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HMI Distance Learning

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HMI Advanced Training Courses – Modular Curriculum

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HMI's Distance Learning Program is comprised of 54 individual 2-hour streaming videos. These lessons are organized into nine (09) Volumes, each containing six (06) lessons. Students must successfully pass a quiz for each streaming lesson before they can move on to the next lesson.

There are two comprehensive exams. The first exam is at the end of Volume 1 covering all 6 lessons in Volume 1. The second exam is at the end of Volume 9 covering all 48 lessons in Volumes 2 thru 9.

Each Volume comes complete with an HMI Student Workbook, containing the notes and supplemental written materials for that volume. All Workbooks are provided as downloadable PDF files.

More Information on Educational Awards and Hypnotherapist Certification

HMI Advanced Training Courses – Volumes 1 through 9

After successful completion of HMI's Hypnosis 101 Course "Foundations in Hypnotherapy" (Volume 1), students are now prepared and eligible to enroll online in HMI's Nationally Accredited Advanced Hypnotherapy Training program.

This advanced instruction is organized into 96 hours of streaming video (Volumes 2-9), plus PDF workbooks, quizzes, tutorial appointments and final exam.

All 9 volumes equal a grand total of 300 accredited clock hours of instruction and leads to HMI's Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy.

Each of the 8 volumes in HMI's Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Course contain six (6) 2-hour streaming video presentations, each featuring a different HMI Instructor.

Explore the comprehensive and exciting material listed below to fully appreciate this Nationally Accredited curriculum.

Feel free to call us at 1-747-998-2850 or schedule a time for phone consultation.

George Kappas, HMI Director

George J. Kappas
HMI Director, MA, LMFT

Celebrating more than 50 years of excellence, we are happy to chat with you on the phone to answer any questions you might have and help you discover how HMI can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

HMI Student Comments

Neuro Linguistic Programming 1
2022-12-04 at 6:17 PM Pacific Time

I always trying to my best every each time. the most problem to study this HMI, i dont have enough time to study. But it's gonna be better from next week, because i'm gonna less my working time. i could get 1 more day to study. so i could keep abreast of the prosess thank you.
I.L. from Palisades Park, New Jersey, US

Hypno-Diagnostic Tools A
2022-12-04 at 4:43 PM Pacific Time

I appreciate how content-dense this lecture has been!!
D.G. from Maplewood, Minnesota, US

Clinical Case Presentation Volume 5
2022-12-04 at 3:28 PM Pacific Time

Dr. Kappas is full of knowledge and I always enjoy watching his videos.
S.D. from Bedminster, New Jersey, US

Dream Therapy
2022-12-04 at 1:50 PM Pacific Time

Dream Therapy seems it would be an effective tool for demonstrating profound listening skills; I wouldn't expect a client to be anything less than awestruck after relating back to them the depth of their own dream.
D.G. from Maplewood, Minnesota, US

Business Practices
2022-12-04 at 1:18 PM Pacific Time

The lesson on Business Practices taught me why a business plan is vital for my successful practice,
V.T. from Cooper City, Florida, US

Therapeutic Imagery 2
2022-12-04 at 12:53 PM Pacific Time

I really liked learning a lot about Imagery. I already use symbols/mantras with my client in sessions and see it as very helpful. Now I gained so much more knowledge and can go deeper with my clients.
D.S. from Chandler, Arizona, US

Clinical Case Presentation Volume 3
2022-12-04 at 12:50 PM Pacific Time

This session was incredible. I am so touched by the sensitivity projected by Dr Kapas and his ability to assess the clients with such simplicity. He focus just in what is. I bet that wherever he is . He keeps helping millions of people . What I have learned today goes beyond words.
M.D. from Cutler Bay, Florida, US

Dream Therapy
2022-12-04 at 8:22 AM Pacific Time

An interesting session which gives a lot of insights about the dreams and its uses in therapy.
T.S. from Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Biofeedback 2
2022-12-03 at 7:23 PM Pacific Time

