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AHA Hypnotherapists Directory

Hypnotherapy Providers Specializing in Negativism

Click on the biography links below to learn more about how these Certified Hypnotherapists can help with Negativism using Hypnosis and related Hypnotherapy Modalities.

SM Kamal Hossain, CCHt

SM Hossain uses hypnotherapy and advanced techniques to reshape negative patterns and empower clients to address emotional distress. He believes in the strength of individual uniqueness and the brain's healing potential through visualization.

AHA Biography for SM Kamal Hossain

Jamaica, New York 11433, United States

Mind is Mind

Saman Nasir, CCHt

Saman Nasir utilizes inner child and parts work in conjunction with CBT and desensitization to help her clients become inspired and motivated to change the life scripts and trauma that have kept them in their negative loops and obsessive thoughts.

AHA Biography for Saman Nasir

Sherman Oaks, California 91413, United States

Renee Fossler, CHt

Renee Fossler focuses on you as a unique individual and creates a personalized plan of hypnotherapy that is specialized to your specific needs and desires. Renee believes that the ability to make life enhancing changes lies deep within each of us.

AHA Biography for Renee Fossler

Focus Your Life Hypnosis
West Hills, California 91304, United States

Focus Your Life Hypnosis

Karisha Kirk, CCHt

Karisha Kirk helps clients who have become discouraged due to unsuccessful attempts at making changes. She empowers her clients to make small yet powerful changes in thought and behavior that allow them to create a more joyful narrative.

AHA Biography for Karisha Kirk

Bloomington, Indiana 47401, United States

Karisha Kirk - Firefly Suite

Lee Betchley, CHt

Lee Betchley is a writer, lecturer, provides private sessions, and was a Staff Instructor at HMI for two years. She is considered the authority on working with weight loss clients by hypnotherapists, psychologists, and others in Southern California.

AHA Biography for Lee Betchley

HypnoCoaching with Lee Betchley
Fullerton, California 92831, United States

Lee Betchley Hypnotherapy

Dustin L. Fisher, CHt

Dustin Fisher provides a holistic methodology that aims to dissolve hurdles and blocks that have held individuals back, instilling hope, and then providing practical strategies for achieving desired outcomes sooner rather than later.

AHA Biography for Dustin L. Fisher

El Paso, Texas 79924, United States

Dustin Fisher Hypnotherapy

Jean-Pierre Nakhoul, CHt

Jean-Pierre Nakhoul is fascinated with caring for the human mind and body holistically. He will help you tap into your inner resources and make real lasting changes, from the inside of your subconscious, out into the daily experience of your life.

AHA Biography for Jean-Pierre Nakhoul

Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189, United States

Pain Relief Boston