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Child Hypnosis

Presented By: Lisa Machenberg, CCHt

Lisa Machenberg

HMI’s resident Child Hypnosis expert Lisa Machenberg, CCHt, has appeared on numerous television shows exploring child hypnosis, earning the nickname “Hypno-Mom.” In this lesson Lisa shares her 20+ years’ experience working with children, demonstrating how to gain rapport and communicate effectively with them in and out of hypnosis to make the experience both fun and productive for all.

This Online Continuing Education Course Includes

  • 180 Days Access
  • 2 Hour Streaming Video
  • Online Workbook
  • Online Quiz with True/False and Multiple Choice Questions
  • Certificate of Completion for 2 Hours of Advanced Continuing Education

Child Hypnosis – $75.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Child Hypnosis
2021-07-02 at 18:04 Pacific Time

Excellent course, very informative and well-structured!
K.V. from Marousi, Athens, GR

Child Hypnosis
2020-09-16 at 08:29 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this lesson. I plan on watching it a second time.
A.C. from Lawrence, Kansas, US

Child Hypnosis
2020-03-02 at 03:27 Pacific Time

It's very informative on how/when the HIPAA laws don't take precedence, and what for!
F.H. from Lubbock, Texas, US

Child Hypnosis
2020-02-14 at 16:18 Pacific Time

It was very helpful for me to see the work with the teenagers.
S.G. from Aliaga, Izmir, TR

Child Hypnosis
2019-10-17 at 23:50 Pacific Time

I'm happy learning about Child Hypnosis.
R.K. from Nashik, Maharashtra, IN

Child Hypnosis
2019-09-10 at 18:34 Pacific Time

I loved this class! It was amazing!
A.P. from Douglaston, New York, US

Child Hypnosis
2019-09-09 at 00:07 Pacific Time

This is a section of high quality instruction, it is so much better than the last one which named family system. In this video, the professor speaks so clearly. In addition, the knowledge points are provided in great detail. I really enjoyed this class.
B.W. from Oak Park, California, US

Child Hypnosis
2019-03-25 at 03:24 Pacific Time

It is a very nice course about how to get close to children.
J.D. from Ostrava, CZ

Child Hypnosis
2019-01-17 at 15:54 Pacific Time

The lesson was great. Easy to understand. Thank you.
N.M. from Springfield, Illinois, US

Child Hypnosis
2019-01-09 at 12:38 Pacific Time

Great class. Not sure how I did with my quiz.
L.B. from Santa Barbara, California, US

Child Hypnosis
2019-01-04 at 21:01 Pacific Time

All good and informative.
A.M. from Cutler Bay, Florida, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-12-26 at 22:06 Pacific Time

Very informative! Really enjoyed the class. Thank you Lisa!
L.L. from Newbury Park, California, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-12-20 at 09:37 Pacific Time

Very helpful because I do not have children.
A.N. from Thibodaux, Louisiana, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-11-25 at 20:33 Pacific Time

Great class. The two case studies are useful.
B.B. from Los Angeles, California, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-10-01 at 17:07 Pacific Time

I have so much respect for her. I have never seen anyone so good with children. I have already used some of this information in my practice. This is one of the best training courses I have ever taken in 30 years. Lisa is a phenomenal instructor.
H.F. from Boca Raton, Florida, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-09-15 at 23:11 Pacific Time

This was a great course! I loved the snippets of psychological research that Lisa interjects into her rationale and explanations. The research about the effectiveness of tightening of the full body followed by deep breath as a tension release and the finger-thumb press to remind a child (or adult) to hold in excitement/control interruptions are both easy-to-implement easy-to-follow suggestions. The simple explanation of the cause of bed wetting is one that would help alleviate the sense of shame some parents and children might experience about the issue. Thank you for your concise and often entertaining reports of useful research and techniques.
L.S. from Pinetop, Arizona, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-09-11 at 07:43 Pacific Time

Learned a lot from a good instructor who explained a lot of things related to the child hypnosis.
H.Y. from Fort Wayne, Indiana, US

Child Hypnosis
2018-05-07 at 01:20 Pacific Time

It was good, easy and interesting working with children.
S.A. from New Delhi, Delhi, IN

Child Hypnosis
2018-04-11 at 13:02 Pacific Time

Amasing and interesting course. I may have answered the first question wrong because I had trouble to open the quiz in the beginning. Glad to have this information and waiting for my certificate to be a child hypnotherapist and practice it as soon as I will have kids. Thank you a lot.
C.R. from Brussels, BE

Child Hypnosis
2018-04-06 at 11:55 Pacific Time

I liked it very, very much. It was really something new to me. Thank you.
B.P. from Idrija, Ljubljana Urban Commune, SI

Please note that this presentation represents one lesson of the 48 lessons that are included in HMI’s Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy’s Online Advanced Training Program. Purchasing this Pay Per View as an individual lesson provides a CEU Certificate for 2 hours only, it does not enroll you in HMI’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Training and does not lead to a Diploma in Hypnotherapy.