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Healing Power of Hypnotic Scripts - Online Course

Presented By: Bruce Bonnett

Bruce Bonnett

Properly used Hypnotic Scripts can be a wonderful tool for becoming a successful Hypnotherapist. The improper use of scripts can be disastrous.

In this seminar, Bruce Bonnett will demonstrate how Hypnotic Scripts can prepare you to address a wide variety of presenting issues, where to find the best scripts, and most importantly how to seamlessly incorporate scripts into your hypnotherapy sessions.

In one study, graduate psychology students were taught the basics about hypnosis and then divided into two groups. One group was given scripts to help them as they started practicing. The other was not. It turned out that the students who used scripts as a part of their training were more confident and their actual success rates using hypnosis later were significantly higher.

Live Phone Session Using Scripts: As part of this seminar, you will get to watch Bruce do a 30 minute live phone session, in which Bruce will demonstrate and use a number of scripts with one of his real clients.

This Healing Power of Hypnotic Scripts Seminar Includes:

  • 16 original scripts written by Bruce (which can be used with most clients)
  • Learn to turn an idea into a script outline and then into a final script
  • Bruce's ideas for 6 more creative scripts (which you can turn into written scripts or just use in sessions without a formal, written script)
  • Description of Bruce’s all-time favorite 2 script books and 1 script website along with a complete list of all scripts contained in those resources
  • A bibliography list of 30 of Bruce’s other favorite script books including Bruce’s list or description of the most useful scripts contained in each of those 30 books
  • Lists of the advantages and pitfalls of using hypnotic scripts
  • A checklist of items to consider when writing your own scripts
  • A checklist of items to consider when doing phone or internet sessions

In This Seminar You Will Receive:

  • 3 hours of streaming video instruction with Instructor Bruce Bonnett
  • 180 days of unlimited access
  • 126-page Healing Power of Hypnotic Scripts workbook (PDF)
  • Total 6 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

Healing Power of Hypnotic Scripts – $109.00


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