time

Bruce did an amazing job presenting this course with lots of humor and the workbook is filled with tons of studies, research, suggestions, resources, etc. Thank you for making such a serious topic to learn about easy and lighthearted!
K.T. from Hemet, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-02-07 at 14:42 Pacific Time

I hope to help as many cancer patients as possible. This is my passion.
T.M. from Paron, Arkansas, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-02-04 at 18:36 Pacific Time

This helped me prepare for cancer clients. Thank you.
T.M. from Norwalk, Iowa, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-02-01 at 05:58 Pacific Time

Another excellent class from Bruce.
C.M. from Springville, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-01-26 at 15:26 Pacific Time

This is an excellent course. I learned a lot and feel confident in my approach to helping people with cancer.
M.D. from Flagstaff, Arizona, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2023-01-05 at 21:56 Pacific Time

Just got a client with lymphoma. This class was very helpful for me to provide a quality service for this case.
M.Y. from Kawaguchi, Saitam, JP

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-11-15 at 20:01 Pacific Time

I'm very happy to finally have time to finish the Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer course taught by Bruce Bennett. Bruce uses stories and examples to great effect, making the information easy to digest and memorable. Thanks, Bruce!!! Next the real fun begins. I have a client with cancer that I did about a year's worth of sessions with a couple years ago. She has lived longer than expected and was very stable. Now her cancer is more active and she's back on chemo that gives her more side effects. I'll be very happy to offer her some new approaches to help her be more comfortable again and hopefully get that immune system of hers in better alignment again. I also have another potential client who has been waiting for me to get certified in this course. Now I can serve her too. Thanks again Bruce! My clients will thank you.
J.A. from Gainesville, Florida, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-10-22 at 09:30 Pacific Time

I enjoyed the program. Looking forward to continue learning.
M.R. from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, PR

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-09-14 at 15:53 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this course, and loved Bruce's clever ways of using humor during the hypnosis sessions. I also liked that Bruce's sessions for cancer patients are NOT formatted or scripted exactly the same for everyone but uniquely individualized and fun.
H.S. from New York, New York, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-09-14 at 10:13 Pacific Time

I found all the funny stories and funny coloring books to be great tools to use with clients. Great classes!
A.P. from Russellville, Alabama, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-09-06 at 15:23 Pacific Time

I found this very informative and helpful.
H.E. from Murrieta, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-06-30 at 08:56 Pacific Time

Always love Bruce's courses. The metaphors, the children's books, and funny stories are great to watch and learn from.
P.S. from Rockville, Maryland, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-04-30 at 17:54 Pacific Time

Thank you for this amazing course and all the research you did. It was a very interesting approach to treating cancer stories, and humor. I went through cancer treatment and intuitively felt that I have to use a positive approach stop communicating with negative people, did positive affirmations, and visualize how amazing will be cancer-free. Wish I would know then about hypnosis. And I can see how that can be effectively helpful for clients with cancer.
A.Z. from Monroe, New York, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-04-14 at 16:10 Pacific Time

Good course and Bruce's storytelling is fantastic for the hypnosis used for cancer.
J.F. from Winston Salem, North Carolina, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-04-10 at 15:58 Pacific Time

This class is one of the best that I have taken at HMI. So much great information, scripts, and stories were shared. It will be very helpful in my practice.
E.B. from Frisco, Colorado, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-03-31 at 19:27 Pacific Time

Absolutely priceless information. Presented in a profound, humor filled, and easy to understand.
V.L. from Flushing, New York, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-03-23 at 11:16 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed the humor used along with the story telling. I'm going to use the balls as a induction. Overall it's been a very good lecture.
G.B. from Manhattan Beach, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-03-17 at 15:31 Pacific Time

Great overall class. I really liked that the instructor cites research to back up that hypnosis can be very helpful for people who have cancer.
G.H. from Portland, Oregon, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-03-12 at 16:47 Pacific Time

This class was amazing and filled with a plethora of resources.
A.B. from Moreno Valley, California, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-03-05 at 16:01 Pacific Time

Great job! Wow! To watch this woman trust Bruce the way she does is awesome. She went in and magic was created, she smiled.
S.W. from Neptune, New Jersey, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-02-28 at 10:52 Pacific Time

I appreciate Bruce's style of teaching. I look forward to learning more of his scripts.
J.N. from North Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-02-15 at 15:58 Pacific Time

I love Bruce's classes. He has such a unique approach to the way he helps his clients with the story telling, children's books and laughter. He provides his students with mounds of resources to utilize with their own clients. Awesome class! Highly recommend. It will give you a better perspective of how to work with cancer clients and remove most of the fear you may have.
J.S. from Dexter, New York, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-02-13 at 02:05 Pacific Time

Bruce put together an amazing program and it will be very helpful with my cancer clients.
D.K. from Shoshoni, Wyoming, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2022-01-10 at 08:46 Pacific Time

By far the very best class I've had the privilege of attending at HMI. Thank you so much Bruce!
D.J. from US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2021-12-08 at 19:07 Pacific Time

He is excellent at using overload of message units.
H.F. from Boca Raton, Florida, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2021-11-10 at 13:37 Pacific Time

Great course. My hope is to help many clients on their cancer journey with the use of hypnosis!
L.F. from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2021-10-18 at 11:03 Pacific Time

Bruce, thank you for yet another well-researched and comprehensive AHA presentation which has provided many additional hours worth of valuable resources and research to back them up. I’m highly motivated to get started accessing, reviewing and studying the many topics you briefly covered. The value you have provided is way above and beyond the already positive expectations I had after attending your outstanding hypnosis scripts presentation. I would have gladly paid multiple times the cost of this treasure-packed certification program to receive the caliber of information you clearly spent an enormous time amassing. Your complied materials, humility, humor and generosity are all on display, and through the ripple effect, will continue to positively impact the lives of all cancer clients/patients your students encounter. Sent with sincere gratitude and appreciation.
S.K. from Pinehurst, North Carolina, US

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2021-10-13 at 11:39 Pacific Time

Very informative and comprehensive course!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
2021-10-07 at 23:38 Pacific Time

This class really confirmed a lot of what I already intuitively knew. I was able to transfer a lot from the immune disorders case to this. So happy to have taken it.
A.V. from Los Angeles, California, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.