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AHA Hypnotherapists Directory

Hypnotherapy Providers in Zip Code 90039

Click on the biography links below to learn more about how these Certified Hypnotherapists in Zip Code 90039 can help using Hypnosis and related Hypnotherapy Modalities.

Natalie D'Alacio, CCHt

Natalie D'Alacio utilizes imagery and creative arts therapy in her sessions. She strives with heart and soul to blend her gifts together and create art and therapy modalities that reflect the light and love she wishes to see in this world.

AHA Biography for Natalie D'Alacio

Los Angeles, California 90068, United States

Chris Geier, CHt

Chris Geier works with clients to help them realize their full potential. Chris uses hypnotherapy, therapeutic imagery, and his personal training and sports coaching skills to help clients achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.

AHA Biography for Chris Geier

Topanga, California 90290, United States

Los Angeles, California 90025, United States

Kristen Luman, CHt

Kristen Luman earned her BA in Psychology from Portland State University where she focused her studies on Paranormal Psychology and Human Development. She is an avid user of NLP and the Eriksonian school of thought.

AHA Biography for Kristen Luman

Los Angeles, California 90069, United States

Mikaila Henderson, CCHt

Mikaila Henderson has worked with issues ranging from teenagers and adults dealing with divorce to clients wanting to curb food cravings. She especially likes to work with clients looking to increase their self-confidence and self-motivation.

AHA Biography for Mikaila Henderson

Los Angeles, California 90041, United States

Britt Coleman, CHt

Britt Coleman recognizes hypnotherapy as a spiritual practice. She finds hypnotherapy to be a vast and endless journey to obtain and share the knowledge for the purpose of being of service and helping clients to reach their goals and full potential.

AHA Biography for Britt Coleman

Britt Coleman Hypnotherapy
Los Angeles, California 90068, United States

Britt Coleman Hypnotherapy

Chase D. McKenna, CCHt

Chase McKenna is a Master of Therapeutic Imagery, Master of NLP, and Handwriting Analyst. She has an established private practice in Los Feliz, California. She provides therapy for children, teens and adults.

AHA Biography for Chase D. McKenna

Better Living Insight
Los Angeles, California 90027, United States

Tarzana, California 91356, United States

Chase McKenna - Better Living Insight

Patricia R. Arcache, CHt

Patricia Arcache is an Honors Graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Patricia enjoys using her knowledge and background to help others experience the satisfaction that comes as a result of achieving their goals.

AHA Biography for Patricia R. Arcache

Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Los Angeles, California 90034, United States

Heather Faith Schuman, CHt

Heather Schuman wants to help others achieve their highest self-fulfillment, prosperity, and confidence by helping reframe negative perceptions and unsuccessful subconscious behaviors. She strongly believes that it is the clients who heal themselves.

AHA Biography for Heather Faith Schuman

Self Healization
Los Angeles, California 90066, United States

Self Healization

Anna-Pia Hubacher, CHt

Anna-Pia Hubacher has that special ability to see, hear, and feel her clients in their totality. She is a multi-dimensional Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with in-depth experiences in a broad range of professions and personal life experiences.

AHA Biography for Anna-Pia Hubacher

Los Angeles, California 90066, United States

Tarzana, California 91356, United States

Bruce Bonnett, CCHt

Bruce Bonnett works with clients on a wide range of issues including cancer, HIV, insomnia, career success, sports performance, etc. He is also an Instructor at HMI and is President of the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472.

AHA Biography for Bruce Bonnett

Bruce Bonnett Hypnotherapy
Los Angeles, California 90066, United States

Bruce Bonnett - Hypnotherapist in West Los Angeles