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HMI Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Videos Volumes 1 thru 9

Hypnosis Training Videos

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The HMI Bookstore specializes in streaming video and audio, books and publications on hypnosis, hypnotism, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, behavioral re-programming and self-improvement programs.

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HMI Student Comments

Advertising and Promotion
2023-12-10 at 7:53 PM Pacific Time

Enjoyable class with lots of practical action steps and information. I think it would have been nice to have been exposed to this information closer to the beginning of the program. I am a travel nurse and I change locations frequently. I have met 100's of people I could have included in my sphere of influence. I honestly never think about keeping in touch with my past co-workers because I didn't have a reason before this class. I'll start today building my list and I'll have to see if I can reconnect with some of my older friends.
J.S. from Farmington, New Mexico, US

Law and Ethics
2023-12-10 at 3:44 PM Pacific Time

A helpful basic review of Law and ethics.
H.L. from Medford, Oregon, US

Clinical Case Presentation Volume 7
2023-12-10 at 6:53 AM Pacific Time

I think little difficult this time But it’s really helpful.
I.L. from Ridgewood, New Jersey, US

Dream Therapy
2023-12-07 at 9:21 PM Pacific Time

This was a really engaging and easy to follow lesson. I really liked the breakdown of how to help clients interrupt their own dreams and how much pressure it takes off the Therapist to have all the answers for the client.
S.T. from Frederica, Delaware, US

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