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Introduction to Biofeedback - Parts 1 and 2 - Online Course

Presented By: Joe Tabbanella

Joe Tabbanella

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hypnosis and Biofeedback with Instructor, Joe Tabbanella, C.Ht. A Senior Staff Instructor at HMI with over 10 years of clinical experience, Joe specializes in combining Hypnosis, NLP and Biofeedback as a comprehensive approach to changing unconscious patterns. Joe facilitates recovery at a dual diagnosis Treatment Center for addiction in Malibu leading groups as well providing one on one sessions.

Simplifying complex concepts with demonstrations, real life examples and evidence based data, this two part series (parts 1 and 2) guides hypnotherapy students through this Introduction to Biofeedback and how its skilled application can serve as a powerful addition to their hypnotherapy practice.

This series covers an introduction to these forms of Biofeedback:

Peripheral Biofeedback

  • GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) - Measuring and influencing skin conductance.
  • EMG (Electromyogram) - Measuring and influencing muscle tension.
  • Thermal Feedback Training (Hand Warming) - Measuring and influencing the skin temperature of the fingers.
  • HR (Heart Rate Variability) - Measuring and influencing the beat to beat per minute of the heart.


  • Alpha-Theta Training (Brainwaves akin to Hypnosis) - Measuring and influencing brain waves.

Also Included in this Series

  • Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) (Arousal) - Provides and understanding of how the stress response is the driving force behind all of our unconscious programs.
  • Hypnosis and Biofeedback - Provides an understanding of the integral connection between biofeedback and hypnosis.
  • Mindfulness and Intention - Provides an understanding of how awareness of internal processes combined with intention can help change an unconscious response to stimuli.
  • Demonstrations - Provides demonstrations of interventions while measuring the body/brain's response.
  • Interventions - Provides interventions that can be applied today, having already witnessed the body/brain’s response to these techniques.
  • The Science of Hypnosis - Provides a comprehensive understanding as to what is occurring in the body/brain during hypnosis.

This Online Continuing Education Course Includes

  • 180 Days Access
  • 4 Hours of Streaming Video
  • 29 Page PDF Workbook
  • Online Quiz with True/False and Multiple Choice Questions
  • Certificate of Completion for 4 Hours of Advanced Continuing Education

Introduction to Biofeedback – $109.00


Monthly Subscription – $65.00


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Real Time Student Comments

Biofeedback 2
2020-10-05 at 00:06 Pacific Time

It was very very good for me, I enjoyed it very much.
Jose from Mexicali, Baja California, MX

Biofeedback 1
2020-10-04 at 23:46 Pacific Time

It was very good for me. I am still interested in the topic.
Jose from Mexicali, Baja California, MX

Biofeedback 1
2020-09-14 at 17:40 Pacific Time

Excellent and very informative course!
Konstantinos from Marousi, Athens, GR

Biofeedback 1
2020-08-20 at 18:59 Pacific Time

Joe is a very entertaining, but easy-to-understand instructor. He gives just enough information, data, and examples to clarify the subject being discussed and taught. He's one of my favorites! Thanks.
Grace from Henderson, Nevada, US

Biofeedback 2
2020-08-01 at 16:27 Pacific Time

I loved this course and intend on using it in private practice.
Farzam from College Station, Texas, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-07-31 at 14:42 Pacific Time

Amazing training as with every training at HMI!
Farzam from College Station, Texas, US

Biofeedback 2
2020-07-26 at 16:18 Pacific Time

I love this instructor. I look forward to new classes becoming available.
Lisa from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-07-21 at 19:54 Pacific Time

I enjoy this instructor very much.
Lisa from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, US

Biofeedback 2
2020-05-23 at 15:54 Pacific Time

Very interesting. Learned a lot. Makes me want to learn more. Joe is an excellent instructor.
Sheila from Bakersfield, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-05-23 at 13:15 Pacific Time

Enjoyed this class. Looking forward to Biofeedback 2.
Sheila from Bakersfield, California, US

Biofeedback 2
2020-01-04 at 17:50 Pacific Time

I enjoyed this a lot, I hope HMI offers a few more courses.
Melvin from Augusta, Georgia, US

Biofeedback 1
2020-01-04 at 13:49 Pacific Time

Looking forward to Biofeedback 2!
Melvin from Augusta, Georgia, US

Biofeedback 2
2020-01-02 at 11:34 Pacific Time

I do love this class and hope to use Biofeedback in my practice.
Stephanie from Sanger, Texas, US

Biofeedback 1
2019-12-15 at 20:24 Pacific Time

I plan to incorporate Biofeedback into my practice, I truly believe it is a valuable tool. This class was wonderful!
Stephanie from Sanger, Texas, US

Biofeedback 1
2019-08-16 at 10:53 Pacific Time

Good information. Joe is always very knowledgeable and he is very relaxed teaching, creating a good atmosphere for learning.
Eric from Citrus Heights, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2019-06-19 at 04:11 Pacific Time

Every course with HMI is new information not covered elsewhere. It’s technical, thorough and ground breaking.
Michelle from Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

Biofeedback 2
2018-12-17 at 10:14 Pacific Time

Great course. Lots of information.
Robin from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US

Biofeedback 1
2018-12-17 at 09:44 Pacific Time

Great class. Lots of good information.
Robin from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US

Biofeedback 2
2018-10-29 at 04:56 Pacific Time

Great teacher, great information and performance!
Violina from Valley Village, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2018-08-18 at 08:51 Pacific Time

Very good lesson. Having the tone in there would have given back more feedback to all those involved.
Donald from Montevallo, Alabama, US