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Past-Life Regression Therapy - Online Certification Course

Presented By: Lisa Machenberg, CCHt

Lisa Machenberg

Become a Certified Specialist in Past-Life Regression Therapy!

Many people are curious about the possibility of not only having lived before, but being able to remember past lives to gain wisdom, insight and perspective in this current lifetime.

Past-Life Regression Therapy can help you and your clients heal old wounds that manifest in troubled relationships, reoccurring negative patterns, fears and phobias, health issues and pain, as well as sadness and anxiety.

Past-Life Regression Therapy can also foster creativity by allowing you and your clients to remember stories, events, solutions, remedies, costumes, architecture, and art from the past.

Lisa R. Machenberg has been teaching Past-Life Regression Therapy for over 500 years. In this lifetime she has studied with Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters and Doreen Virtue, author of Past-Life Regression with the Angels. Lisa R. Machenberg has been a Staff Hypnotherapist and Instructor at HMI College of Hypnotherapy for 25 years.

Three (3) Minute Sneak Preview

This Certification Course Includes…

  • Demonstrations and group hypnosis to experience your own Past Lives, Future Lives, and what is In-Between Lives
  • Demonstrations and group hypnosis to experience the multiverse to make superior choices
  • How to conduct your own Past-Life Regression Therapy class
  • How to handle clients who have difficulty accessing past lives
  • How to handle situations when a client becomes frightened or overwhelmed
  • How to practice safely, ethically, and professionally
  • How to market your Past-Life Regression Therapy practice

Included in this Certification Course

  • 6¼ hours of streaming video instruction
  • 10 hours of Case History videos of Lisa Machenberg working with 7 different clients
  • 38-page Past-Life Regression Therapy workbook with Scripts and Techniques (PDF)
  • AHA Certification in Past-Life Regression Therapy
  • Total 17 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Past-Life Regression Therapy – $159.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-03-12 at 11:59 Pacific Time

No one does it better than Lisa when teaching PLR! Great class!
C.S. from Peoria, Illinois, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-03-03 at 17:07 Pacific Time

This class ranks in my top ten of courses that I have taken at HMI. Almost all clients who participated in Past Life Regression Therapy had an emotionally profound experience. Great job!
J.B. from Reno, Nevada, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-02-26 at 15:08 Pacific Time

This was yet another amazing class with Lisa! I am so excited to use what I have learned in this class!
A.J. from Puyallup, Washington, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-02-23 at 16:46 Pacific Time

Loved the lesson. It was very informative and I learned a lot.
M.J. from Pico Rivera, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-02-20 at 13:46 Pacific Time

Super class. Looking forward to working with this modality.
K.M. from Laguna Beach, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-27 at 02:01 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this course, it was amazing.
S.S. from Brampton, Quebec, CA

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-24 at 04:23 Pacific Time

I'm a hypnotherapist, and I already have many customers from many countries, but in this course I was impressed by future life progression, and I'm going to repeat that lesson right now again!
Y.W. from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, IN

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-23 at 21:42 Pacific Time

I absolutely love this!
K.B. from Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-19 at 03:38 Pacific Time

What an amazing journey and insightful course filled with valuable wisdom from the best on this fascinating topic. Lisa presented this beautifully, thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.
K.B. from Chino Hills, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-14 at 17:59 Pacific Time

Loved the openness, flexibility, creativity, and adventure of this course!
E.E. from Temecula, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-13 at 16:13 Pacific Time

Great course. Thank you Lisa.
N.M. from Dallas, Texas, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2024-01-03 at 14:34 Pacific Time

Great course! Very informative. Can't wait to use this on clients.
A.M. from Tucson, Arizona, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-12-07 at 10:11 Pacific Time

I learned much from this course and am happy to be certified and offer this modality to clients. Lisa is an amazing instructor and I enjoy her teachings, attitude, understanding, and knowledge a lot.
M.B. from Idaho Springs, Colorado, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-11-28 at 15:12 Pacific Time

Great class as always. Lisa is a joy to learn from.
R.W. from Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-11-22 at 05:57 Pacific Time

I am so grateful to have finally made this powerful leap to explore PLR. Lisa provides great training and I am ready to keep learning!
R.K. from Fenton, Michigan, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-11-08 at 18:10 Pacific Time

I loved this class! The manual Lisa put together is very helpful. Thank you!
K.G. from Vineyard, Utah, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-10-29 at 06:52 Pacific Time

I am so excited to use this new knowledge!
C.A. from El Paso, Texas, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-10-22 at 10:29 Pacific Time

I loved this course and I LOVE Lisa! She is a fantastic teacher and such a wise soul. PLR therapy was why I got into HMI. And I followed Lisa because I read she studied under Dr. Brian Weiss.
L.R. from North Muskegon, Michigan, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-10-14 at 21:39 Pacific Time

A fascinating topic to explore and a valuable tool for therapy to help clients with.
K.J. from Temecula, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-10-12 at 20:08 Pacific Time

Learned a lot. Great teacher.
R.T. from Camarillo, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-10-06 at 09:21 Pacific Time

Very good class. I am excited to do this with clients.
L.N. from Chico, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-10-03 at 16:33 Pacific Time

This was my favorite course, so cool, thank you for the education.
A.A. from Grants Pass, Oregon, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-09-27 at 11:38 Pacific Time

Wonderful class! I can see the benefits from this kind of therapy.
L.R. from Alexandria, Virginia, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-05-27 at 13:47 Pacific Time

