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Biofeedback 1

Presented By: Joe Tabbanella, CCHt

Joe Tabbanella

HMI Instructor Joe Tabbanella, C.Ht., also works at an addiction recovery facility where he extensively utilizes his biofeedback techniques to augment his hypnotherapy sessions. In this lesson Joe guides HMI students through this Introduction to Biofeedback in the hypnotherapy practice, providing both the theoretical understanding and the practical applications of incorporating this powerful tool into your hypnotherapy practice.

This Online Continuing Education Course Includes

  • 180 Days Access
  • 2 Hour Streaming Video
  • Online Workbook
  • Online Quiz with True/False and Multiple Choice Questions
  • Certificate of Completion for 2 Hours of Advanced Continuing Education

Biofeedback 1 – $75.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-29 at 13:54 Pacific Time

Thank you Joe for this information and use of biofeedback.
T.W. from Alta, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-28 at 16:20 Pacific Time

This was very useful and makes one self evaluate in comparison.
R.S. from Newport News, Virginia, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-28 at 14:54 Pacific Time

This modality is so perfect for skepticals, they can have a visual of their physiology changing IRT; but would not know how easy would be to have a client purchase the devices in order to train them virtually.
W.D. from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-28 at 12:19 Pacific Time

I'd like to practice some of these techniques in order to make clients feel more connected and in control of their bodies.
M.T. from Vale, North Carolina, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-26 at 08:25 Pacific Time

Great information and teacher.
E.C. from Oak Ridge, North Carolina, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-25 at 15:59 Pacific Time

Great course. Super interesting material and exciting techniques!
B.S. from Los Angeles, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-14 at 15:19 Pacific Time

I love this class! Interesting in using for myself and clients. Only question I have is where to get the devices?
C.O. from Casper, Wyoming, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-14 at 13:32 Pacific Time

The Biofeedback training was complex, but the instructor presented it where it was understandable.
D.M. from Lusby, Maryland, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-09 at 14:22 Pacific Time

Very helpful, thank you for sharing.
H.S. from The Colony, Texas, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-05 at 13:50 Pacific Time

It was an interesting and enjoyable lesson.
Y.M. from Ashburn, Virginia, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-04 at 15:44 Pacific Time

Joe keeps students engaged - easy to enjoy what is being taught and presented!
N.S. from Peshtigo, Wisconsin, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-04 at 11:29 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed the biofeedback course and Joe Tabbanella is a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor! Looking forward to Biofeedback 2!
K.E. from Anaheim, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-03 at 11:13 Pacific Time

There is SO much mind-blowing information in this course that, even though I hope I passed the quiz, it will take several runs through my notes to fully digest the wisdom therein.
C.D. from Owensboro, Kentucky, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-04-01 at 21:47 Pacific Time

I always enjoy Joe's lectures and how animated he is.
M.R. from Bakersfield, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-03-30 at 15:57 Pacific Time

Great class! VERY interesting! I look forward to learning more!
E.W. from Vista, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2024-03-27 at 18:30 Pacific Time

Another great reminder of Joe's specialty work!
C.M. from Los Angeles, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2023-09-20 at 22:38 Pacific Time

I liked it. It gave me more understanding of what is happening or maybe happening to people who come to session and ideas on what to do to help them.
E.B. from Bellingham, Washington, US

Biofeedback 1
2023-02-11 at 06:03 Pacific Time

Great information, I learned some new terminology and some great tools.
K.H. from Charleston, West Virginia, US

Biofeedback 1
2022-10-15 at 16:09 Pacific Time

Was informative and motivating to begin to use these techniques and equipment.
M.H. from Los Angeles, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2022-09-07 at 07:22 Pacific Time

Was very interesting and hard not to tense and relax during the class. Thank you.
D.B. from Trufant, Michigan, US

Biofeedback 1
2022-08-07 at 22:16 Pacific Time

Good, found it very insightful.
B.A. from Delhi, New Delhi, IN

Biofeedback 1
2021-06-01 at 15:54 Pacific Time

Fascinating, I want to learn more. Well presented. I really enjoyed it.
S.D. from Escondido, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2021-04-13 at 09:56 Pacific Time

This was great! Very interesting and Joe is a good instructor.
R.M. from Westbank, British Columbia, CA

Biofeedback 1
2021-01-22 at 16:22 Pacific Time

Very interesting methodology for testing hypnosis.
K.S. from Canoga Park, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-12-06 at 12:06 Pacific Time

I really enjoyed this course. This will be a great addition to my practice. Thank you Joe for making it interesting and I'm looking forward to Biofeedback 2.
M.L. from Southampton, Ontario, CA

Biofeedback 1
2020-10-04 at 23:46 Pacific Time

It was very good for me. I am still interested in the topic.
J.L. from Mexicali, Baja California, MX

Biofeedback 1
2020-09-14 at 17:40 Pacific Time

Excellent and very informative course!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Biofeedback 1
2020-08-20 at 18:59 Pacific Time

Joe is a very entertaining, but easy-to-understand instructor. He gives just enough information, data, and examples to clarify the subject being discussed and taught. He's one of my favorites! Thanks.
G.U. from Henderson, Nevada, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-07-31 at 14:42 Pacific Time

Amazing training as with every training at HMI!
F.A. from Houston, Texas, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-07-21 at 19:54 Pacific Time

I enjoy this instructor very much.
L.E. from Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-05-23 at 13:15 Pacific Time

Enjoyed this class. Looking forward to Biofeedback 2.
S.A. from Bakersfield, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-01-04 at 13:49 Pacific Time

Looking forward to Biofeedback 2!
M.M. from Augusta, Georgia, US

Biofeedback 1
2019-12-15 at 20:24 Pacific Time

I plan to incorporate Biofeedback into my practice, I truly believe it is a valuable tool. This class was wonderful!
S.C. from Lufkin, Texas, US

Biofeedback 1
2019-08-16 at 10:53 Pacific Time

Good information. Joe is always very knowledgeable and he is very relaxed teaching, creating a good atmosphere for learning.
E.E. from Citrus Heights, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2019-06-19 at 04:11 Pacific Time

Every course with HMI is new information not covered elsewhere. It’s technical, thorough and ground breaking.
M.C. from Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

Biofeedback 1
2018-12-17 at 09:44 Pacific Time

Great class. Lots of good information.
R.M. from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US

Biofeedback 1
2018-08-18 at 08:51 Pacific Time

Very good lesson. Having the tone in there would have given back more feedback to all those involved.
D.M. from Montevallo, Alabama, US

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