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AHA Hypnotherapists Directory

Hypnotherapy Providers Specializing in Problem Solving

Click on the biography links below to learn more about how these Certified Hypnotherapists can help with Problem Solving using Hypnosis and related Hypnotherapy Modalities.

Erin Thomas, CMH

Erin Thomas has 20+ years experience as a teacher and describes herself as a personal tutor to those wishing to recreate themselves. She brings to you her experience as a faithful veteran, loving mother, nurturing teacher and devout healer.

AHA Biography for Erin Thomas

FreeSpirit Personal Wellness
Greenville, South Carolina 29615, United States

FreeSpirit Personal Wellness

Mayda Kassab Poc, CMH

Mayda Kassab Poc is a Coach and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner in New York City. She specializes in Life Coaching and Career Coaching, and uses multiple modalities including Hypnosis. Mayda works with her International clients remotely or in person.

AHA Biography for Mayda Kassab Poc

Mayda Poc Coaching
New York, New York 10016, United States

Mayda Poc Coaching

Linda A. Matthies, CMH

Linda Matthies has had great client success working with challenges such as clearing negative self-talk, relationship strategies, confidence, motivation, healthy habits, fears and anxieties, weight loss, and helping to create a happy fulfilling life.

AHA Biography for Linda A. Matthies

Harmony with hypnotherapy
Commack, New York 11725, United States

Linda Matthies Hypnotherapy

Sun Ryan Chruscial, CHt, RMT

Sun Ryan Chruscial works with clients on a variety of subjects, including reduction of anxiety and stress, emotional release, habit reformation and more. Sun Ryan encourages balance of physiological, emotional, and psycho-spiritual needs.

AHA Biography for Sun Ryan Chruscial

Crucial Holistic Services
Phoenix, Arizona 85015, United States

Crucial Holistic Services

Sam Visnic, CMH

Sam Visnic has studied dozens of methodologies for uncovering the underlying factors that contribute to chronic pain, and has developed a system which integrates pain education, massage therapy, nutrition, movement, and hypnotherapy for success.

AHA Biography for Sam Visnic

Release Muscle Therapy
Temecula, California 92590, United States

Release Muscle Therapy

Lyudmyla Rybak, CHt

Lyudmyla (Milla) Rybak uses Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and many other tools to assist her clients in maximizing the power of their minds to achieve their goals.

AHA Biography for Lyudmyla Rybak

Open-Minded Hypnotherapy
Encino, California 91606, United States

Orhan Burak Uckun, CMH

Orhan Burak Uckun is the founder of Hypnotistanbul located in the Kadikoy/Caddebostan area of Instanbul. He specializes in performance improvement, creativity, stress reduction, lack of confidence, and achieving personal development goals.

AHA Biography for Orhan Burak Uckun

Istanbul, 34340, Turkey


Peter Fields, CMH

Peter Fields works with clients via referral on PTSD, Pain Management and other issues. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to assist people in overcoming everyday problems and to help them find direction and growth.

AHA Biography for Peter Fields

Explorations Hypnosis LLC
Jaffrey, New Hampshire 03452, United States

Julie Tunador, CHt

Julie Tunador helps clients to improve their lives, relationships, health, and careers both individually and in groups. She uses a combination of hypnosis, the power of the subconscious mind, therapeutic imagery along with other modalities and tools.

AHA Biography for Julie Tunador

Wide Awake Hypnotherapy
Tarzana, California 91356, United States

Los Angeles, California 90025, United States

Wide Awake Hypnotherapy

Cristiano Duraes, CHt

Cristiano Duraes can teach you how you can help yourself and improve all aspects of your life, from your personal, social, academic, to your professional life, by achieving the harmonious connection of body, mind, and soul.

AHA Biography for Cristiano Duraes

Kapaa, Hawaii 96746, United States

Kealoha Cristiano