Amazing class! Lisa teaches so well and it was very interesting to go on different journeys.
L.V. from Amsterdam, North Holland, NL

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-05-24 at 16:31 Pacific Time

Great class. I learned a lot of valuable information about past life regression. Most importantly, I have another valuable tool for therapy.
M.D. from Cutler Bay, Florida, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-05-23 at 09:14 Pacific Time

Favorite teacher! This was an excellent certification course, I’ve already walked 2 clients through PLR, and it was very successful!
A.C. from Cleveland, Ohio, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-04-21 at 15:36 Pacific Time

Great class! I’m excited to start using this with clients seeking!
G.B. from Saint Helens, Oregon, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-04-07 at 07:47 Pacific Time

Every time I talk about past life, I get goose bumps. I think it's my soul pointing me to the direction of where it wants to go. This certification course provided me with such valuable information and opportunity to connect with the past life. Thank you AHA. Thank you Lisa.
A.L. from Simsbury, Connecticut, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-02-09 at 08:12 Pacific Time

I loved it, thank you so much!
S.B. from Hendersonville, North Carolina, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-02-08 at 11:25 Pacific Time

I found this informative and very useful. I am very satisfied and impressed with the amount of information I received.
W.L. from East Calais, Vermont, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-02-01 at 10:28 Pacific Time

I enjoyed the session, Lisa is a very good teacher. I learned some new and different skills to apply to my Past Life Regression Therapy.
B.L. from Dallas, Texas, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2023-01-19 at 07:08 Pacific Time

Before giving my opinion, I would like you to take into account my difficulty in English, since I am Spanish. I find it a very interesting and important course, and above all recommendable. Thanks.
N.B. from Castelló de la Plana, Castellón, ES

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-12-29 at 22:12 Pacific Time

Lisa is always so attentive to her student's questions and concerns. This was a great certification course.
B.H. from Riverside, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-12-26 at 00:08 Pacific Time

It was really nice to be able to be part of this Past Life Regression Therapy online training, very informative. Thank you.
L.Q. from Burbank, California, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-12-18 at 13:34 Pacific Time

I actually feel better about the PLR sessions I've conducted to date. I've also picked up some great phraseology and perspectives to use during sessions.
B.S. from Tyler, Texas, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-12-01 at 13:13 Pacific Time

This class was fantastic! I learned so much from the videos and the workbook has so much information.
A.S. from Houston, Texas, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-11-27 at 02:58 Pacific Time

Love the class. Thank you very much.
S.S. from Spotsylvania, Virginia, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-11-23 at 12:43 Pacific Time

Great course! I can't wait to use Past Life Regression Therapy with my clients. Thank you so much!
B.K. from Prescott Valley, Arizona, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-11-05 at 10:25 Pacific Time

I was skeptical at first but I have learned so much. I love all of the different techniques. I was able to experience being 12 year old Oliver in the early 1800s who I believe had some form of autism and died shortly after. In the second exercise I was an avid sailor who seemed to have to prove that he can be successful only to find out that everyone already thought of him as being amazingly successful. He died during his last excursion because he never felt accomplished. During the third exercise where we used colored pencils I saw myself as a little girl in a white dress with red accents, dancing like a butterfly or fairy. I didn't seem to have a real physical body but rather a light existence and communicated through thought in the infinite space. I was very happy and at peace. Wow, what a journey. I also enjoyed seeing myself in infinite mirror reflections connecting with the multiverse. Very eye-opening. Thank you for giving me a whole new set of skills. Love, love, love it.
G.P. from Pensacola, Florida, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-11-02 at 12:10 Pacific Time

This was amazing! I'm excited to add this therapy to my toolbox to help women feel empowered in their lives.
L.S. from Bloomington, Indiana, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-10-31 at 07:01 Pacific Time

Thank you Lisa for introducing and offering this beautiful course.
A.S. from Saranac Lake, New York, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-10-30 at 16:07 Pacific Time

This will be extremely helpful in my current practice. Thank you for this opportunity.
D.V. from Crestone, Colorado, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-10-19 at 16:27 Pacific Time

Thank you so much Lisa. I was dreaming to learn how to do the Past Live Regression, you made my dream come true. I love it so much. So jealous that I can't attend this course in person.
K.B. from North Canton, Ohio, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-10-12 at 08:40 Pacific Time

There are many ways one can do a past life or future life regression. This is another tool you can use to explore the topic, with interesting case studies. All past life regressions should help the client move forward in their life.
C.D. from Billings, Montana, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-05-08 at 18:08 Pacific Time

An incredible course! I hope to use these techniques for clients in my own practice, as well as continue practicing for my own healing.
J.B. from Fort Myers, Florida, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-05-08 at 02:46 Pacific Time

Fascinating topic, presented beautifully! I can see how this therapy can be very helpful for a wide array of issues. Thank you.
L.M. from Commack, New York, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-04-28 at 13:42 Pacific Time

I love this course and I LOVE Lisa and her teachings.
S.T. from Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, DE

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2022-02-20 at 18:49 Pacific Time

I enjoyed the experience and learned some great techniques and metaphors.
R.B. from Medford, Oregon, US

Past-Life Regression Therapy
2021-07-25 at 11:56 Pacific Time

The training was amazing and I look forward to future training in hypnotherapy.
H.S. from Tolar, Texas, US

AHA Continuing Education Disclaimer

American Hypnosis Association Continuing Education Courses are not a substitute for your Hypnotherapy training. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.