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Tuition Costs – Federal Financial Aid

Eligible Students can start their hypnotherapy training with no money down and no payments for 18 months. This gives you one full year of building your private practice before you make your first payment of approximately $98.00 per month towards tuition.

Because HMI is a Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy, eligible students are able to utilize Federal Financial Aid programs like they would any other accredited college. The result is that the vast majority of its students are able to start their training for no money down and no payments for 18 months.

The total cost of HMI’s tuition is $17,297.00 but, after federal grants, scholarships and discounts that eligible students may receive, the average out of pocket cost to the student is reduced to approximately $9,500.00. That tuition is then reduced to $98.00 per month, starting 18 months later.

Determining Eligibility

If you are a U.S. citizen, or have a Green card and are not currently in default on any Federal Student loan, then you are eligible for Federal Financial Aid programs. Your eligibility is not determined by your credit score, bad debt, IRS problems, or because your income is too high or too low.

There are a variety of different Federal Financial Aid programs, as well as school scholarships and discounts available. We have three types of students applying to HMI, the following is just a general guideline; it may differ based on other variables. The best way to know for sure is to meet with our Financial Aid Director personally.

Low Income Students

Low income students are generally eligible for Federal loans and grants. Grants lower their out of pocket costs to approximately $9,500.00, they pay no money to start and don’t begin making their $97.00 per month payments until 18 months after they start school.

Middle Income Students

Middle income students are eligible for Federal Student Loans and Community Service Scholarships where if they agree to provide a certain number of free services to the public during internship and after graduation, the school will lower their tuition to $9,500.00, they pay no money to start and don’t begin making their $97.00 per month payments until 18 months after they start school.

Higher Income Students

Higher income students earning $150,000.00 or more per year are still eligible for student loans and also have the option to make low monthly payments towards tuition, or they can choose to pay in full.

How to Explore Your Options

To assist students in determining which federal financial aid programs they may be eligible to take advantage of, HMI employs a full-time certified Financial Aid Officer. The Financial Aid Officer assists students in completing the financial aid applications and then enters the information into HMI's computer network which contains a financial aid eligibility program. Within an initial one hour appointment, the Financial Aid Officer will be able to tell the student which programs they are eligible to take advantage of and how they work.

The Financial Aid Officer helps to determine which of the programs the student is eligible for, which is the best to take advantage of, and exactly what his/her responsibilities would be for each program. A financial aid package is then proposed. These packages typically consist of a combination of different programs.

Once the application for financial aid is completed with the Financial Aid Officer, the student does not need to wait for the paperwork to be processed and returned to the school. The Financial Aid Officer merely marks the student's application as "complete" and returns it to the student center for confirmation of enrollment. After completion of just a one hour appointment with the Financial Aid Officer, the student can be ready to start classes.

After speaking with an HMI Admissions Representative, your next step is to have a Zoom meeting with the Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility to receive financial aid. During this appointment, the Financial Aid Officer will be able to tell you which financial aid programs you are eligible for and how they work. There is no cost or obligation for this appointment.

After meeting with the Financial Aid Officer and determining what financial aid they are eligible for, the student then makes one of three decisions:

  1. They are comfortable with the financial aid package which the Financial Aid Officer was able to assemble for them. The student then chooses to go ahead and have the Financial Aid Officer help them complete the paperwork and actually apply for financial aid.
  2. They would like to enroll but would rather not take advantage of financial aid. Instead, the student chooses to enroll by paying for all classes in full and in advance.

As with any loan, it is expected that students will pay balances owed in a timely manner. In the case of any balances not covered by financial aid, students will be required to pay those amounts in full. Failure to meet the contractual obligations will result in collection attempts by HMI or it agents to the extent permitted by law.

All loans are subject to reporting to credit profile agencies. Late as well as prompt payments may be reflected on a student's credit profile and affect future loans the student may apply for.

Student Financial Aid

HMI offers eligible students access to financial aid programs. The Financial Aid Department assists all HMI students with the financial aid process during one-on-one meetings. Students may also complete the application process online.

HMI Clinical Hypnotherapy Program students may apply for: