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HMI Clinical Hypnotherapy Program

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hypnotherapy Course – Semester 1

  • Length: 4 Weeks, Clock Hours: 24
  • Attend: 4 Prerecorded Video Classes, 8 Live Q&A with Instructors
  • Days/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, Choice of 2 Class Times
    • Zoom Q&A with Instructors
      1. Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time
      2. 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM Pacific Time
    • Zoom Lecture and Supervised Practice
      1. Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time
      2. 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time

The Hypnosis 101 course represents the first step in your HMI journey. Many students consider it one of the most fun and exciting stages of the training. Featuring two HMI Staff Instructors, Hypnosis 101 is balanced between lecture, demonstrations, and supervised practice, with the express purpose of teaching you the foundations of what hypnosis is and “How to Hypnotize.”

Enrollment Guarantee – The 101 course serves as a trial period. Successful completion is required to complete your enrollment application. If at any time during the first sixty days of your enrollment, you or HMI determines that this school/program is not the right match, then your enrollment application is cancelled and there is no cost or obligation to continue, or explanation required by either party.

Hypnosis 101 Course Testimonials

Outstanding in every way. Informative, Complete, Easy to understand by people from all disciplines, Lots of Review, Plenty of Time for Questions, Light and Humorous, Unboring!

This is a very informative well structures class taught by very caring and interesting teachers. You come out of four weeks with solid introduction into hypnosis and a burning urge to learn more. The entire experience has been a joy to be a part of and I look forward to learning more. A definite home run in a world of ground balls.

Intriguing class. It kept me interested and alert the whole time. I learned so much and the teachers taught so well that studying was just reviewing. Unique teachers, actually teachers who deserve that name. Thank you.

This course was one of the most rewarding learning experiences I've had. I'll use it for a lifetime of understanding and practicing what I've learned about our minds, and I'll be a better person for it. The instructor was a superb teacher and guide, making it so easy to understand the subject. HMI's environment is very professional and inducing to learning. The instructors and assistants are SUPER.

Amazing: Can't believe this was free. It was first rate, high effort, no pressure. Lots of reassurance, pleasant people, Fantastic Staff as Professional as one can get. I loved it. I can't wait to return. I read body language very well and I keep a sharp eye on all the instructors-I saw only honesty and integrity and felt no ill intent- you'd be surprised how many conferences I have attended and felt the deceptions-NOT here. I've never been wrong so far. Thank you see you soon. P.S. Wish you had tiny desks-my hands hurt because of arthritis in joints-get desks!

I enjoyed the teaching styles of both instructors. They answered all the questions the students had exceptionally. It is very clear that they both know and enjoy the field they are in. I would recommend this class to all, whether they are interested in hypnosis or not. This class has a lot to offer, especially in a self-improvement level. I thank you both, it has been a pleasure.

I had a lot of fun as I have learned a lot. Every Tuesday and Thursday became an HMI day for me. Great examples-Outstanding attitude-I felt like home.

John was a pleasure to have as an instructor. He, definitely, has a firm grasp of his profession and teaching materials. I learned a lot, mainly, because of his teaching methods and repetition and clarity in projecting the subject matter.

Thank you so very much for an eye opening life changing chance. I'm amazed how just in this short class I've come so far. Everyday growing and expanding ever moving forward! Thank you!

Excellent class and teachers. It was a very interesting course and I learned a lot. If I had the option to take it again, I gladly would. Thank you so much.

As far as I'm concerned, this information presented to me this far has already changed my life. It has changed the way I present myself, the way I perceive the world and others around me. I feel so much more confident about interacting with others in general because of what I have learned in this course. I am absolutely convinced 100% that going through the 12 month program is the best investment I could make into myself considering my field of interest. But even for someone that doesn't have any interest in working in the field of psychology or counseling, it seems like just to be qualified as a human being, every one should be educated in the truths of our very nature. Now I understand even more why the course was free. Thank you.

I thought the HYP 101 class fascinating, eye-opening, and life-changing. HMI appeared in my life at the right time and I look forward to what lies ahead for me and my very bright future! Thank you!

Enjoyable and excellent class, worth my drive from San Diego!

Every instructor is very informative & really good. John was very thorough in explaining the subject, repeated himself for us to take good notes, answered every question from everybody in detail-always started & completed on time-gave examples connected to every subject-added humor so every one was relaxed and overall a very fun & positive experience. Thank you so much & best wishes!

Although this has been just an introductory course, we have gotten a lot of knowledge about what hypnosis is, how it works, and the basic application of it. It is a class I would recommend to other people looking for ways to help people or resolve issues.

I am grateful to HMI for having allowed me to participate in this course. I found the course to be extremely organized, professionally presented, very educational, and beneficial to everyday life. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, caring and professional. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in hypnosis or in learning more about themselves and others and how better to deal with people in your day to day lives.

I found each class full of enthusiastic students eager to learn more about hypnosis. The instructors were excellent, answered many questions, kept the students involved and covered much material. The three hours in class each evening flew by and felt more like one hour. I am very impressed with the professional atmosphere at HMI. After finishing 101, I am walking away (have gained) a great amount of knowledge. It was also fascinating to hear the instructor's personal stories of how they came to be hypnotherapists. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you for a great opportunity!

My experience was great! I am looking forward to continuing studies at HMI. Cheryl was especially amazing as a person and instructor.

The 101 class provided an intense, interactive, learning environment that introduced a modern viewpoint to a subject I once thought I had understood well. The course was also exciting and entertaining because of the excellent instructors' style, vision, and depth of experience. I would recommend this valuable experience to all who wish to learn more about themselves and others, in terms of how they think and feel, and why.

101 has helped me on my next step towards my career. The first step of “The thousand mile journey.” HMI has exceptional staff and an exquisite insight. Thanks for everything!

What a wonderful class on all levels. Easy to understand, lots of practice, great motivation and the best instructors! Thanks!

Cheryl is very skilled, gifted and very entertaining. Her professionalism and passion were on display in every lecture.

I have had an amazing experience with both instructors. The subject matter is fascinating; I hope to continue on at HMI.

Thank you for a wonderful start to a great journey. Cheryl- I felt lost before I started and our first class a light came on and I wanted to learn more. I have learned a lot about myself and others. Thank you again.

In my opinion, Cheryl is a remarkable instructor! She keeps the classes fun and interesting with her vibrant personality and wonderful sense of humor. I always look forward to her lectures, knowing that I would be thoroughly informed while being happily entertained (the perfect combination for optimal learning!) Much thanks!

Los maestras y las personas que ensenaro la clase son muy dinamicas y agradables para mi fue un verdadero plaser partupar y tambien una nueva experiencia apredi muchos casas wue me ayudaran a mejorar mi vida. Agradesco mucho a HMI por darme la apartienida de partieyar.

Cheryl has outstanding qualities for teaching and communication. She has an art for teaching with good feelings of entertainment. Making learning fun and inspirational Cheryl is a true gem. God bless her and the school. Angels of my heart!

This class has been very helpful in making me feel confident that I can become an excellent hypnotherapist. It gives me renewed hope in my ability to help others and make a good living from it. The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand, and the frequent repetition made the information more easily retainable.

The course was fascinating. I learned a lot about myself and human behavior-I gained many skills that I can apply in other areas of my life. The teachers were fabulous-especially John and Michele- who were extremely dynamic. I loved the repetition throughout the course-which really allowed me to absorb the information. I would have enjoyed having a little bit more practice in pairs, but I'm sure I'll get to practice more as I continue on in the program! Yea all around!

I knew I would greatly enjoy the course before I took it and lo and behold I did. It was a wonderful experience because the instructors are so caring and positive. Thank you Cheryl!

Very informative and at times entertaining. I didn't know anything about hypnosis and now I am taking the entire program!

This has been a very enlightening experience. I'm looking forward to helping people heal their emotional and mental anguish through hypnosis.

All the experiences I had in 101 were positive and uplifting motivating. The instructors are simply amazing. Thank you.

The course has been enlightening to say the least. HMI has been generous in providing high quality instruction delivered by highly qualified practitioners. They live up to the spirit so highly held by true helping professionals “Give it away” Thank you, HMI, for the experience!!!

A wonderful instructor that brings life and laughter to our class, insuring everyone feels successful and comfortable with their questions, comments, and learning. Great examples, always keeping it interesting, very under control. Thank you.

One of the best classes I have ever taken. Regardless of career goals I would suggest it to everybody.

I have always thought a behavior modification a superior means of counseling for today's modern human. I firmly believe this course opens the doorway to a genuine and authentic tool for treating many of the conditions people find themselves in.

This school is wonderfully organized, with dynamic and diverse instructors. The environment is professional and you get a definite feeling of support from everyone you make contact with. I only wish there was a little more flexibility during the day (so I can be with my family at night). But I understand the majority of students require night classes. I just have to figure out how to work the schedule.

Michele is the bomb! She makes learning very exciting. John is also a really great teacher. I learned so much from him today. I love this course-101!

The information presented in the 101 class is amazing. It made so much sense to me I look forward to the 201,301,501 and a new lifetime of improving myself and others who also seek the same. Thank you.

This was one of the most exciting and informative course ever. All instructors were very effective in teaching their classes. Using humor was very effective as well. I intend to continue the course. Thank you very much.

Cheryl is a delight! I found her class informative, entertaining, inspirational, challenging and clear. She was always warm and encouraging and I always looked forward to coming to class and left it exhilarated and energized- Great teacher and example. Bravo!

Deep Sleep. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity. I have learned so much about myself and can't wait to get into this course deeper. I mean to a depth of deeper. John is efficient, in information and delivery. I am more confident having studied with him.

Great experience overall. Very interesting-natural, presented very clearly-and with a great sense of humor. Made it a lot of fun!

This course was very informative, educational and helpful in my own personal life. The instructors are exceptional individuals who know their topics well. Thank you.

This was a very educational class. Thank you so much.

Outstanding and eye opener to the mind. Thanks

John and Michele are excellent!! I was highly interested upon coming to hypnosis 101 on continuing further. Now I'm hooked! It has made me more self aware as well as more accepting of those around me. I hope to flourish in a successful practice as a certified hypnotherapist! The class was wonderful! Thanks

Excellent! John was great. A little timid at 1st, then opened up to be a delightful, bubble of enthusiasm. I really enjoyed learning from him. He is a great instructor and very good at what he does. Michele is a joy. She is incredible at connecting with people and building a great group dynamic. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and loves what she does. Both are truly fun and knowledgeable, exceptional and inspiring individuals. Course content-very clear and to the point. A great opportunity: Thank you!

Finally the ABC's of what we do and why we do it. Enlightening yes, valuable and helpful absolutely. Of course the instructors make a greater impact and influence on wishing to continue the training and what I learned, I'm inspired thank you very much. I will be referring others here as well as returning myself. Thanks for the laughs and smarts John and Michele. Merry Holidays.

John and Michele. Both instructors were excellent and help to debunk a lot of myths that I had read about hypnosis. They were both funny and witty and made the class fun while at the same time extremely educational. They were Masters of their craft.

The course content was truly dynamic. It provided me with a psychological perspective that was totally unexpected. I plan to use the suggestibility tests to better understand those around me and to better use conversational processes amongst other things. Thank you for an evolutionary experience.

The class was amazing. I was able to learn much more by listening, watching, and being hands on than I could have by simply reading a hypnosis book. I truly enjoyed the experience and can not wait to attend future courses and practicums.

First, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to be exposed to hypnosis, the instructors are great they know how to get our attention, how to teach, they are great assets to HMI. I enjoyed the environment, nice, clean, safe, respectful, friendly, and very professional. You guys create an atmosphere of confidence and willing to learn more about your courses.

John is awesome. He's a born teacher, clear, intelligent, articulate, responsive, and engaging. It's hard to imagine a better teacher than John, he's fabulous. I really enjoyed his classes and I always felt he respected me and listened to what I had to say. Very charismatic and funny; a great guy.

John was very informative and full of energy. He gave the class a sense of comic relief, but kept everything professional. I enjoyed his presence and he kept everyone on their toes. Thank you so much for all the great information because I have learned so much.

Fantastic class! John provides the information in a charming and fun way. Class was never boring. Extremely through explanation with great attention to detail making the information much easier to understand and absorb. Thank you!

Since the moment I came to the first interview it was a great experience. Very professional and informative. The instruction it is fun and invaluable. This class opened the door to a whole new world. Thank you for this opportunity.

I loved the four week course and very much appreciate the fact that it was given at no cost, because for me had it not, I would not have found a place (profession) where I know I belong. Both, or I should say all of the instructors are great teachers and make the classes fun. I have learned a great deal already and look forward to signing up for the entire course.

Excellent teaching helped and opened long desired pathways. Feel I am finally on the road to success and being fulfilled.

Cheryl as great, I really enjoyed the way she teaches; I liked that she is open toward metaphysical ideas. She has a good sense of humor, I can tell she loves what she does.

Great introduction to hypnotherapy and the power and success of both hypnotherapy and a career choice, looking forward to my journey here at HMI.

I loved this course! I learned a tremendous amount! I especially loved the lecture given on the E&P couple which really gave me a lot of insight concerning my relationships. Everyone was wonderful!

Both Cheryl and Michele were wonderful teachers! Highly knowledgeable and FUN! Thanks for a mind-blowing experience!

I had a great experience in this class and I definitely want to come back and learn more about hypnosis. The teachers were great, that is Michele and Cheryl. Very attentive and devoted.

Cheryl is very informative and down to earth. Michele is very entertaining making it easy to learn and remember. They both offer great insight and wisdom.