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Hypnosis and Sports - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Chris Geier

Chris Geier

Hypnosis and sports performance is one of the fastest growing markets in Hypnotherapy. Every little leaguer, golfer, ballerina or soccer kid can be a potential client for the Sports Hypnosis Specialist. Thousands of adults in Southern California are involved in recreational and professional sports. Sports Hypnosis is one of the easiest, most rewarding, and goal oriented short term therapies that you can do.

Becoming Certified in Hypnosis for Sports Performance is your ticket to adding this exciting and expanding market to your Hypnotherapy practice.

In this certification course, Chris shares his 20 years experience as an athlete, coach, trainer, and Hypnotherapist specializing in working with amateur and professional athletes. You will learn how understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation along with building the athlete's self-confidence can help you develop insight into their mental blocks, fears, negative self-talk and focus issues. Learn to help your clients play and have fun again with any sport at any level. Now is the time to get your game plan ready for becoming Certified in Hypnosis for Sports Performance can expanding your Hypnotherapy practice.

In this Ultimate Hypnosis and Sports Performance Seminar you will receive:

  • 5 hours of streaming video instruction
  • 180 days of unlimited access
  • 20-page Hypnosis and Sports workbook (PDF)
  • Includes 2 live hypnotherapy sessions with real sports clients!
  • AHA Hypnosis and Sports Performance Certification
  • Total 5 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

In addition to Chris' 2 hours of step by step guidance on how to use Hypnosis to enhance sports performance, this certification course also includes two live therapy sessions with real athletes. First is a young baseball player who has been working with Chris for some time. This session is their last session together to wrap up their achievements and teach him Self-Hypnosis. The second session is a first session with an equestrian jumper who has suffered a fall and has lost her confidence and wants to overcome her fear of jumping again.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to learn how to master the use of Hypnosis in Sports Performance and begin offering your certified expertise to meet this growing demand.

Hypnosis and Sports – $109.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Hypnosis and Sports
2022-02-08 at 09:55 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed the case history aspect and I think that sports hypnosis is a very well crafted aspect of hypnosis that can be used in other ways and explains things very well.
C.B. from Austin, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2022-01-01 at 16:45 Pacific Time

This was a pleasant surprise of a lesson, he gave some amazing examples with his two clients, showed how to teach self-hypnosis, explained a lot about sports as well. He did a great job and his outline worksheet was great.
M.S. from Danville, Kentucky, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2021-08-09 at 12:08 Pacific Time

I really, really enjoyed this one! I was a professional dancer and teach fitness now online and really loved his confidence in hypnosis and how it can help someone reach their absolute potential. I also liked the part about talking to the doctor and educating the doctor on how they’re giving negative suggestions. I never want to hear the side affects or possible negative medical outcomes so I loved that he did this.
J.U. from Hermosa Beach, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2021-07-08 at 09:14 Pacific Time

Thank you for this class. It opens up an extremely large and valuable market.
M.G. from La Salle, Illinois, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2021-05-22 at 15:23 Pacific Time

Very interesting and helpful.
B.S. from Oak Park, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2021-03-07 at 09:01 Pacific Time

Recommend taking the course!
A.S. from La Mesa, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2021-01-28 at 09:43 Pacific Time

This course was great. I really enjoyed seeing the case history videos and being able to experience some different reactions and techniques that I hadn't seen before. The content was well presented and I felt in good rapport with the teacher. Sports is an interesting and diverse field to work with for sure.
M.M. from Redford, Michigan, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-12-23 at 21:09 Pacific Time

It was very fun, just what I signed up for.
N.F. from Woodland Hills, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-12-13 at 09:42 Pacific Time

Great class. I love how Hypnosis can be used in so many areas, it just needs tweaks to cater to each client's needs.
E.D. from Los Angeles, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-11-01 at 02:50 Pacific Time

Definitely a great class, especially for anyone working with people in sports. I like his approach and questioning techniques.
L.C. from Salisbury, Maryland, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-10-31 at 08:19 Pacific Time

Looking forward to adding this to my bio! Great information!
K.W. from Shreveport, Louisiana, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-08-08 at 06:04 Pacific Time

Thank you so much for this very informative lesson.
M.A. from Saint Petersburg, RU

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-07-21 at 21:54 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this class, it was interesting and informative. I feel prepared.
T.L. from Granada Hills, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-07-08 at 14:13 Pacific Time

Great to see his approach for sports.
T.M. from Norwalk, Iowa, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-06-29 at 00:15 Pacific Time

Totally awesome workshop. I'm an ex Rower and Clinical Hypnotherapist. It's renewed my passion for Rowing (had to stop due to injury) as I can now work with Rowers to achieve their goals and dreams. Thank you sooo much. Cheers.
J.B. from Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-06-28 at 14:25 Pacific Time

This course was very interesting. Now it's time to put into practice this knowledge with my own relatives who love sports.
O.O. from Rialto, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-06-27 at 15:03 Pacific Time

Helpful and useful information.
V.R. from Aurora, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-06-17 at 13:10 Pacific Time