Great class .I enjoyed learning that the feeling of appreciation reduces stress and cause the brain to wants do something without fear. I was impressed with HRV training creates autonomic balance and increases the regulatory capacity. I was also impressed with the mind flex games presented during this session.
M.D. from Cutler Bay, Florida, US

Advertising and Promotion 5
2022-12-03 at 7:13 PM Pacific Time

great continuing education on advertising.
A.R. from Los Angeles, California, US

Clinical Case Presentation Volume 5
2022-12-03 at 5:39 PM Pacific Time

An excellent session! I'm thankful for how much more of the entire process is becoming more familiar!
D.G. from Maplewood, Minnesota, US

Advertising and Promotion 5
2022-12-03 at 3:10 PM Pacific Time

This lesson prepared me for creating successful Hypnotherapy practice.
V.T. from Cooper City, Florida, US

Intuitive and Energy Healing
2022-12-03 at 2:04 PM Pacific Time

Ms. Lowe is an excellent speaker! She's very confident, and firmly believes in her studies!
D.G. from Maplewood, Minnesota, US

Advertising and Promotion
2022-12-03 at 9:54 AM Pacific Time

I think George hits the nail squarely on the head with his approach to networking, and provides great, sound advice on the basics of advertising a practice!
J.C. from Columbia, Missouri, US

Ethics in Therapy 2
2022-12-02 at 8:53 PM Pacific Time

Very informative and practical.
Z.S. from Arcadia, California, US

Biofeedback 1
2022-12-02 at 7:24 PM Pacific Time

Very interesting class regarding the equipment and techniques used to release stress and tension from the body. The connection of muscle tension with stress . Love this instructor session. there is always a lot of valuable information.
M.D. from Cutler Bay, Florida, US

Advertising and Promotion 4
2022-12-02 at 6:12 PM Pacific Time

The class on Advertising and Promotion 4 offered me a good understanding of social media platforms and 0nline marketing.
V.T. from Cooper City, Florida, US

Hypno-Diagnostic Tools B
2022-12-02 at 5:59 PM Pacific Time

Super informative class! thank you.
L.J. from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

Therapeutic Imagery 1
2022-12-02 at 5:57 PM Pacific Time

I enjoyed learning about Imagery and the way it was presented. I am looking forward to learning more about it in part 2!
D.S. from Chandler, Arizona, US

Clinical Case Presentation Volume 2
2022-12-02 at 4:59 PM Pacific Time

This video was a bit confusing for me. I didn't realize until after I chose to take this lesson that there are other lessons that should be viewed first. It would be nice for future students if pre-requisites are listed in the lesson description and that this lesson is moved beneath the pre-requisite lessons. Also, the structure and process of the client interview, diagnosis, recommended therapy, hypnosis, and prognosis were not what I expected. I was surprised the students were able to make any sort of diagnosis and assumptions whatsoever, much less potentially tell the client what to do (get out of the relationship). As a holistic health coach, we are not allowed to give advice, tell our clients what to do, or diagnose in any way because we are not licensed doctors. But this is the first time I've seen a hypnotherapy session from beginning to end, so maybe I just haven't seen what a real session looks like. Lastly, I don't understand what someone's sexuality has to do with their behavior and suggestability. This was also confusing. Maybe I'll understand it better after I review the lesson on sexuality, but would think it should have been covered in the foundations lessons.
G.C. from Clearwater, Florida, US

Neuro Linguistic Programming 2
2022-12-02 at 10:55 AM Pacific Time

I enjoyed learning more about NLP. Very practical!
D.S. from Chandler, Arizona, US

Biofeedback 2
2022-12-02 at 10:24 AM Pacific Time

well entertained session by joe.
A.A. from Erode, Tamilnadu, IN

HMI School Catalog 300 Hours

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

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