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HMI Distance Learning

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HMI Advanced Training Courses – Modular Curriculum

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HMI’s Distance Learning Program is comprised of 54 individual 2-hour streaming videos. These lessons are organized into nine (09) Volumes, each containing six (06) lessons. Students must successfully pass a quiz for each streaming lesson before they can move on to the next lesson.

There are two comprehensive exams. The first exam is at the end of Volume 1 covering all 6 lessons in Volume 1. The second exam is at the end of Volume 9 covering all 48 lessons in Volumes 2 thru 9.

Each Volume comes complete with an HMI Student Workbook, containing the notes and supplemental written materials for that volume. All Workbooks are provided as downloadable PDF files.

More Information on Educational Awards and Hypnotherapist Certification

HMI Advanced Training Courses – Volumes 1 through 9

After successful completion of HMI’s Hypnosis 101 Course “Foundations in Hypnotherapy” (Volume 1), students are now prepared and eligible to enroll online in HMI’s Nationally Accredited Advanced Hypnotherapy Training program.

This advanced instruction is organized into 96 hours of streaming video (Volumes 2-9), plus PDF workbooks, quizzes, tutorial appointments and final exam.

All 9 volumes equal a grand total of 300 accredited clock hours of instruction and leads to HMI’s Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy.

Each of the 8 volumes in HMI’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Course contain six (6) 2-hour streaming video presentations, each featuring a different HMI Instructor.

Explore the comprehensive and exciting material listed below to fully appreciate this Nationally Accredited curriculum.

George Kappas, HMI Director

George J. Kappas
HMI Director, MA, LMFT

Welcome to HMI Online Distance Education. Celebrating my 40th year here at HMI, I am here to answer any questions you might have and help you discover how HMI can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Just click our "Contact Us with Questions" button to let me know how we can assist you further.

HMI provide 2 options for you to begin your online distance hypnotherapy training for no cost or obligation.

Option 1: You can start right now by registering and completing the prerequisite Hypnosis in History course online.

Prerequisite and Registration

Option 2: If you have questions before starting your training, you are welcome to call the HMI Director at 1-747-287-7326 or...

HMI Student Comments

Advertising and Promotion 4
2023-10-01 at 11:58 AM Pacific Time

Thank you for sharing this lesson!
D.G. from Maplewood, Minnesota, US

Substance Abuse
2023-10-01 at 9:11 AM Pacific Time

Interesting lesson from first hand experience.
M.C. from Boston, Massachusetts, US

Substance Abuse
2023-09-29 at 7:12 PM Pacific Time

Thank you George for sharing your story and being vulnerable enough to use your history as a means to educate and empower others to achieve their best selves.
K.S. from McCammon, Idaho, US

Hypno-Diagnostic Tools B
2023-09-29 at 6:04 PM Pacific Time

I am a firm believer of the mind/body connection and have always incorporated it in my own life.
L.B. from Santa Monica, California, US

ATC Final Exam
2023-09-29 at 1:57 PM Pacific Time

Final exam.
S.D. from Bedminster, New Jersey, US

Counseling and Interviewing
2023-09-29 at 12:56 PM Pacific Time

Interesting course! Enjoyed it.
M.C. from Boston, Massachusetts, US

Clinical Case Presentation Volume 4
2023-09-28 at 8:04 PM Pacific Time

the subject fragmented, confused, unable to break out of past relationships.
H.L. from Medford, Oregon, US

HMI School Catalog 300 Hours

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

HMI Diploma in Hypnotherapy IDL School Catalog Cover