This was a great course, and I learned many great techniques that I will use with my teammates and coaches.
T.H. from Matawan, New Jersey, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-06-17 at 12:45 Pacific Time

This course was very helpful and just what I needed to help me with a golf client. Now I'm more comfortable working with more athletes.
J.J. from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-05-28 at 06:12 Pacific Time

Good course introducing key foundational techniques.
T.G. from Fort Collins, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-05-17 at 04:24 Pacific Time

Christopher Geier's presentation of Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance was an interesting and practical application of hypnosis for self-improvement. Audience questions seemed to drive the actual content of the presentation. The case histories were useful and relevant demonstrations of the course content applied. Thanks HMI!
M.B. from Murphy, North Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-05-13 at 16:53 Pacific Time

Sports Hypnosis is quite an interesting line of specialization. I have personally been working as a hypnotherapist with some young athletes and it is rewarding to witness their progress. I want to thank Chris for his structured guidelines, and sharing his experience.
M.A. from Miami Shores, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-05-07 at 18:40 Pacific Time

The course was excellent! The videos and workbook for this course are extremely helpful. After completing this course, I feel confident in my abilities to help athletes reach their potential.
N.D. from Fircrest, Washington, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-02-22 at 21:15 Pacific Time

Great case studies to see live.
A.K. from Geneva, Illinois, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-02-22 at 19:43 Pacific Time

I look forward to working with many athletes in the near future. I learned a great deal from Christopher Geier in this class.
R.I. from Houston, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-02-16 at 00:00 Pacific Time

Lots of good information here. I just wished the cases were more sport therapy oriented, as first/last sessions are a bit more general.
L.S. from Kawaguchi, Saitama, JP

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-02-01 at 21:53 Pacific Time

Great information showing how the application of hypnosis tools relate to sports performance improvement.
I.C. from Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-12-20 at 10:53 Pacific Time

Excellent class and very helpful workbook provided.
K.G. from Madison, Wisconsin, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-12-18 at 01:33 Pacific Time

Very comprehensive and informative course!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-01-08 at 23:03 Pacific Time

Great series of videos, looking forward to working with athletes!
J.N. from Flagstaff, Arizona, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-12-09 at 00:09 Pacific Time

Great course, I just wish I could have done it live.
B.F. from Southport, QLD, AU

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-12-07 at 05:31 Pacific Time

Great lesson! I have learnt a lot.
K.B. from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, IN

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-11-03 at 15:37 Pacific Time

A fascinating lesson which combined a solid theoretical basis with practical application of sport-specific hypnosis techniques. Very beneficial.
J.H. from Roseville, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-10-29 at 09:48 Pacific Time

Very informative. Loved the detailed tools that can be used for sports hypnosis. I learned a lot from the 2 case studies at the end.
K.B. from Hollywood, South Carolina, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-02-14 at 04:47 Pacific Time

Very interesting class, provides good ideas for working with athletes.
M.K. from Spring Valley, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-10-27 at 11:43 Pacific Time

This course is interesting and motivational.
O.M. from Saint Ann, Missouri, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2020-10-11 at 14:03 Pacific Time

Great course, love the extrinsic and intrinsic understanding.
J.P. from Holladay, Utah, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-09-02 at 08:37 Pacific Time

I found the multi-layer approach to leveraging hypnosis helpful in building client's plans.
R.B. from Trumbull, Connecticut, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-08-03 at 15:39 Pacific Time

Great class! I learned a lot not only for sports but also things to help with my other clients.
L.M. from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-07-15 at 09:40 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this sports hypnosis lesson! Great class and very useful!
J.M. from Amherst, Ohio, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-07-12 at 12:45 Pacific Time

I had fun, a lot of information and applying the ideas and techniques is very exciting.
R.T. from Basalt, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-07-06 at 21:57 Pacific Time

I found this lesson great at putting sports hypnosis into perspective. There were a few times I couldn't understand the point Chris was trying to make.
J.B. from Sacramento, California, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-06-29 at 18:31 Pacific Time

Outstanding! This training is taking my career to the next level. I will start using it very soon.
F.V. from CA

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-06-27 at 17:45 Pacific Time

Very interesting and it is a great learning to help many people that are in spots.
B.G. from Mission, Texas, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-05-21 at 07:12 Pacific Time

Very insightful and useful information.
M.D. from Lees Summit, Missouri, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-05-13 at 06:04 Pacific Time

It was enjoyable. Thank you.
L.M. from Riverview, Florida, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-04-17 at 19:49 Pacific Time

Great course, covered a lot of ground!
C.R. from Maryville, Tennessee, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-04-11 at 11:13 Pacific Time

I found the lessons useful however a more complete explanation of some of the techniques performed especially in Case 2 would have been extremely helpful.
S.D. from Enfield, Middlesex, GB

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-04-05 at 14:00 Pacific Time

The demonstrations were very helpful to watch.
T.H. from Boulder, Colorado, US

Hypnosis and Sports
2019-04-02 at 14:51 Pacific Time

I loved this course. I will be using it a lot.
D.H. from Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.